Testimonial for Pet care

Ester's hairless puppy was having skin break outs and a tumor. The Vet wanted to operate, here is the results after a couple weeks of using Dr. Griffin's blend!
i will say this a million times you are the best here are pics of Tizoc after rubbing him down with the oil you mixed for him , This growth was my major concern because vet wanted to operate . He still has some break outs on his body ,  but not like before

Thank you so much

Esther Ramirez manager Jack of all Trades Cons llc & Marketing distributor 
before treatment
after treatment
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AutoImmune Disease-Crohns

My son is 10 years old.  He has been suffering with Crohn's for over 2 years.  We did everything possible with diet and other therapies-without results.  My sister recommended your Petite Fleur essences so we could avoid immune suppressant drugs.  He missed school and was in pain all the time.  He could not eat without pain and suffering.


We began using your essences and had good results within 1 month.  The next month, we used his special blend, my son improved even more.  He's back in school for 3 months.  He feels like himself again and has no symptoms of inflammation for over 4 months.  We can travel again and look forward to each day.

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Sarcoidosis Testimonial

At 40 years old, Evelyn was diagnosed with sarcoidosis and told she probably had it all of her life. Sarcoidosis is characterized by widespread granulomatous lesions that affect any organ or tissue. Evelyn’s affected her lungs, ovaries and previously lymph nodes. At the time we did a consult and special blend, she had several 1.7cm. Lesions in her lungs with concern for her heart’s health. 

A special blend Is 1 ounce, lasting several weeks. Within a few months of wearing her Petite fleur special blend, individualized for physical, mental and emotional  well being, Evelyn had a cat scan, there is no pulmonary nodules, embolism or edema, her lungs are clear of sarcoidosis as well as her heart and ovaries. Her lymph’s are normal and her blood pressure is normal. Her doctors took her off blood pressure medicine. 

The Petite Fleur essences and essential oil blends catalyze the body’s ability to heal. The body only knows how to heal and heals at its own pace. 

Claim your greatest health in a consult with Dr. Griffin and unique healing blend.


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Reduce Stress Testimonial

 I use Reduce Stress daily.  I suffer from anxiety and irritable bowel.  I have improved so much that I am able to eat more foods, even cheese, and care for my husband and family.  I love the scent and wear Reduce Stress 2 to 3 times daily, depending on my stress levels.

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Petite fleur essence blends

I am stunned at what is happening to me, and I have you to thank! I bought Recovery, Harmony, Abate from Anger, Reduce Stress, with the idea to heal from 16 years of dealing with chronic pain and complications from a severe back injury in 1993. Instead, I am healing from my childhood abuse! How do I know? The empty hole that has been with me all my life is GONE! And in its place is a bubble of great joy and happiness! Oh, Judy, how can I thank you in mere words? If I had the means, I would send all seven of my brothers and sisters the essences I have been using, for they are all walking around disconnected and empty from the brutal, and I mean brutal, beginnings of their lives. Miracles do happen! So, when, and I am saying when, the means come to me, they will each be getting a very special package from me, with your essences! I love you, Judy.  Continue reading

Feng Shui Room Sprays

Feng Shui Room Spray Testimonial


I just returned from a Celebration of Life for my father who passed away last Fall. There was a great deal of stress involved with returning to his home, dealing with various personalities and getting everything set up for the event. I have been using the Feng Shui Room Sprays for years and brought several with me on this trip. I must say that the Harmonize and Balance and the Clearing sprays worked wonderfully. Whenever there started to be dissension among family members, I politely excused myself, sprayed myself with either Harmonize and Balance or Clearing and returned to the room. Within seconds, everyone was calmed down and behaving well. Grief drops were also used by family members during the big event which kept us all upbeat and positively remembering happy times. Once again, your aromatherapy products saved the day. 


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Calm Pet Testimonial

My testimony:

I am a rescuer and healer of injured, dying, ill, and abused animals, mostly cats. At present I have 15 special needs cats in my home, most of whom who have had wild origins. Judy's flower essences and her Calm Pet, not only saved my sanity, but have remarkably improved the health of all of my cats, one especially. If it wasn't for Judy's flower essences, one of my precious cats would not be here today! What a difference these essences have made, for once where there was fighting and misery, now is calm, happiness, freedom from pain, and actual play amongst the cats. I cannot recommend Judy's products high enough! They really work, and on animals, too!

~Amy S.
Garden of Eden
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75 yr old skin care testimonial

I'm 75 years old and nobody could guess my age. This is because I use your skincare every day. I give myself a little facial with the Rose geranium cleanser, Rose mud masque and rose nectar before I wear the rose gardenia day moisture. I wear Sweet annie under eye cream and Dermalift at bedtime. I've used your products for about 15 years and am amazed at how good my skin looks.

I use to go to Kenneth's and Elizabeth Arden's in New York City, but your products are much better and pure. They bring out the beauty of Nature through my skin.

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Rosemary Shampoo Testimonial

After one of my thyroid glands was removed 10 years ago, I started getting a pronounced widows peak hairline.  I attended one of your local talks and heard about rosemary helping with hair growth. So I purchased a bottle of your  Rosemary Shampoo and my hair has filled in nicely.  No more widow’s peak hairline!  I have been using it for many years now and continually receive compliments on my hair.  

  • Susan
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