How Seasonal Changes Affect Health

As the days grow longer, the body signals new requirements for personal care. The following suggestions list the most prevalent changes and how to balance them.

Deep Sleep helps to correct the need for more restful sleep. Longer daylight requires more serotonin and neurotransmitter interaction.

Echinacea Petite Fleur Essence helps the brain and lymph cleanse during the night, encouraging optimum performance.

Attention Span helps promote focus and better thinking, when seasonal changes cause foggy and spacey thoughts.

Cravings helps normalize carbohydrate and sweet cravings as the body adjusts energy patterns.

Madame Alfred Carriere helps accent the body's ability to heal and regenerate during sleep.

Circulation Booster lotion encourages the ability to promote more energy and reduce achiness and feeling sluggish.

Metabolism enhances energy from the cellular level throughout the body, also enhancing good moods.

Shedding mist for the hair reduces hair loss, usually accelerated during seasonal changes.

Decongest aroma blend helps open and clear the sinuses and lungs for better breathing. Massage a few drops on the chest for best results.

Moisture Now cream encourages skin hydration, especially dry after the winter months.

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