How Seasonal Changes Affect Health

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Testimonial for Pet care

Ester's hairless puppy was having skin break outs and a tumor. The Vet wanted to operate, here is the results after a couple weeks of using Dr. Griffin's blend!
i will say this a million times you are the best here are pics of Tizoc after rubbing him down with the oil you mixed for him , This growth was my major concern because vet wanted to operate . He still has some break outs on his body ,  but not like before

Thank you so much

Esther Ramirez manager Jack of all Trades Cons llc & Marketing distributor 
before treatment
after treatment
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Green Tomatoes Build Muscle and Stamina

Tomatidine, a compound available in green tomatoes, increases muscle growth, strength and inhibits atrophy. Tomatidine, a steroidal compound,hexacyclic amine, protects green tomatoes from fungi, bacteria,virus and bugs.

Scientists at the University of Iowa are conducting further research to create a treatment for age-related sarcopenia, skeletal muscle atrophy.Treatment can help with injured and bedridden people, or those with restrictions preventing movement. Sarcopenia affects 30 million Americans annually.There is no effective treatment.

Eating green tomatoes should help. Researchers can only speculate how many green tomatoes are safe and effective for humans.The active ingredient is highest in organically grown tomatoes, Keith Baar advises, an expert in skeletal muscle metabolism. Tomatidine fed to farm animals and mice increased muscle mass by almost 15%, Baar observed.Christopher Adams, University of Iowa, discovered tomatidine promotes growth of human muscle cells in cultured mediums.

Tomatidine is 10 times stronger than ursolic acid, an inhibitor of muscle atrophy found in apple peels. Ursolic acid also has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. The research was published in the Journal of Biology and Chemistry in 2014.

It is so good to know our food is healing us without drugs and our golden years are becoming healthier and longer with these compounds in super foods.

Judy Griffin PhD.


(Chemical and Engineering News, Stephen Ritter: May 5, 2014.)

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Aromatherapy for Pets


      Many pets can be successfully aided by essential oil dilutions. Their enhanced sense of smell allows a small amount of a dilution to make a great effect. Diluted essential oils can be sprayed in a room or on the pet’s bed. A light application of a aroma blend can be stroked onto the flank or rubbed onto the ears of a pet.

            I have successfully used aromatherapy on farm animals and horses in very diluted blends. My first client, when I moved into my present location, was a piglet. An aroma blend applied to her ears allowed the piglet to successfully suckle and thrive. At a later date, an aroma essence blend calmed an otherwise uncontrollable horse, allowing the horse to be trained for a rider. The most challenging blend was made for a dairy cow that would not allow the farmer to milk her. Within four days, the cow relaxed and the farmer happily milked her. I felt like I had unlocked a secret of Nature.

            Birds are the least likely to respond to aromatherapy by smell alone. When I have made aroma blends for birds, they responded with light topical application or spray. I used a spray close to a bird that kept plucking all his features. It took close to three weeks to stop the habit, spraying twice daily.

            Sometimes, the best way to use aromatherapy for a pet is to wear the blend. Cats and dogs respond quickly to an owner’s scent. Usually, if the owner likes the scent, so will the pet. It’s a good idea to try a blend on yourself and introduce it to the pet. It doesn’t always work.

            My son, Jason, had one kitten that did not respond well to me when I wore a calming blend. He was so active he seemed to fly around the room, terrorizing visiting clients. Determined, I worked on a calming combination of essential oils and essences. The next time he flew past me, I sprayed the air, but not the kitten. Within minutes, he was snoring, curled contently in a corner. The aroma changed the habit, but not the spirited personality of the kitten, correctly named Gizmo.

            Another example of aromatherapy helping a pet is the story of Mom. Mom is a chow border-colley mix. She was a stray dog who had puppies on my property. The five puppies were delightful and quickly adopted by friends and neighbors. However, the animal protection agency told me Mom was unadoptable, wild and unmanageable. I believed Mom was homeless and afraid. Her actions led me to believe she had been mistreated and beaten previously. Mom quickly adapted to her new home. I used aromatherapy to release fear and trauma. I sprayed near her flanks with an aroma blend. She liked the scent and we’ve been friends ever since.

Tips for Pet Therapy

            Lavender is a relaxing essential oil that calms cats and dogs very quickly. I recommend a blend to have on hand when strangers, storms, and car rides stress your pet.

Calming Lavender Blend

Combine 2 drops of Lavender (Lavendula species)

1 ounce of Sweet Almond Oil

Allow to cure 3 hours. Massage 1 or 2 drops of the blend on the index finger and thumb. Gently rub the fingers onto the top inside of the pet’s ears. Repeat one time if necessary to calm the pet.

            Essential oils can be safely diluted for an insect repellent. Spray or apply topically the following recipe before the pet leaves the house or apartment. The bedding can also be sprayed once or twice a week. Only spray or apply essential oil blends as needed.

Insect Repellent

In 8 ounces of water, add

4 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Citriodora)

4 drops of Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus)

2 drops of Cedarwood (Juniperus mexicana or virginiana)

2 drops of Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

Cap and bottle the repellent. Turn the bottle upside down to blend the repellent before misting or topically applying. Apply the repellent to the flanks and ears of the pet. One application daily should be sufficient.


If the pet is suffering from insect bites an oil base application will calm the itch. This blend will also calm itchy skin and avoid inflammation and bald spots.

Itchy Skin Blend

In 2 ounces of sweet almond or jojoba oil add

4 drops of Lavender (Lavendula species)

2 drops of Sandlewood (Santalum album)

2 drops of German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

1 drop of Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Allow to cure 3 hours, if possible. Apply topically to itchy or infected skin 2 times daily.


Muscle Pain or Arthritis

In 2 ounces of Sweet Almond or Olive oil add

5 drops of Peppermint (Mentha peperita)

2 drops of Oregano (Origanum vulgare)

2 drops of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

1 drop of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)

Allow to cure 3 hours or cap and shake once or twice to blend. Apply on painful area 2 times daily, avoiding eyes and broken skin.  

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Essential Oils for Pet Shampoos

Shampoo for Pets

 Hair care includes dogs, horses, and mature furry fellows. A light touch with a few drops of essential oils will help repel flies, ticks, and fleas. 

In six ounces of shampoo base add:

Shampoo to Repel Flies

Two drops of Basil (Ocimum basilicum)


Shampoo to repel fleas

In six ounces of shampoo base add:

Two drops of Lemon Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citradora)


Shampoo to repel ticks

In six ounces of shampoo base add:

Two drops of Cedar wood (Cedrus atlantica)

Two drops of Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Please click on the link to go to Dr. Griffin's website for organically grown, steam distilled essential oils.

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Pet Allergies

Pet Scents for Allergies and Skin Conditions


Pets have allergies and reactions to environmental pollution and unhealthy foods affecting their skin. These allergies may cause your pet to itch, scratch, bleed, lose hair and suffer from skin lesions. A first aid aromablend to help pets deal with their allergic symptoms and have on hand is Hot Spots. We have successfully used it on several cases of mange. Calm Pet is a wonderful blend for very large to small animals. It calms the allergic skin reactions, reduces itching and scratching, while calming the emotional nature of the pet. Use it to counteract frightening noises and occurrences that scare your pet. Insect Repellent will keep the bug bites away, including ticks. 


Hot Spots - Apply topically to mange. For itchy and inflamed skin.


Calm Pet - For travel or at home. Apply to head, ears coat, and relax. Avoid eye contact.


Insect Repellent - Repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and critters. Apply generously to coat and head, avoiding eye contact.


For more information on pet products, please visit Pet Scents on our website.


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How is Calm Pet Used?

My dear dog has been suffering from separation anxiety, and though he has been somewhat relieved by behavior modification, he still has panic attacks. I am wondering what is in Calm Pet and is the remedy more of a symptomatic relief or can it potentially be long(er) term? Is it something that I would initially use every day? -Rose


            Yes, Calm Pet should be used everyday to reduce anxiety separation. It will produce long term relief over time. It is better to start using it before the animal is let alone and exhibits stress.

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Petite Fleur Essences for Pets

Petite Fleur Essences for Pets


Use for Anxiety, Hyperactivity and Separation issues:

Calm Pet  

Also helpful are:

Deep Sleep

Chamomile Tea

Red Raspberry Tea

Herbal Valerian


Use for Aggressive, pouting, jealousy and disappointment:

Abate Anger

Clearing Room Spray


For Bladder and Bowel Accidents:

UTI Urinary Tract Support 



For Timidity:

Male Power Rose Oil Blend


For Hormonal Balance and Infertility:

Female Balance


For Pregnant Dogs, Moody and Unusual Hormonal Responses:



For more information go to


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Pet Scents for Allergies and Skin Conditions

Pets have allergies and reactions to environmental pollution and unhealthy foods affection their skin. They itch, scratch, bleed, lose hair and suffer from skin lesions. A first aid aromablend to have on hand is Hot Spots. We have successfully used it on several cases of mange. Calm Pet is a wonderful blend for very large to small animals. It calms the skin, reduces itching and scratching, while calming the emotional nature of the pet. Use it to counteract frightening noises and occurrences that scare your pet. Insect Repellent will keep the bug bites away, including ticks. 


Hot Spots— Apply topically to mange. For itchy and inflamed skin.

Calm Pet – For travel or at home.  Apply to head, ears, coat, and relax.  Avoid eye contact.

Insect Repellent – Repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and critters.  Apply generously to coat and head.  Avoid eye contact.


For more info on pet products

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Calm Pet Testimonial

My testimony:

I am a rescuer and healer of injured, dying, ill, and abused animals, mostly cats. At present I have 15 special needs cats in my home, most of whom who have had wild origins. Judy's flower essences and her Calm Pet, not only saved my sanity, but have remarkably improved the health of all of my cats, one especially. If it wasn't for Judy's flower essences, one of my precious cats would not be here today! What a difference these essences have made, for once where there was fighting and misery, now is calm, happiness, freedom from pain, and actual play amongst the cats. I cannot recommend Judy's products high enough! They really work, and on animals, too!

~Amy S.
Garden of Eden
Home of Rescue and Healing for 15 Special Needs Felines + 1 feral cat Continue reading