Dill and Separation Anxiety

The strongest emotion the ego feels is the fear of death. We can experience this as fear of a loved one dying, more than we fear our own death. Until we face death, we often experience this fear as abandonment and separation anxiety. It can lead to alienation or denial of our feelings, preventing autonomy and a deeper connection with others. Our pets also experience separation anxiety and abandonment. We all begin to withdraw from ourselves and others, or become unnaturally dependent.
Dill is the essence that encourages us to get in touch with the ‘first self’ experienced through our body. By releasing the potential energy drain caused by a feeling or real experience of abandonment, we can fully recover autonomy. The mind, emotions and physical expressions synchronize. The feeling that something is missing in life is replaced with a determination to utilize all your talents and make the most with our life.
Dill has a calming effect on us. It has been used historically to quiet babies and reduce anxiety and nervousness. Physically, Dill helps protect the stomach’s mucosal surfaces and reduce bacterial invasion. Rest assured, Dill will improve the quality of your life.
For more information, see Mother Nature's Herbal and Flowers that Heal by Dr. Judy Griffin.
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