Therapeutic Properties of Champaca Michelia Absolute

Champaca flower absolute is a cooling antiinflammatory,analgesic, safe therapeutic flower. It lowers blood sugar in diabetics, without hypoglycemic side effects, reduces gout, irregular bleeding and encourages quick wound healing for adults and children. The absolute can also help release urine retention and heal burns. Champaca blooms contains the therapeutic properties...

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Mr. Grumps Brings Peace to the Family

We use your sprays everyday Just yesterday I was having an uncharacteristic screechathon. One after another my 3  older teens were making errors in judgement and action, and really, I had only myself to blame for not communicating what was best to do. As I ranted, my youngest teen brought...

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Petite fleur essence Easter Lily

Easter lily helps anxious people . The fear behind the anxiety is failure, unspoken and unnamed. Failure is usually about a future event or how to succeed in events yet to come. Sometimes the personality can become controlling or obsessive about her environment. This all stems from fear of failure...

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What Petite Fleur Essences may be used for Autistic Symptoms?

Petite Fleur Essences for Autistic Symptoms   Autism is a multifaceted sensory dysfunction with many symptoms and causes. The following Petite benefit symptoms over a period of weeks and months:   Marquis Bocella Antique Rose enhances sensory messages impacting sensory organs. Abate Anger reduces self-abuse and aggressive behavior. Bronze Fennel supports imagination skills and eye...

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