Remember Me to the Roses : Antique Rose Collection eBook

For over 44 years I have researched and documented how roses affect every part of our major cultures since ancient times. Roses were used in prayer, foods and beverages, medicines, skincare, haircare, natural perfumes, celebrations, births, deaths, emotional trauma and to attract lovers. ancients understood roses to raise and intensify life experiences in beautiful ways.

My Mother used to soak roses my Dad grew in water and drink the water, saying "it makes you feel good", but how?

I remember from physics that everything living has an electromagnetic frequency and is in constant motion. All is measured in a standard system of units as electromagnetic radiation and sound waves that pass a point in 1 second. Hertz measures 1 wave cycle per second. Kilohertz measures 1000 waves per second of sound. Megahertz measures 1 million sound waves per second of sound.

A wavelength is measured between the distance of crests or peaks. The shorter the wavelength, the the higher the frequency will measure. This frequency is a measurement of  constant vibration motion of sound. For example, 1 megahertz is close to the center of A M broadcasting radio waves.

Megahertz measures sound waves beyond human hearing. Ultrasound exceeds 200 megahertz. Cats and dogs can hear sound on the lower end of of ultrasound. Very high frequency is used in medical imaging for MRI and PET scans.

In comparison, Roses, especially antique roses, have the highest plant frequency at 320 megahertz! Lavender, another lovely herb with fragrance is 118 megahertz. Compare these measurements to humans, resonating from 5 to 16  megahertz. For a human to experience joy, happiness, 30 megahertz is needed. It only takes 40 megahertz to enhance the frontal cognitive thinking mode.

Roses and other flowers have a consciousness that raises our frequency to enjoy more in life. They sense our feelings, pain and energy. This is called Primary Perception. Plants see light and color. Recently, scientists have discovered plants can make neurotransmitters without having a brain. They may be instrumental in finding ways to change brain chemistry affecting many diseases in the future.

Roses communicate their aroma to us in 1/100th of a second, raising our frequency in ways we experience as joy, alertness, increased awareness and compassion.

In my research in hospitals, clinics and private practice and experiences, I used antique rose and flower essences to beneficially affect personality traits, self talk and help recuperating from emotional and physical trauma. Roses reduce triggers from painful memories, allowing the personality to correct deficiencies and experience greater success.

The effects are immediate, yet subtle and profound. One mother, bought a rose essence for her son, who politely refused it. She decided to wear it. Weeks later, I met her again and hardly recognized her. She was radiant and beautiful, moving through life challenges with grace. Her son had recently decided to use the essence also. She came for a refill.

a friend was putting 2 drops of a rose essence in her husband's coffee to enhance his mood. son didn't believe it could help until they were stuck in a Dallas- Ft. Worth airport traffic jam. As her husband's mood changed for the worse, her son exclaimed, " Get the drops, Mom!".

Roses affect us in many beneficial ways. Explore hundreds of recipes, remedies, foods, beverages, aromas, skincare, pet and child care using roses you can also learn to grow and enjoy. These roses originated millions of years ago and evolved to support and celebrate humans and nature. You will never look at roses the same way after reading Antique Rose Collection with over 100 colored photos of the most ancient to modern roses.

www.aromahealthtexas Antique Rose Collection eBook.








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New Texas Wildflower Petite Fleur Essences

 Texas Wildflowers enhance a reservoir of energy  for creative change, transformation and greater health. Texas has 5000 species of wildflowers, attracting butterflies, bees, hummingbirds and beneficial wild life. 

We make essences from an abundant source that find a home in our gardens. We will introduce these essences throughout 2022.

Texas Star Hibiscus, helps us stay fully engaged, focusing on what is important with an open heart. Empowerment is spontaneous. Emotions and fears are not labeled good or bad. we are here to make a difference in positive ways.

The energy supports collagen. Myricetin antioxidant  reduces collagen and elastin breakdown of skin, encouraging hydration. Analgesic properties relax muscles in the bladder and uterus, support hormone balance, blood pressure and cholesterol. Kidneys and liver are supported by normalizing blood flow.

Buffalo Rose supports planning and decisions with an ability to understand all possibilities. It helps the personality that pushes the limits. Remaining flexible while overcoming limitations promotes a new vision for the future. The flower promotes nitric oxide production, encouraging healthy vascular endothelium health. As tension releases, better sleep habits, saliva production, breathing and release of stiffness occurs.

The tubular roots are a famine survival food. They taste like sweet potato.

Blue Mist helps those affected by emotional hooks from others, keeping them emotionally invested in some time of relationship. Security, money, power, appearance, popularity may keep the unhealthy relationship cloaked in illusion. Fear of rejection is also a hook. Letting go of these relationships  increases longevity by  reducing heart disease, normalizing cortisol levels, blood pressure, immunity and moods. Chronic fatigue begins to resolve.

Texas Oxeye enhances self restraint, endurance, fortitude, composure and stability. It helps with symptoms of hay fever, whooping cough, cervical ulcerations, spasms, over excitability, jaundice, and helps with diuresis.

Texas Mallow fine tunes energy channels and well-known for antiaging properties. It is also a survival food, both leaves and especially berries. It supports insulin, flavonoids, vitamins c, e and beta carotene, polysaccharides, omegas 3 and 6, and proinflammatory mediators to protect kidneys from vanadium toxicity and liver damage. It is helpful for interstitial cystitis, bladder and kidney balance.

Mealycup helps those with regrets and helps make better choices in the future. It helps those with obsessive thoughts and self defeating attitudes and actions. Regrets robs us of the present moment and creates inflammatory reactions throughout the body. It is rich in rosmaric acid, which prevents lipid peroxidation. In research, it is cytotoxic for hepatocellular, non tumor carcinoma, cervical carcinoma, MCF-7 breast cancer cells, gram + and negative, multi drug resistant leukemic cells.

Golden Phoenix brings out natural born leaders and opportunities to help many problems. The essence is regenerative, helping people with cartilage degeneration, plantar fasciitis, bone density, sports injuries, recovery from wounds, liver regeneration.

 Autumn Sage helps those with low energy, often dependent on caffeine to complete the day. The essence helps to build reserve energy for those with possible low blood pressure, digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia, poor circulation to extremities, carpul tunnel and rotor cuff injuries.

It is a survival food. The flowers are sweet and the leaves have a lemony flavor.

October skies helps with fresh, new starts, keeping a good attitude and being ready to go with a cheerful disposition. This is a good essence for thinning skin, used over time, IBS, nervous exhaustion, moving rheumatic pain, dizziness and prone to headaches and colds.

Firewheel helps those living on edge with little time or energy for nurturing. The essence helps manage time and  shift attention to more subtle processes. It helps us understand how our emotions are connected to Nature and the environment and how cells communicate within us. This can highlight the root of an imbalance or disharmony. It helps avoid cardiovascular issues, strokes and acute symptoms, such as asthma and pneumonia by experiencing a deep connection within.

Gray Vervain helps those who often expect poor outcomes in life's challenges. The essence encourages a relaxed mind, willing to learn and build endurance. Tension  and aging can create rigid joints, low backaches, and weak knees and hips. The properties of this flower can protect against antibiotic resistance and fungal problems by neutralizing toxicity. It has also been used historically for gum inflammation.

Pink Prairie Primrose encourages social intelligence and relationship responsibility. Sometimes what we don't like about others we also do ourselves. The essence helps us utilize humility, advise, curiosity and compassion in all relationships. It has been used for hair loss, delaying bone loss, brittle nails, headaches, balancing blood sugar swings and healthy blood pressure. Like compassion, give this essence time to promote balance.

Applemint is our latest natural fragrance, often aiding in weight loss. It helps reduce food born illness, colic, cramps and GI distress. The energy helps break down fats and enhance metabolism, reduce travel sickness, and refreshes the mind. Applemint keeps us calm instead of frustrated and alert driving. Historically, it was used for fatigue after epilepsy.

Protection is our newest combination, fragrant essence blend. It combines the uplifting aroma of Himalayan cedar with Neroli to help prevent fears, fatigue, moodiness, anxious, depressed and stress responses. 

We use it before and after Stored Trauma to help achieve deep desires and personal goals. It has been used to regulate fatty acids, reduce alcohol cravings, reduce phobias and negative responses from others. With the union of a loving heart and creative mind, it promotes inner most feelings of security.


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Summer Detox

We have at least 700 untested chemicals and environmental toxins contaminating the body. Foods, skincare and the water supply are sources of hidden toxins overwhelming normal body and brain detox, leading to a great increase in illness and poor quality of life and achievement.

4 new AromaHealth Essences are now available to help protect natural immunity and detox, including emotional wellbeing : Nurturing, Inner Peace, Enthusiasm and Dynamic can help you become more productive and emotionally nurturing for yourself and others.

Call or email us your concerns. 

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Petite Fleur therapeutic aromablends reduce Nocebo effect

For the past 35 years Harmony and Relaxation therapeutic blends have been used successfully in patient care to reduce the Nocebo effect. The blends are used before and after chemotherapy and cancer treatment at Baylor Hospital's Healing Environment program in Dallas and Irving Texas Patient care began with bone marrow and stem cell patents and quickly spread throughout all departments, including speech therapy. Topical application allows the aromas to be used with other modalities.

The Nocebo effect occurs when expectations and negative suggestions cause symptoms or illness to occur. Nocebo effect is both biochemical and physiological, displaying with a variety of cues. Cortisol and histamine levels dramatically increase, targeting adrenal and hypothalamus involvement. Recently, Ted Kaptchuk at Harvard medical, proved Nocebo occurs without conscious awareness.

 Therapeutic aroma blends lessen anxiety and unconscious responses. I have clinically used Harmony and Reduce Stress essences in the United Kingdom and USA for over 25 years to balance a full spectrum of stress. These aromas change brain chemistry within seconds affecting moods and fears. Given a repose from the stress response, the brain can adjust to homeostasis.

For more information, contact Judy Griffin PhD. 8172935410


Source includes: The Scientist: Worried Sick, by Megan Scudellari, July 2013

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Aromatherapy for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Symptoms


 Sleep Disturbance: awaking tired; difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep

 A- Melatonin

 B- Gaba amino acid

 C- CalMg at bedtime; B12 upon arising

 D- Deep Sleep Petite Fleur Essence

 E- Unwind Aromablend or Lavender Lotion


 Stiffness from weather changes; upon awakening:

 A- Staying in 1 position (also arthritis); No Aches and Stop Hurting Lotion

 B- Magnesium, malic acid, Lymph Flow Massage Lotion



 A- Facial pain, TMJ, neck and shoulder pain; No Aches, Circulation Herbal and Stop Hurting Lotion


Irritable bowel and gastric symptoms:

 A- Abate Anger, B12 sublingual, (consider also Candida) Probiotics, Capryllic Acid, diet, Peppermint Oil, Oregano oil, garlic may help or worsen symptoms, as well enzymes. These are considered in individual consultations.


Bladder: urgency, frequency

 A- Consider Candida, prostatitis in men, interstitial cystitis, and dietary assessments

 Consider herbals such as Dandelion, Diuretic, Male Power, and Male Tonic Herbal Blend


 Numbness: tingling (parathesia) in extremities, also burning

 A- Consider herbs for kidney, bladder, Lymph Flow Massage Lotion, Stop Hurting Lotion, Circulation, Epsom salt soaks, low stress activity, exercise. These neurological symptoms may mimic a variety of neurological or circulatory symptoms see a physician.


Variable Cognitive Symptoms: clumsiness, memory lapses or spaciness, disorientation, orientation difficulties, dizziness and balance issues:

 A- Recall Memory, Clear Thinking Herbal Tonic, consider blood sugar diet, supplementation, Lemon Balm, Melissa Herbal


 Chemical, Environmental Sensitivity: (Allergens, light, odor, noise)

 A- Environmental, Alpha lipoic acid, NADH, Siberian Ginseng Herbal


 Depression from pain or familial disorders, alcoholism:

 A- Consider SAMe -available at daily (400-800 mg) in divided doses, Tricyclic antidepressants or SSRI or 5-hydroxytryptophan (can be used with MAO inhibitors) are facilitated by SAMe.


 Chronic immune infections may include:

 A- Epstein Barr Virus

 B- Cytomeglia

 C- Candida

 D- Herpes 1-6

 E- Chlamydia

 F- Heloibactor (H.pylori)


Consider the following: Reduce Stress, Silver Lace, Cold and Flu, Decongest, Defense, Energy, Foti, Elderberry, Protection Herbal, Pine Petite Fleur, Siberian Ginseng Herbal



Note to CFS: At least 55% of fibromyalgia patients have hypothyroidism. 

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How mitochondria dysfunction impacts illness

How mitochondria dysfunction impacts illness

Mitochondria produce energy in every cell and organ function of your body.  They combine hydrogen from dietary carbs and fats with oxygen to produce ATP and heat.  ATP is energy produced for most cellular biochemical reactions.  Mitochondria also regulate cellular calcium and allow cells to die and regulate how long they live.

Impairment or defect of mitochondrial function caused loss of energy and organization, leading to genetic and complex illness.  Mutation of genes in Parkinson’s patients has been related to mitochondrial impairment. (The Scientist, Feb. 2011: “The Genes of Parkinson’s Disease”) Mitochondrial dysfunction causes DNA deletions in the substantial nigra of a Parkinson’s brain to mitochondrial dysfunction to date.  Other illnesses associated with mitochondria impairment include chronic fatigue syndrome.  This illness involves several organs and systems; a mutation in DNA is cause by mitochondrial dysfunction.  There are hundreds of research papers describing mitochondrial dysfunction leading to DNA impairment in cancer patients.  Several neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, ms, epilepsy and autisms are related to mitochondrial dysfunction.

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Increasing Energy Levels

Dopamine (neurotransmitter) releasing neurons in the substantia nigra of the brain require large amounts of energy. Without this energy, the neurons die a premature death, which can lead to Parkinson’s or palsy (shaking limbs.)


Petite Fleur Essence Energy aromatic blend enhances dopamine neurons. It reaches the brain through inhalation to help produce energy. Energy Blend can also reduce stress by allowing for more glutathione for cellular energy.


For more information:

For consultation by phone or in person with Dr. Griffin call 1-800-496-2125  by phone or in person with Dr. Griffin call 1-800-496-2125

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Multiple Sclerosis / Seizure / Fibromyalgia

Multiple Sclerosis / Seizure / Fibromyalgia

Multiple Sclerosis causes extreme nerve pain in the arms and legs, difficulty walking, muscle weakness, poor balance, memory loss and visual disturbance. Inflammation of the protective myelin sheath coating nerve fibers in the brain, brain stem and spinal cord causes scarring over nerve fibers. This slows and even blocks nerve signals controlling muscle coordination and strength. Lymph Flow and Circulation Booster lotions massaged on the arms and legs, twice each, daily reduces symptoms. Mobility blend massaged on the neck 3 times daily can be applied to enhance nerve signals. Regenerate blend reduces scarring.

Seizures can result from abnormal electrical activity in the brain causing convulsion, staring, muscle spasms and loss of consciousness. Essences that reduce trauma include Reduce Stress and Manage Pain. Harmony blend can enhance proper rhythm to electrical impulses. Relax the Shoulders lotion, applied to the neck and shoulders daily reduces tension and trauma from injury. Daily use of these products is necessary to improve symptoms over a period of several months.

Fibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal pain disorder in the Western world. Symptoms include fatigue, depression, pain, burning or stiffness in the hips, shoulders, neck and spine. Irritable bowel, sleep disorders, headaches and dizziness may also occur. Fatigue and Manage Pain essences are most helpful in reducing recurring pain cycles. Pain Management and No More Pain lotions help lower back, hip and shoulder symptoms. Relax the Shoulders alleviates neck pain, numbness and dizziness.

Hormonal changes can increase pain and occurrence. Female Balance and Male Power support hormonal balance.

Irritable bowel is sedated by Abate Anger blend and strengthened (immunity) by Inner Strength.

Deep Sleep and Relaxation blends enhance sleep patterns and restore health.

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