Liver Health and Fatty Liver Disease

Liver Health and Fatty Liver Disease   Recent research at California’s Stanford University finds that those with a fatty liver are 5 times more likely to develop Type II Diabetes.  Fatty liver can occur from viral exposure such as hepatitis C without occurrence.  Alcohol consumption also contributes to fatty liver disease.  The liver...

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Parasite Infections or How to Catch a Parasite

How to Recover from Parasitic Infections or How to Catch a Parasite   People and pets are exposed to parasitic infections throughout life.  The remedies offered are often harsh and require a “die off” which can cause multiple, miserable symptoms.  Many parasites affect the intestinal tract and symptoms will begin...

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Radiation exposure II

Radiation exposure, especially over 5,000 milligrams yearly, can reduce immunity by reducing the white cell count. Higher altitudes are subject to more radiation exposure from the atmosphere. Fetus cannot exceed 500 milligrams during gestation. Toxicity symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fatigue and diarrhea. Those experiencing larger doses over a period of years have a higher...

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Radiation Exposure

Radiation Exposure   Environment is a subtle, aromatic blend made from organically grown flowers and herbs. It has been used to protect children, adults and pets from the adverse effects of radiation by supporting the body’s natural defenses. Topical application can be applied or sprayed on unbroken skin up to 3 times daily. For...

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Aromatherapy for Detox, Mold and Environmental Toxins

Aromatherapy for Detox, Mold and Environmental Toxins by Dr. Judy Griffin   Aromatherapy for detox is a safe, effective and natural way to enhance self-healing. Detox is a gentle cleanser, to help remove metabolic waste. There are genetic factors involved in the body’s ability to detoxify molds and industrial toxins. One in four Americans cannot effectively remove...

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