No Salt Blends for Mouth Watering Meals

The Western Diet contains as much as a whopping 86% overdose of salt. The result is hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular disease to name just a few health problems. Herb blends make a delicious salt and sea salt substitute. Mother Nature's Herbal and Mother Nature's Kitchen have several no salt blends to please the palate. You can grow the herbs or make the blends from store bought seasonings.The books offer seasoning for eggs, green or yellow vegetable blends, fish, poultry, pork,lamb and beef.

While you're mixing, try an herbal marinade or vegetable oil herbal blend for potatoes and garlic bread. Herbal marinades make an excellent vinegar or salad dressing to compliment a meal.Season veggies, crackers and breads with fast and easy herbal butters and ghee, a low fat, clarified butter.

Make the switch from salt to herbal blends now and you will live healthier ever after!

Judy Griffin, PhD., author of Mother Nature's Herbal and Mother Nature's Kitchen, is an herbalist and nutritional consultant.Contact her online at

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