Petite Fleur therapeutic aromablends reduce Nocebo effect

For the past 15 years Harmony and Relaxation therapeutic blends have been used successfully in patient care to reduce the Nocebo effect.The blends are used before and after chemotherapy and cancer treatment at Baylor Hospital's Healing Environment program in Dallas and Irving Texas.Patient care began with bone marrow and stem...

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Aromatherapy for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Symptoms    Sleep Disturbance: awaking tired; difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep  A- Melatonin  B- Gaba amino acid  C- CalMg at bedtime; B12 upon arising  D- Deep Sleep Petite Fleur Essence  E- Unwind Aromablend or Lavender Lotion    Stiffness from weather changes; upon awakening:  A- Staying in 1 position (also arthritis); No Aches and Stop Hurting Lotion  B- Magnesium, malic...

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How mitochondria dysfunction impacts illness

How mitochondria dysfunction impacts illness Mitochondria produce energy in every cell and organ function of your body.  They combine hydrogen from dietary carbs and fats with oxygen to produce ATP and heat.  ATP is energy produced for most cellular biochemical reactions.  Mitochondria also regulate cellular calcium and allow cells to die and regulate...

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Thyroid Symptoms

Thyroid Symptoms without a Diagnosis   Are you experiencing symptoms of low thyroid, yet your doctor says your blood work is normal?  Symptoms include fatigue, sluggishness, thinning hair and eyebrows, dry skin, cold sensitivity, depression, constipation and a tendency to gain weight.   Thyroid function can also result form abnormal mineral balance...

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Increasing Energy Levels

Dopamine (neurotransmitter) releasing neurons in the substantia nigra of the brain require large amounts of energy. Without this energy, the neurons die a premature death, which can lead to Parkinson’s or palsy (shaking limbs.)   Petite Fleur Essence Energy aromatic blend enhances dopamine neurons. It reaches the brain through inhalation to help produce energy. Energy Blend...

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Multiple Sclerosis / Seizure / Fibromyalgia

Multiple Sclerosis / Seizure / Fibromyalgia Multiple Sclerosis causes extreme nerve pain in the arms and legs, difficulty walking, muscle weakness, poor balance, memory loss and visual disturbance. Inflammation of the protective myelin sheath coating nerve fibers in the brain, brain stem and spinal cord causes scarring over nerve fibers. This...

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