Antoxidant benefit of Aromatic Tumerones of Curcumin

The antioxidant benefits of Aromatic Tumerones from curcumin include reducing inflammation cancer and metastasis , high serum lipids,gastric ulcers,hemorrhaging, and necrosis of tissues, diabetes, Alzheimer's allergies, the effects of environmental toxins, depession and anxiety. Aromatic tumerones also protect the liver, reduce  allergies, clear the complexion and speed wound healing. Aromatic...

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Therapeutic Properties of Champaca Michelia Absolute

Champaca flower absolute is a cooling antiinflammatory,analgesic, safe therapeutic flower. It lowers blood sugar in diabetics, without hypoglycemic side effects, reduces gout, irregular bleeding and encourages quick wound healing for adults and children. The absolute can also help release urine retention and heal burns. Champaca blooms contains the therapeutic properties...

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Complementary Care for Diabetes

Complimentary Care and Aromatherapy for Diabetics   Recent scientific research indicates that elevated serum blood sugar levels over 85 mg/dl can cause the same cardiac risks as diabetes. The immune and cardiovascular problems will occur slowly over a long period of time.    Additionally, research at California’s Stanford University finds that those...

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Aromatherapy for Weight, Diabetes and Heart Disease by Dr. Judy Griffin   A recent study* by the USDA research agency at Beltsville, Maryland indicates a water soluble extract from cinnamon contains antioxidants that can reduce health problems from diabetes and heart disease. This cinnamon extraction is available in a nontoxic aromatherapy topical product called Weight. This therapeutic...

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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot care   One of the risks of diabetes is loss of toes, feet or legs due to poor circulation and reduced ability to heal.   AromaHealthTexas offers Comfrey Yarrow Healing Cream to encourage healing the skin and Circulation Booster lotion to reduce neuropathy in the legs and feet, it also increases blood...

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Elevated Blood Sugar, Cardiac and Diabetic Risk

Recent scientific research indicates that elevated serum blood sugar levels over 85 mg/dl can cause the same cardiac risks as diabetes. The immune and cardiovascular problems will occur slowly over a long period of time. Petite fleur Essence Weight aromatic blend helps facilitate optimal blood sugar levels whether or not you are diabetic.  If weight is not a...

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