Remember Me to the Roses : Antique Rose Collection eBook

For over 44 years I have researched and documented how roses affect every part of our major cultures since ancient times. Roses were used in prayer, foods and beverages, medicines, skincare, haircare, natural perfumes, celebrations, births, deaths, emotional trauma and to attract lovers. ancients understood roses to raise and intensify life experiences in beautiful ways.

My Mother used to soak roses my Dad grew in water and drink the water, saying "it makes you feel good", but how?

I remember from physics that everything living has an electromagnetic frequency and is in constant motion. All is measured in a standard system of units as electromagnetic radiation and sound waves that pass a point in 1 second. Hertz measures 1 wave cycle per second. Kilohertz measures 1000 waves per second of sound. Megahertz measures 1 million sound waves per second of sound.

A wavelength is measured between the distance of crests or peaks. The shorter the wavelength, the the higher the frequency will measure. This frequency is a measurement of  constant vibration motion of sound. For example, 1 megahertz is close to the center of A M broadcasting radio waves.

Megahertz measures sound waves beyond human hearing. Ultrasound exceeds 200 megahertz. Cats and dogs can hear sound on the lower end of of ultrasound. Very high frequency is used in medical imaging for MRI and PET scans.

In comparison, Roses, especially antique roses, have the highest plant frequency at 320 megahertz! Lavender, another lovely herb with fragrance is 118 megahertz. Compare these measurements to humans, resonating from 5 to 16  megahertz. For a human to experience joy, happiness, 30 megahertz is needed. It only takes 40 megahertz to enhance the frontal cognitive thinking mode.

Roses and other flowers have a consciousness that raises our frequency to enjoy more in life. They sense our feelings, pain and energy. This is called Primary Perception. Plants see light and color. Recently, scientists have discovered plants can make neurotransmitters without having a brain. They may be instrumental in finding ways to change brain chemistry affecting many diseases in the future.

Roses communicate their aroma to us in 1/100th of a second, raising our frequency in ways we experience as joy, alertness, increased awareness and compassion.

In my research in hospitals, clinics and private practice and experiences, I used antique rose and flower essences to beneficially affect personality traits, self talk and help recuperating from emotional and physical trauma. Roses reduce triggers from painful memories, allowing the personality to correct deficiencies and experience greater success.

The effects are immediate, yet subtle and profound. One mother, bought a rose essence for her son, who politely refused it. She decided to wear it. Weeks later, I met her again and hardly recognized her. She was radiant and beautiful, moving through life challenges with grace. Her son had recently decided to use the essence also. She came for a refill.

a friend was putting 2 drops of a rose essence in her husband's coffee to enhance his mood. son didn't believe it could help until they were stuck in a Dallas- Ft. Worth airport traffic jam. As her husband's mood changed for the worse, her son exclaimed, " Get the drops, Mom!".

Roses affect us in many beneficial ways. Explore hundreds of recipes, remedies, foods, beverages, aromas, skincare, pet and child care using roses you can also learn to grow and enjoy. These roses originated millions of years ago and evolved to support and celebrate humans and nature. You will never look at roses the same way after reading Antique Rose Collection with over 100 colored photos of the most ancient to modern roses.

www.aromahealthtexas Antique Rose Collection eBook.








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How Seasonal Changes Affect Health

The following are a selection of AromaHealth products to balance the effects of seasonal changes. Continue reading

Summer Detox

We have at least 700 untested chemicals and environmental toxins contaminating the body. Foods, skincare and the water supply are sources of hidden toxins overwhelming normal body and brain detox, leading to a great increase in illness and poor quality of life and achievement.

4 new AromaHealth Essences are now available to help protect natural immunity and detox, including emotional wellbeing : Nurturing, Inner Peace, Enthusiasm and Dynamic can help you become more productive and emotionally nurturing for yourself and others.

Call or email us your concerns. 

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How lotions and skincare make you obese.

Obesogens are Phthalates and Parabens in lotions, skin and nail care products that disrupt thyroid metabolism and cause fat storage leading to obesity. The average person absorbs 168 obesogens daily from common skincare.

AromaHealth offers lotions, hair and skincare safe for you and the environment.

Check out our monthly sales at, or call 8172935410.

AromaHealth is our registered trademark.

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Therapeutic Properties of Champaca Michelia Absolute

Champaca flower absolute is a cooling antiinflammatory,analgesic, safe therapeutic flower. It lowers blood sugar in diabetics, without hypoglycemic side effects, reduces gout, irregular bleeding and encourages quick wound healing for adults and children. The absolute can also help release urine retention and heal burns. Champaca blooms contains the therapeutic properties of Champacene and linalool.

In Aryurvedic medicine Champaca is used to balance neurological problems and enhance the health of sexual organs. It is also used as a cardiac tonic.

Champaca is prized in natural perfumery for its light coco and apricot fragrance. It can be applied neat, or directly onto skin or added to an essential oil blend for health and fragrance. It is available at under essential oils and absolutes. Free shipping in the United States is available. Contact Judy Griffin at 1800 4962125/8172935410 with questions and receive  15% off for your order of Champaca!



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Mr. Grumps Brings Peace to the Family

We use your sprays everyday Just yesterday I was having an uncharacteristic screechathon. One after another my 3  older teens were making errors in judgement and action, and really, I had only myself to blame for not communicating what was best to do. As I ranted, my youngest teen brought me her Mr. Grumps, advising me that it might help..

I grabbed it like a glass of water in Deathvalley. Within only 5 minutes of spraying it on my throat and heart (which had been hurting from all my yelling) all the stress, strife and pain were gone.It felt like the most soothing balm was on my heart and soul.

Before we left for an all day family trip, I put more Mr. Grumps on. It felt like it helped even more. Then, the entire trip went happily and everything felt good among all 4 of us who had been grumping.

Thankyou, Judy, for all the work you do. I love how the essences subtly but surely bring one around, setting us on the right course. I'm also enjoying learning from the DVD I purchased.

This has to be the cutest testimonial I've had. I can surely relate! This young lady is a recent widow with 3 teenagers to raise ! I know she's doing a good job!

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Petite fleur essence Easter Lily

Easter lily helps anxious people . The fear behind the anxiety is failure, unspoken and unnamed. Failure is usually about a future event or how to succeed in events yet to come. Sometimes the personality can become controlling or obsessive about her environment. This all stems from fear of failure and the inability to process all the information coming into the cognitive brain. The person feels edgy, especially in certain situations such as crowded areas, amusement rides, and when fine and gross motor skills are needed.

Over time, this constant underlying tension undermines the immune response. Poor resistance to infections, virus and certain  foods can occur. Lily personalities can bruise and bleed easily also. Anxiety disorders can occur during teen and adult years.Lily essence can help the person to focus better and stay in the present moment. Grounding occurs in present time, not worrying about what is to come. Lily personalities need to practice visualization,seeing themselves work through and complete each challenge and opportunity in life.

Petite Fleur Lily essesnce catalyzes the ability to balance and heal this processing disorder until it becomes a part of the person's response to life. Apply 2-3 drops on the throat, wrist or chest 3x daily until worry is replaced with a vision and successful feeling about the future.Self control is the key to the future. Benefits from wearing Petite Fleur Essences usually are evident within 3 weeks.

For more information on Peite Fleur Esseces  read The Healing Flowers and Flowers the Heal by Judy Griffin,PhD. or email

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Children’s Blend

Children’s Blend

    Essential oil blends for children are specific for small noses and sensitive to their changing needs. Scent is one of our earliest experiences. Babies bond to their mother’s scent very quickly after delivery. They find comfort in familiar kitchen smells, backyard trees, flowers and grass odors. As children brains develop, they will acquire new interest in new scents like taste for new foods. It is important to use light aromas under safe conditions and in proportion to their size and weight.

            When treating babies with aromatherapy, be certain to use essential oils distilled from plants, not synthetic, chemical scents. Aroma lamps are a safe way to dispense the aromas into a child’s room, in tiny amounts. Essential oils are not recommended topically or in baths for children under 2 years old and not used as inhalants under the nose for children under 5 years old. Occasionally, a compress can be used for children with colic by first diluting 1 or 2 drops of essential oil in 4 cups of warm water. I prefer to use herbal tea compress on babies. I will offer both recipes to use with discretion.


Compress for Colic for Children 1 to 4 Years Old

In 4 cups of warm water add and stir

1 drop of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

1 drop Roman chamomile (Anthemis noblis)

Submerge a clean hand towel. Squeeze excess water. Test the temperature on the child’s leg. Apply to the abdomen when the temperature is comfortable until it cools. This may be repeated for 15 minutes. Rub the child’s abdomen gently in a clockwise motion. Contact a physician if cramping continues.


Herbal Tea Compress For Babies and Children under 5 Years Old

In a clean glass or stainless steel quart pan, bring 4 cups of water to simmer.

Add the following herbs or herb:

4 Tablespoons German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)

1 teaspoon Dill Seed (Anethum graveolens)

Remove from heat immediately. Cover with a tight fitting lid. Allow to steep 15 to 20 minutes. Strain; allow cooling to slightly warmer than room temperature. Submerge a clean hand towel in the tea. Squeeze out excess water. Apply to the child’s abdomen until it cools. This may be repeated 30 minutes.


Calming Nightcap Aroma lamp Blend

1 drop Roman Chamomile (Anthemis noblis)

An aroma lamp is made from porcelain, ceramic or glass. The lamp has a small container for about one tablespoon of water. Add the essential oil to the water and heat the water by a light or small candle. The aroma will fill the room with a very subtle odor.

Alternate for Aroma lamp

Put 1 drop of essential oil on a light bulb and turn on the light, preferably a nightlight.


Children’s Aroma bath

Water is a safe way to introduce essential oils to children 5 and older. Remember to use a carrier oil to disperse the essential oil. Do not bath children with an adult, using blends for adults. Children thrive with a few safe essential oils, preferably not lavender for young boys. Too much exposure to lavender can adversely affect male hormones in a child. Children enjoy Rose, Vanilla, both very expensive, Chamomile, Rosewood, Neroli Orange Blossom, Geranium in 1% or less dilution in bath water.


Soothing Bath

Combine in 3 tablespoons of honey and add to bathwater.

3 drops Roman Chamomile (Anthemis noblis)

1drop Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)

1 drop Neroli (Citrus aurantium)

Stir the water to disperse the honey and oils. Test the bathwater temperature before allowing the child into water. Soak 15 to 20 minutes while bathing.


Homemade Rosewater Bath for Sensitive Skin, Eczema, and Stress

Simmer 2 cups of fresh, fragrant, organically grown rose petals in 4 cups of water, covered for 30 minutes in a pan. Remove from heat. Allow to cool, covered. Strain, squeezing the petals tightly. Add to bathwater and soak 20 minutes.



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What Petite Fleur Essences may be used for Autistic Symptoms?

Petite Fleur Essences for Autistic Symptoms


Autism is a multifaceted sensory dysfunction with many symptoms and causes. The following Petite benefit symptoms over a period of weeks and months:


Marquis Bocella Antique Rose enhances sensory messages impacting sensory organs.

Abate Anger reduces self-abuse and aggressive behavior.

Bronze Fennel supports imagination skills and eye contact.

Catnip encourages socialization, initiating and sustaining conversation.

ADD/ADHD blend also facilitates socializing, conversation and language skills.

Wild Oats encourages smiling and a sense of humor.

Peer Pressure encourages making friends.

Enhanced Learning expands limited activities

Alfredo del Damas enhances fine and gross motor skills.

White Carnation reduces schedule and inflexibility.

Knotted Marjoram helps compulsive lining of objects.

Relaxation reduces anxiety depression.

Deep Sleep promotes healing sleep and REM time.


Genetic susceptibility to allergies, environmental and heavy metal toxins is aided by Allergy , Rose Campion , Environment , and

Detox .


For more information:

For consultation by phone or in person with Dr. Griffin call 1-800-496-2125


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Aromatherapy and Petite's for Children

We are all born with a unique scent we keep throughout our lives, like an apple or orange.Early memories are especially built from aromas. Starting with the smell of a mother, a child learns to discover the world through scent. These memories are ingrained in the brain and affect every moment and decision in our lives.
In 38 years of practice, I have used the Petite Fleur essences with children more than essential oils alone. The essences are very subtle and affect deep brain processes that help mold character, values and judgement. Essential oils create wonderful mood sensations quickly, changing the energy and immune response. Together in the Petite therapeutic essence blends, these light and subtle aromas help create a safe and healthy body/mind.
A child's response to its earliest environment affects how it perceives and responds to every day living.I have used the Petites on newborns through the first 7 years with interesting effects. The children are creative and positively stimulated by their environment. Their bodies respond seasonally with natural detox and appropriate immune responses. I can use the Petites directly on a babies skin, 1 or 2 drops daily, or combine them with my essential oils to disperse in a room. My training in western Europe taught me to utilize airborne essential oils only until a child was at least 18 months. For adults, and adolescents, I prefer topical application. A little goes a long way with children. We should approach aromatherapy like a new food, especially with children.
There are findings of male children beginning to grow breasts from taking daily baths with lavender essential oil. This is not the case with male adults. Once an adult, we have built a memory base of the aromas that work well for us and avoid others. A child cannot do this and can get overwhelmed with concentrated odors of any kind.
Babies and children respond well to Bouquet of Harmony Petite Fleur Essence in a bath or applied to the bottom of the feet. Bouquet includes a light touch of vanilla . I find children respond well to a light touch of a base aroma, like vanilla. Flowery" high note" aromas are appreciated after 2 years old, especially in males.Children with special health conditions, including autism, also respond well to the grounding affect of base or low notes.These are the heavier aromas we use to hold a combination of essential oils so they disperse in the air over a period of time.In my children's therapeutic blends of Petites and essential oils, I only use "food grade" essential oils. They include citrus, honey and essential oils derived from foods or plants we can eat. They are less likely to be harmful and more likely to evoke pleasant memories.I also find that adults and adolescents who are non responsive to medicines and complex aromas change positively with children's blends.
One note of caution is to avoid products with vanillin or lavendin (as lavender). They are not made from plants and are chemical reproductions. Definitely avoid these with children.I avoid them totally and find chemical reproductions of aromatic plants very offensive and harmful to suffering children.
Often, parents ask how much essential oil can be diluted into a carrier, like almond oil, when applied to a child over 2 years old. In 1 ounce, I only use 1 or 2 drops of essential oil and allow it to blend at least 3 hours or overnight before application. Two or 3 drops of essential oil can be added to a warm bath for a 15 minute or less soak.
Constantly bombarding a child's conscious body with scented commercial products,mostly not made from plants,can numb the senses and brain functions. Our goal is to bring creations of Nature into our childrens' lives to add to their sense of safety and wholeness in a world surrounded by products of man made and electronic origins. Use Petite Fleur essences and aromatherapy to unite children with their roots in Nature and enjoy a wonderful life. Continue reading