Enfleurages -Fragrant Flower and Herbal Essences of the Ancients

Enfleurages – Fragrant Flower Essences of the Ancients

Ancient cultures first produced flower essences as enfleurages. Fresh flowers were repeatedly soaked to saturate a medium, such as animal fat or oil. I use the humectant properties of vegetable glycerin to pull off the flavors, scent, and catalyzing properties of highly scented flowers. My process takes 1-3 years to extract the fragrant healing properties. When applied to the skin, body temperature will produce a subtle scent as well as chemical action, catalyzing healing from within as well as from external influences. These may help people or create beneficial environmental elements that enter our lives as teachers and benefactors.

As a healing agent, enfleurages sedate and soothe the skin. They may be safely applied to soothe skin, such as the face or to open wounds or inflamed skin. Their action is slowly released over a period of 8 hours. Enfleurages are applied undiluted directly to the skin. They are especially beneficial for children, pets and people who are sensitive to alcohol.

Their subtle fragrance is non-offensive to chemically sensitive people and very attractive to both men and women. Enfleurages immediately affect brain chemistry and neurochemistry, subsequent hormone production, as well as the electromagnetic energy affecting the chakras. Therefore, they have similar healing qualities of essential oils and flower essences. They balance the immune, endocrine, and neurological systems by passing the blood brain barrier and connecting the 7 chakras to the folds in the cortical brain. This connection will hand the intellectual mind into Universal Consciousness. The time for expansion is upon us as we move from a separateness experience of nationalism, religious, and political sects into a group consciousness benefitting all as one.

Scents that Heal

Enfleurages either sedate or stimulate brain chemistry to affect inner harmony. Choose and attractive scent for an appropriate response. Enfleurages are more fragrant than many of the Petite Fleur Essences. 

Enfleurages can be applied as a moisturizer to dampened skin reducing fine lines by holding moisture to the skin.

Sedating enfleurages may reduce anxiety, fever, hyperactivity, hot flashes, emotional outbursts, crying, pain, red, itchy or weeping rashes, sneezing, rhinitis, hiccups, insomnia, headaches that throb and angina.

The following examples are sedating enfleurages:

Lemon Balm calms desires, hyperactivity, fevers and allergic rhinitis

Lilac enhances self-love and forgiveness to heal a broken heart.

Magnolia increases self-appreciation, protein assimilation balancing the small intestine and pituitary hormones.

Wisteria opens the heart, increasing cardiovascular flow, and feelings of warmth and generosity to others.


Stimulating enfleurages increase energy, stamina, alertness, memory, passion and creativity. They help to abate aching, malaise, melancholy, and depression.

The following are stimulating enfleurages:

Curry puts talents into action.

Gardenia attracts love and lovers.

Iris enhances artistic creativity

Jasmine (Queen of the Nile) increases sensuality

Old Blush increases energy

Sweet Annie increases memory, alertness, and memories of good times.

Texas Marigold Mint has an anise scent that warms a cold heart and increases peripheral circulation to the limbs.

White Ginger , a favorite of hummingbirds, hopes the highest centers of the creative mind.

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