How to Stop Hurting

Pain is the primary reason people seek alternative and complementary medicine. Pain signals physical and nutritional needs, emotional distress, trauma and injury. The brain also decreases blood flow to body parts when depression, anxiety and repression of feelings occur. The subsequent oxygen deprivation may actually induce physical pain anywhere in the body.

The problem with pain is it doesn’t really go away until the source is eliminated. Good news is that we are made in the image of a perfect Creator. Our body only knows how to heal itself.
The fastest and most efficient healing occurs through scent. Aromas change brain chemistry in 1/100th of a second. Endocrine hormones, immune stress and neurological responses change in an instant. The aroma molecules pass through the limbic, or olfactory brain, through nasal lining. Inhaled aromas are also absorbed into the lungs and pass into the bloodstream. Within minutes the body and mind are saturated with the healing power of scent.

Therapeutic aromatherapy is unique because it catalyzes self-healing in the multiple ways without interfering with medications. Topical application allows aromas to pass through connective and lymphatic tissues, then into the circulatory system. Lymphatic tissue contains valves, like veins.

Lymphs only move in one direction, toward the heart. They are microscopic in size, emptying into two trunks which open into the large veins near the heart. Obstruction of lymph tissue results in swelling and pain, called lymphdema. Lymphatic tissue is directly involved with immunity resulting in disorders ranging from tonsillitis to cancer & metastasis. Unlike blood, lymph tissue does not have a pump, often harboring toxins and metabolic waste causing illness and pain. Aroma molecules promote lymphatic drainage and contain anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties promoting optimal health and detoxification.

The skin is the largest immune organ. It’s protective shield detoxifies more environmental toxins and chemicals than the liver. Aromas balance helper and suppressor cells to reduce and retard harmful bacteria and viral growth. Essential oil aromas, made from organically grown plants, protect, soften and preserve the skin by facilitating hydration. These healing scents are more potent than any commercial preservative. Their anti-aging properties are most effective in cosmetic & skin care lotions and therapeutic preparations.

Within 2 to 3 hours after inhaling or applying healing aromas, the volatile compounds are excreted through the breath and urine. The volatile properties allow them to move quickly and pass quietly after their healing is complete.

Self healing begins and ends with the brain as a sensory organ. The brain is a hologram. It is aware and interacts with every part and function of the body instantaneously as one unit. The limbic, or olfactory brain, records and retains every memory, every automatic response and everything you have learned as scent. This is the only part of the brain exposed to the environment through the nose.

All aromas, even with the most subtle scent, reach the brain through the olfactory bulb. It is located at the top of both sides of the nose at eye level. The bulb is covered with a mucous membrane the size of a nickel, containing approximately 10 million olfactory nerves. A self healing process replaces these cells every 28 days. Microscopic hairs attached to the cells carry an infinite amount of information to the brain as nerve pulses.

Any new or dangerous information is captured by the cortical brain. With every breath we take, familiar and learned information travels to the limbic brain. Before we recognize a familiar or fragrant scent, the limbic brain has already processed and reacted to it.

Smell is the brain’s earliest sense. The cerebral cortical brain evolved after the sense of smell evolved. The inspiration and creativity of the cortical brain comes from the sense of smell. The nerve receptors for seeing, hearing and taste evolved from the sensory nerves of smelling.

Smell releases neurotransmitters, specialized nerve centers from the brain. Serotonin, related to mood and depression is one of many. Endorphins, happy signals, are another. Pain receptors in the brain are signals of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the first immune response to injury, trauma and infection. The limbic brain can be stimulated by odor to produce neurotransmitters that create a feeling of wellness. Encephaline reduces pain by producing pleasant uplifting sensations. Endorphins also reduce pain and may increase sexual feelings. Serotonin reduces pain by enhancing good moods. These responses are automatically produced by aromas.

How do we know which scents can reduce pain and promote wellness? We develop a unique scent in the womb that we carry throughout our lives. Our unique scent determines who and much of what we attract and repel. Love and friendship are good examples. When we love someone, we are attracted to their unique scent. An infant or animal knows the mother’s scent. Different aromas and fragrances that appeal to us will be the most healing. This includes chocolate and foods in moderation. Everything organic has a scent and the limbic brain can sense it through smell. Our sense of smell is at least 10 times stronger than any other sense.

Illness and pain begin in the brain. Pure organic aromas from essences and essential oils can remind us or guide us to how it feels to be well, relaxed, happy and productive. Aromas extracted ore distilled from plants have a healing effect. Chemical synthetic aromas can produce illness, fear and even pain for those sensitive to chemicals. Pure, naturally grown and processed aromas life the spirit, soothe the soul and catalyze the body to reduce, heal and overcome illness and pain. Discover alternative ways to heal than through allopathic medicine. Many people do not properly understand their United Healthcare,Aviva, Aetna, or Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans. In certain cases, some companies will provide full or partial coverage for natural or alternative therapies. For further information, consult your health insurance provider's website, policy book, or speak to your insurance agent. Discover what holistic health can do for you.

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