Sage Advise about Coconut Oil

Centrifuge separated coconut oil, made from fresh, virgin coconut milk , is a highly nutritious food and topical skincare product. However, it is a saturated fat with high caloric value. Overweight people and those who modify their fat consumption for a variety of reasons, should use it in moderation. Low to moderate consumption of 1-2 tablespoons daily is acceptable for most folks and can help burn an extra 5% of calories ingested. More is not necessarily better. Alzheimer's and epileptic sufferers can benefit from larger doses, but may need to adjust their diet to with more bulk to avoid constipation. Those with an allergy to tree nuts are cautioned to use coconut products sparingly.

As a light moisturizer and skin softener, coconut oil can be enjoyed by those who are not acne prone, or do not have very dry skin. Coconut oil can clog pores and doesn't help those with very dry skin. Marula oil is better for these symptoms as a topical product. I import organic Marula oil from the first year's harvest for special moisturizing effects. I also hand prepare a Rose Oil Masque that benefits all types of skin. Rose Gardenia moisture cream is a light day/night blend of vitamins and amino acids that regenerate healthy skin.

Coconut oil can also benefit the hair. Once a week moisturizing or less often can soften dry hair without clogging the scalp or hair follicles. Rinse thoroughly after allowing the coconut oil to penetrate and soften the hair.

Moderation in using super foods allows the body a way to use it's individual self healing resources and harmonize the benefit of all nutrition and natural skincare.

For more information visit or call me at 1800 4962125.

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Ultrasound treatment for Alzheimer's

A study at the University of Queensland, Australia has developed ultrasound methods that reduce or remove amyloid plaque in lab mice with Alzheimer's. There were 5 treatments in 6 weeks, resulting in 56% less plaque than untreated mice. The treated mice also regained memory for visual cues and familiar objects.. Researchers believe that ultrasound opened the blood brain barrier, activating microlgia immune cells in the brain to dissolve plaque.These experiments may lead to human trials, hopefully resulting in similar success without causing damage.

I have successfully used Lemon Balm healing water  and Recall Memory to assist Alzheimer patients with better memory for longer periods of time, and  keeping them calm.

Questions?, call me at 1800 4962125


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Aromatherapy for Cerebral Palsy?

I just got a call from a mom in Tampa with a 6 year old Cerebral Palsy child. He’s hi functioning, but has small brain syndrome from the umbilical cord being flat at birth. I have suggested Hemp Seed Oil and more water. Do you have an experience with his type of Brain malformation that will help re-grow neural networking like Hemp oil? I have sent her articles to read about Hemp. I appreciate any info and thanks for your time. -Page


            Regenerate blend and I also suggest a special blend consultation.


Note:  Aromatherapy products for Cerebral Palsy are topical used and work directly with the limbic brain. 

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Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Sensory Integration Dysfunction


Problems with how the nervous system communicates throughout the body and it’s organs can lead to many disorders, including ADD, schizophrenia, nocturnal enuresis, autism and information overloading. The sensory pathways, rather than the brain, can become over or under stimulated, creating difficulties in how an individual perceives the world. Research has only started to offer solutions.

 Nature’s solution may include Petite Fleur Essence

Marquis Bocella Antique Rose applied topically daily. 

Reduce Stress of sensory pathways, allowing information to flow freely. 

Chill Out may benefit young children by wearing this blend daily.

Waterworks blend may be especially helpful with nocturnal enuresis, bedwetting, by wearing it in the evening and nighttime. 

ADD/ADHD blend centers children and adults to help allow sensory information to be processed correctly.


 For consultation with Dr. Judy Griffin, please call 1-800-496-2125

For more information and to purchase products go to:

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Sensory Integration Dysfunction

Problems with how the nervous system communicates throughout the body and the organs can lead to many disorders, including ADD, schizophrenia, nocturnal enuresis, autism and information overloading. The sensory pathways can become over and under stimulated, creating difficulties in how the individual perceives the world. Research has only begun offering solutions. Therapies have helped some, but not nearly all who experience these problems.
Nature offers natural solutions which may include Petite Fleur Essence antique raised Marquis Bocella. The Petites are applied topically 3x daily over a period of weeks or months to help change neuronal patterns.
Other Petites include: Reduce Stress blend to help correct overstimulation of sensory pathways, encouraging information to flow freely. Young children under 10 will also benefit from wearing Chill Out blend daily.
 Nocturnal enuresis is best helped by Waterworks blend, especially worn in the evening and at bed time.AddAdhd blend centers children and adults allowing sensory information to be processed correctly and retained.
For more information, consultation or to purchase the Petites: Dr. Judy Griffin
1800 496 2125
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Optimizing Brain Chemistry Using Petite Fleur Essences by Judy Ph.D

Optimizing Brain Chemistry Using Petite Fleur Essences by Judy Ph.D.




For the past 30 years, I have been using Petite Fleur Essences in clinics and hospitals to enhance immunity. While working with bone marrow and stem cell patients, I realized the need to also optimize and balance the four master neurotransmitters in the brain. In fact, optimizing immunity and brain chemistry go hand in hand. For transplant patients, the Petites were able to increase longevity and reduce symptoms of nausea, anxiety, and depression while reducing medications.




Soon, I was making therapeutic essence blends for chemically dependent, menopause, maternity, chronic pain, sickle cell anemia, insomnia, obesity, self image, cardiac and pulmonary patients. My research proved that neurochemicals from the four neurotransmitters regulate and control hormone synthesis and function, enhance emotional well being, support spiritual growth and allow the body to heal itself.




There are 4 master neurotransmitter implicated in disease. The minor neurotransmitters are controlled or greatly impacted by the master neurotransmitters. Every form of cancer has been aided by using Petite Fleur Essences to optimize the 4 major neurotransmitters. In this article, I will outline the major neurotransmitters and some of the Petite Fleur Essences most likely to positively affect them.




  1. Dopamine is a catecholamine, derived from the amino acid tyrosine and synthesized from the adrenal gland. Lessening of the neurotransmitter, dopamine, directly relates to the loss of the brain’s power and energy. The following information lists the symptoms and associated essences that will help.




Fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia: Increased intoxication through movement.

            Fatigue therapeutic blend

Viridiflora: moves energy up the spine in neurotransmitter reuptake

            Curry aids spontaneous action.

            Manage Pain therapeutic blend helps acute and chronic pain.




Decreased libido (male or female): how dopamine restricts pleasure

            Male therapeutic blend

            Red Carnation increases blood flow

            Marigold reduces impotence

            Iris regulates the pleasure centers in the brain

Archduke Charles antique rose enhances intimacy through touch involving the pleasure centers in the brain.


Low Physical Energy: how dopamine restricts movement

                                    Energy therapeutic blend increases glutathione creating energy

                                    Periwinkle releases blocked energy to flow

                                    Madame Louis Levique antique rose: releases neural toxins                                     blocking the free flow of energy.




                        Routine Task Difficulty: Coordinates movement and motivation levels

                                    Learning Skills therapeutic blend aids motivation and retention     

                                     of  learned skills.   Alfredo del damas supports hand  

                                     to eye coordination  Bronze Fennel aids imagination and  

                                     planning  centers in the brain White Petunia cordinates                                                   dopamine to enhance learning skills levels.                                       


Obesity and Diabetes II: Low Dopamine levels plays a role on obesity. Obese people have lower levels of D2 receptors.

Weight therapeutic blend balances blood sugar, thyroid function

Knotted Marjoram stops compulsive eating habits

Lighten up therapeutic blend for children aids food restriction to increase D2receptors.

Pink Rose corrects substituting food for love.

Country Marilou release uncomfortable perceptions of the body to enhance pleasure centers in the brain.




                        Parkinson’s disease: a chronic nerve disorder

                                    Inner Strength therapeutic blend combats muscle rigidity.

                                    White Hyacinth reduces shock associated with Parkinson’s

                                    Carrot reduces tremors associated with Parkinson’s




                        Craving sugar and caffeine; chemical dependence

Cravings blend enhances motivation otherwise restricted by low dopamine levels

Indian Paintbrush promotes a success consciousness.




                        Addictions: Create identity separate from pleasure substance

Stop Smoking and Cravings therapeutical blends increase willpower.

Stock relaxes chemically dependents

Aquilegia Columbine helps claim autonomy; corrects family of origin “role”.

Bluebonnet assists the search for true identity.

Gardenia aids long range planning for healthy personal habits

Peer Pressure releases need for approval.




                        Low Moods in the morning and afternoon

Harmony blend balances levels of the 4 master neurotransmitters especially relating to mood disorders.

Happy face helps release the expressionless mask associated with Parkinson’s. (used by adults and children)

  1. Gaba (gamma-aminobutryic acid) relates to the brain’s rhythm. Deficiency relates to anxiety and lack of calmness. Gaba acts as a tranquilizer promoting sleep, balancing mood swings and alleviating chronic pain and depression. The following information includes common symptoms and Petite Fleur Essences that positively affect them.




Carbohydrate cravings relates to the liver’s need for energy.

            Moss Rose aids glucose regulation and digestion of starches

Weight blend includes essences to reduce emotional eating and eating to fill an empty life.

Lighten up curbs appetite for carbohydrates


                        Anxiety and restlessness relates to loss of brain rhythm

                                    Amaryllis reduces anxiety about unknown factors; apprehension.

                                    Lily reduces anxiety about known events in the future.

Anise Hyssopp calms “butterflies” in the stomach before a public appearance.

Relaxation blend reduces anxiety and worry and improves relaxation skills.




                        Irritable Bowel Syndrome low gaba adversely affects normal function of                           the bowel and includes spasticity.

                                    Pink Geranium relaxes tension in the bowel.




                        “Lump” in throat

                                    Crepe Myrtle allows one to speak from the heart.




                        Hypertension has many origins. Increasing gaba is always helpful.

Fortune’s double yellow calms excessive desires

Reduce Stress blend calms hypertensives; alleviates headaches, tension and shock.

French lavender to help find pleasure in simplicity.




                        Premenstrual and Menopausal disorders are aided by increasing gaba

                                    Japanese Magnolia releases the victim consciousness.

Cherokee rose regulates endocrine cycles affecting female complaints.

Female balance blend reduces symptoms and discomfort.




Mood swings and bipolar disorder are aided by gaba and serotonin enhancing essences. Keeping the person calm and functional is the goal with gaba.

Harmony blend balances mood fluctuations and reduces negative emotions and energy adversely affecting the client.

Abate Anger blend reduces disappointment affecting anger, disappointment while encouraging positive emotions.

Meadow Sage reduces transgression of anger and allows expression of strong emotions without guilt. This essence balances the extremes of anxiety and depression.




  1. Acetylcholine relates to the brain’s ability to process and recall information appropriately. Symptoms of low acetylcholine function follows.





Fat Cravings occur when acetylcholine levels are lower.

            Moss Rose aids in the digestion of fats.

Weight blend aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels reducing cravings and regulating insulin.

            Cinnamon Basil regulates blood sugar fluctuations.




Memory dysfunction may include senility in the elderly. Acetylcholine is energetically the light inherent in the neural transmission allowing thought and cognition to travel.

Recall Memory blend aids cognitive thinking and short term memory

Add adhd aids attention deficit, focus and ability to retain information.

Delphinium aids those who are forgetful and unable to complete projects.

Learning skills aids reading, writing, math and computer skills, and improves concentration.

Rosemary enhances long and short term memory.






                        Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, progressive central nervous system disease               which leaves demyclinated glial patches called plaque/.

                                    Lady Eubanksia affects demyclination of nerves and integrates                                          motor and sensory nerves.

Recovery revitalizes the immune response to repair tissue and heals by directing the immune response to damaged cells.

Regenerate rejuvenates healthy cell tissue.

Madame Alfred Carriere antique rose enhances parasympathetic nervous system repair.

Iberis Candytuft encourages regeneration and healing by activating the light (acetylcholine) inherit in cells.




Visual Disturbances, Glaucoma

Bronze Fennel enhances visual acuity, affecting the planning and imaginary centers of the brain.

Iberis Candytuft activates acetylcholine in the cell

Yarrow retards inflammation and cell destruction.




Osteoporosis is related to lower acetylcholine levels deficient nutrient uptake into bone cells.

            Inner Strength blend builds bones and bone density

Jasmine reduces rebelliousness, also common with low acetylcholine levels, bone integrity and osteoporosis.




                        Urinary problems

                                    Begonia affects the bladder meridian

                                    Bachelor Button reduces fluid imbalances

                                    Dandelion increases urination.

                                    Pansy enhances the elimination of waste through the kidneys.


                        Muscle Weakness and Slow Reflexes

                                    Old Blush initiates muscle contraction

Viridiflora mediates impulses between the sensory and motor neurons

Borage enhances balance and agility.

Mobility blend reduces sore muscles and joints




  1. Serotonin symptoms pertain to the brain’s ability to restore itself and maintain a normal mood. Symptoms of loss of brain symmetry include




Craving salt, salty foods

Cravings blend supports serotonin neurotransmission and adrenal reuptake.




                        Sleep Disorders:

Deep Sleep is designed to encourage proper cycling and is also used for insomnia.

Energy blend is beneficial for daytime use.

Relaxation encourages winding down in the evening.

Verbena reduces impulsive behavior associated with low serotonin levels




                        Obsessive Compulsive behavior

                                    Silver Lace encourages quiet contemplation

                                    Stop Smoking reduces compulsive behavior

Silver Moon Antique Rose subdues restless legs and obsessive thoughts.




                        Brainwave Symmetry

White Petunia balances right-left brain symmetry and balances slow reaction time.









                                    Harmony blend balances neural transmission

                                    Use Happy face for children

                                    Passion blend enhances a feeling of well being

                                    Self Image reduces depolarization; Lack of Long range goals

                                    Gardenia stimulates long range planning

                                    Indian Paintbrush ( Texas ) builds a success consiousness.







                                    Dianthus encourages a zest for life

Peer Pressure encourages individuality and common sense to realize the results of actions

Reduce Stress deactivates triggers of stress.

Fimbriata Antique Rose encourages a passionate involvement in life.




                        Rage and Anger Issues

Abate Anger blend heals emotional triggers from disappointment to rage.

Wild Oats enhances a sense of humor.




                        Premature Ejaculation





                                    Male Power encourages healthy male sexual functions.




                        Backache, Chronic Pain, Migraine

Manage Pain blend reduces pain receptors in the brain causing hyper pain/pleasure threshold and reduces symptoms of pain

Wandering Jew reduces neuritis and encourages completion of projects.










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