Aromatherapy for Hospice and Palliative Care

 I have created many aromatherapy products for Hospice and palliative care patients for over 30 years to relieve pain, anxiety, nausea, depression,  fear and fatigue. The blends are used in hospitals and in the home environment by professional therapists trained in their field. Control of pain is the main goal . Patients may have cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, A.L.S. and neurological disease, renal failure, severe stroke or chronic illness. As the patient is able to increase alertness and relax, aromatherapy can be used to trigger pleasant memories, increase family bonds and overall well being. I use essential oils and Petite Fleur Essence combinations to be applied or misted into the air for symptoms and grief for the family members.

Harmony therapeutic essence  is one of the most important blends ,a combination of several antique roses and lavenders I organically grow and distill. The blend is very calming, reducing pain, anxiety and depression. Transitions is a blend of Sweet Annie, tea roses and Melissa (lemon balm) to encourage family bonds, trigger pleasant memories and increase well being. It is designed to release past pain. Forgiveness, increases relaxation as it reduces pain and fears, a blend of German Chamomile essence, rose geranium, violet leaf, Orange flower absolute and Old French roses, all grown in my gardens. The light aromas also reduce coughing,confusion, hallucinations and help regulate blood pressure and pulse. I make a Grief blend for family and patients using vanilla absolute, hyacinths and sweet herbs to reduce shock, and replace loss with the beautiful memories.

 I make several lotions for massage, circulation, pain reduction and lymphedema, using stimulating essential oils and essences, such as double mint, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, and lemongrass. A lotion made from several lavenders is used for dry skin and relaxation. Custom blends are always welcome to enhance the patient's pleasure and well being.

For bed sores, bruising, rashes, and other skin conditions, I make a comfrey cream ,containing allantoin and yarrow for quick healing. I either add aromas or leave it naturally unscented. Most hospice patients enjoy light scents, finding strong odors offensive. And, too many aromas can be confusing for them.

In hospitals, I am now offering mists  made with natural aromas, such as coffee and foods patients have enjoyed.They are safe to mist on the patient's lips, if requested. Normally, I only use aromatherapy topically, so the tiny molecules can travel directly to the brain. Moods and pain can be changed within seconds.

Aromatherapy blends for children I prepare with food grade essential oils only. Children respond well to these familiar odors. They are nontoxic and used discreetly. Touch and aromas are the only healing children understand. I use soothing names, such as Luv u lots and  Dreamtime.

 Aromatherapy for hospice and palliative care help all of us to understand there is a better world awaiting us with open arms.


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Petite fleur essence Easter Lily

Easter lily helps anxious people . The fear behind the anxiety is failure, unspoken and unnamed. Failure is usually about a future event or how to succeed in events yet to come. Sometimes the personality can become controlling or obsessive about her environment. This all stems from fear of failure and the inability to process all the information coming into the cognitive brain. The person feels edgy, especially in certain situations such as crowded areas, amusement rides, and when fine and gross motor skills are needed. Grounding occurs in present time, not worrying about what is to come. Lily personalities need to practice visualization, seeing themselves work through and complete each challenge and opportunity in life.

 Apply 2-3 drops on the throat, wrist or chest 3x daily until worry is replaced with a vision and successful feeling about the future. Self- control is the key to the future. Benefits from wearing Petite Fleur Essences usually are evident within 3 weeks.

For more information on Peite Fleur Essences  read The Healing Flowers and Flowers the Heal by Judy Griffin, PhD. or email

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Question about mixture of essential oil with carrier oil

I am wondering if I buy 1 dram Concentrate of any of your essence blends do I need to mix it with a carrier oil? If so what is the correct amount to use of essence blend and carrier oil? If not how do I use the 1 dram concentrate? I have my shopping cart ready to buy, hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks, Kelly

The essence blends are worn neat(as is).  Do not dilute them in carrier oils.
Massage 2 drops 3x daily, more as needed on unbroken skin. We insert a diagram with suggested areas:  Throat, neck, wrist, inner ear, but not inside the ear hole. The sprays are dilutions of the same essences in the 1 dram blend. They are sprayed on the neck and throat.
Thank you
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Daffodil, The Flower Essence for Shyness

Daffodil, the Flower Essence for Shyness

by Dr. Judy Griffin


Are you too shy to ask for what you want? Would you rather ‘die’ than ask someone you like for a phone number or date? Does your heart pound when you are questioned by a teacher or boss? Do you feel left out at home or socially?


Shyness is a constant source of stress, leading the personality to poor decisions, lost opportunities and poor self- image. Daffodil Petite Fleur Essence is nature’s aid flower essence to enhance personality development. Over time Daffodil Petite Fleur patiently upholds the individual during every day stressful situations, helping the person to feel at ease with himself/herself. 


Daffodil personalities are often introverted. The individual may become a people pleaser to avoid confrontation or disapproval. Inner tension often leads to nervous stomach, shoulder tension, heart palpitations or a lump in the throat. Endocrine imbalance can result from inner stressors.


As the Daffodil personality becomes more comfortable with him/her self, he/she can become more compassionate to other’s needs. The Daffodil personality has a talent for helping others.


The objective of Petite Fleur Essences is to enhance each personality to reach the highest achievements in every potential. Both the physical and emotional environment of the individual is elevated. One by one, we will build a healthier, happier world.


My books have more information on flower essences: The Healing Flowers, Flowers that Heal and Mother Nature’s HerbalDaffodil and over 100 other Petite Fleur Essences are available at


Feel free to contact me at 1-800-496-2125 or email me at


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Are you down with the economy? Is it hard to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel? Then it’s time for Gaillardia to support you to success despite obstaclesGaillardia helps you be a winner, and makes the best of even the most difficult situations, until you know and feel the joy of overcoming the deepest areas of your psyche. Gaillardia will not let you down and and will keep you moving forward, overcoming every difficulty and obstacle until you reach your goal. Gaillardia essence is therehelps you be a winner, and make the best of even the most difficult situations, until you know and feel the joy of overcoming the deepest areas of your psyche will not let you down and and will keep you moving forward, until you reach your goal Gaillardia essence is there to support you to success despite obstacles.  helps you be a winner, and make the best of even the most difficult situations, until you know and feel the joy of overcoming the deepest areas of your psyche.  will not let you down and and will keep you moving forward, until you reach your goal. 


There is an answer to every problem.  Gaillardia catalyzes the creative mind to find a way and blaze a path of discovery and success.


Are you ready to give up or seeking to find an answer to a problem? Then apply Gaillardia essence topically 2 to 3 times daily and watch yourself make the impossible possible. Latent talents will become a reality. Gaillardia essence is applied topically 2 to 3 times daily and watch yourself make the impossible possible. Latent talents will become a reality.


As an immune enhancer, Gaillardia is used to catalyze large white cells to clean your internal environment and keep you healthy for the busy days ahead.


For more information, please visit our website at, or call Dr. Judy Griffin for questions and consultation, or call Dr. Judy Griffin for questions and consultation.



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Aromatherapy: Petite Fleur Essences: Flowers that Heal

Petite Fleur Essences: Flowers that Heal

Flowers have been used by every culture to calm the mind and heal the heart. They give us the opportunity to bloom under stress as flowers do. We can use the essences of these flowers to make the best of every opportunity and challenge. Their gentle nature is soothing to the psyche and food for the soul.

The next chapters briefly describe the flower personalities known as Petite Fleur Essences and how they relate to healing. The mental emotional structure of the body is a complexity of every thought and feeling affected by the personality.

Childhood impressions, perceptions and parental upbringing color the world the personality experiences during a lifetime. The following Petite personalities will help you choose the essences that will catalyze conscious growth and healing from the heart. Healing is a journey each individual must take, grounded in the present moment, yet able to objectively look into the past. Each incident is a clue to unmasking the fears of the ego. Every success is a step towards destiny.

Before the journey begins, realize how the past bonds of love shape character development.  The Petite Fleur Essence personalities will open your eyes and heart to the source of love within.

The following Petites are good choices to initiate your journey:


African violet releases endorphins for self-healing and supports happiness.


Lilac helps us forgive others and ourselves , and is indicated for every illness, especially long term illnesses.


Lemongrass helps those who feel rejected by others, often becoming a people pleaser.


Chamomile helps us express our true feelings.


Crossandra and Day Lily support us through life changes.


Bougainvillea releases guilt.


Pine releases shame from past experiences.


Red Rose releases negative thoughts and depression.


White Rose releases jealousy for yourself and others.


Tiger’s Jaw motivated productivity, self-reliance and self-confidence.


Wisteria opens the heart to compassionately fulfill our destiny.


Morning Glory helps us leave the past behind and accept opportunities.


Indian paintbrush promotes a success consciousness to make everyday a miracle.

Enjoy the Journey!


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All About Flower Essences for Health

For over 30 years, I have traveled and researched herbals in many countries and cultures. My “classroom” includes jungles, rain forests, Native American reservations, clinics and hospitals, households and ancient texts. Every indigenous culture I studied made flower essences in a variety of ways to assist healing. My background spans generations of herbalists from Italy and they all made flower essences. I perceive essences as a part of herbal therapy and offer them as an adjunct to herbal and nutritional healing. They are used topically or internally to assist immune function, neurochemistry and endocrine balance. Simply said by my mother, “they make you feel good”. 
 My knowledge and interest in flower essences expanded when I gave birth to twins with immune deficiencies. They were not expected to live and did not respond well to conventional medicine. The pediatrician told me to “go home and do what I know to do”. I began to organically grow and make essences. They had dramatic healing after several weeks and the twins continued growing healthier. I developed many immune essences over several years.
 By the time I had a third child, I had Crohn’s disease in the small intestine. Working on myself taught me how to heal the personality using essences, an evolving process. By age 2, my youngest son lost half his hearing, diagnosed as nerve damage. It made quite a stir in the medical community when Jason’s hearing returned 100%. Family members were hard to work with. However, I developed over 130 essences and learned how to use them in ways that helped other clients with cancer and challenging illnesses and emotional patterns.
 In hospitals, the essences are used topically, utilizing the skin as the largest immune and detoxifying organ. The brain is a hologram, so any healing touch activates an electromagnetic and neurochemical response throughout the body. The effect is immediate.
 Subtle body healing with essences initiates a message to the limbic brain in 1/100th of a second. The limbic brain utilizes the responses throughout the body. I blend essences to assist the autonomic nervous system reducing anxiety, pain, every day or unusual stressors, nausea from chemotherapy and side effects of many medications. The goal is always to increase quality of life, longevity and peace of mind. These essences are used in complementary hospital programs for bone marrow, stem cell transplant patients, chemically dependent recovery, weight management, maternity care, sickle cell anemia, chronic pain, palliative care, diabetic support and sleep therapy.
 Ancient cultures used flower essences to alleviate toxicity, emotional imbalance and headaches. Essences were used topically to focus energy to an injured area. Healers balanced large nerve centers generating energy from the spine, called charkas. Disease can manifest from restrictions or injury to any part of the spinal energy. Flower essences enhance balance and focus healing energy, while herbals nurture related organs and their functions. The combination can bath the nerve centers in pure energy and light from electromagnetic resonance. 
 As healing occurs, the recipient begins to speak their truth and walk the path of self awareness and self mastery. The combination of herbals and flower essences assists individuals to reach their highest potentials in health, beauty and conscious growth. They take decisive action, experience less frustration, illness and develop latent talents. Skin and hair become radiant. The mind and heart rest in peaceful awareness.
 The use of flower essences in plant medicine encourages us to develop our roots in herbalism and seek more knowledge for health. The reward is allowing the body to accomplish what it does naturally, heal itself.
 Judy Griffin, PHD, is the author of Flowers That Healand numerous books and videos. She organically grows and creates over 130 Petite Fleur Essences for health and beauty: She lectures internationally, is featured on TV in the Healing Power of Flowers, and has developed an herbal curriculum at the University of Texas in Arlington and Texas Christian University.
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Enfleurages -Fragrant Flower and Herbal Essences of the Ancients

Enfleurages – Fragrant Flower Essences of the Ancients

Ancient cultures first produced flower essences as enfleurages. Fresh flowers were repeatedly soaked to saturate a medium, such as animal fat or oil. I use the humectant properties of vegetable glycerin to pull off the flavors, scent, and catalyzing properties of highly scented flowers. My process takes 1-3 years to extract the fragrant healing properties. When applied to the skin, body temperature will produce a subtle scent as well as chemical action, catalyzing healing from within as well as from external influences. These may help people or create beneficial environmental elements that enter our lives as teachers and benefactors.

As a healing agent, enfleurages sedate and soothe the skin. They may be safely applied to soothe skin, such as the face or to open wounds or inflamed skin. Their action is slowly released over a period of 8 hours. Enfleurages are applied undiluted directly to the skin. They are especially beneficial for children, pets and people who are sensitive to alcohol.

Their subtle fragrance is non-offensive to chemically sensitive people and very attractive to both men and women. Enfleurages immediately affect brain chemistry and neurochemistry, subsequent hormone production, as well as the electromagnetic energy affecting the chakras. Therefore, they have similar healing qualities of essential oils and flower essences. They balance the immune, endocrine, and neurological systems by passing the blood brain barrier and connecting the 7 chakras to the folds in the cortical brain. This connection will hand the intellectual mind into Universal Consciousness. The time for expansion is upon us as we move from a separateness experience of nationalism, religious, and political sects into a group consciousness benefitting all as one.

Scents that Heal

Enfleurages either sedate or stimulate brain chemistry to affect inner harmony. Choose and attractive scent for an appropriate response. Enfleurages are more fragrant than many of the Petite Fleur Essences. 

Enfleurages can be applied as a moisturizer to dampened skin reducing fine lines by holding moisture to the skin.

Sedating enfleurages may reduce anxiety, fever, hyperactivity, hot flashes, emotional outbursts, crying, pain, red, itchy or weeping rashes, sneezing, rhinitis, hiccups, insomnia, headaches that throb and angina.

The following examples are sedating enfleurages:

Lemon Balm calms desires, hyperactivity, fevers and allergic rhinitis

Lilac enhances self-love and forgiveness to heal a broken heart.

Magnolia increases self-appreciation, protein assimilation balancing the small intestine and pituitary hormones.

Wisteria opens the heart, increasing cardiovascular flow, and feelings of warmth and generosity to others.


Stimulating enfleurages increase energy, stamina, alertness, memory, passion and creativity. They help to abate aching, malaise, melancholy, and depression.

The following are stimulating enfleurages:

Curry puts talents into action.

Gardenia attracts love and lovers.

Iris enhances artistic creativity

Jasmine (Queen of the Nile) increases sensuality

Old Blush increases energy

Sweet Annie increases memory, alertness, and memories of good times.

Texas Marigold Mint has an anise scent that warms a cold heart and increases peripheral circulation to the limbs.

White Ginger , a favorite of hummingbirds, hopes the highest centers of the creative mind.

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Petite fleur essence blends

I am stunned at what is happening to me, and I have you to thank! I bought Recovery, Harmony, Abate from Anger, Reduce Stress, with the idea to heal from 16 years of dealing with chronic pain and complications from a severe back injury in 1993. Instead, I am healing from my childhood abuse! How do I know? The empty hole that has been with me all my life is GONE! And in its place is a bubble of great joy and happiness! Oh, Judy, how can I thank you in mere words? If I had the means, I would send all seven of my brothers and sisters the essences I have been using, for they are all walking around disconnected and empty from the brutal, and I mean brutal, beginnings of their lives. Miracles do happen! So, when, and I am saying when, the means come to me, they will each be getting a very special package from me, with your essences! I love you, Judy.  Continue reading
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