Aromatherapy: Petite Fleur Essences: Flowers that Heal

Petite Fleur Essences: Flowers that Heal

Flowers have been used by every culture to calm the mind and heal the heart. They give us the opportunity to bloom under stress as flowers do. We can use the essences of these flowers to make the best of every opportunity and challenge. Their gentle nature is soothing to the psyche and food for the soul.

The next chapters briefly describe the flower personalities known as Petite Fleur Essences and how they relate to healing. The mental emotional structure of the body is a complexity of every thought and feeling affected by the personality.

Childhood impressions, perceptions and parental upbringing color the world the personality experiences during a lifetime. The following Petite personalities will help you choose the essences that will catalyze conscious growth and healing from the heart. Healing is a journey each individual must take, grounded in the present moment, yet able to objectively look into the past. Each incident is a clue to unmasking the fears of the ego. Every success is a step towards destiny.

Before the journey begins, realize how the past bonds of love shape character development.  The Petite Fleur Essence personalities will open your eyes and heart to the source of love within.

The following Petites are good choices to initiate your journey:


African violet releases endorphins for self-healing and supports happiness.


Lilac helps us forgive others and ourselves , and is indicated for every illness, especially long term illnesses.


Lemongrass helps those who feel rejected by others, often becoming a people pleaser.


Chamomile helps us express our true feelings.


Crossandra and Day Lily support us through life changes.


Bougainvillea releases guilt.


Pine releases shame from past experiences.


Red Rose releases negative thoughts and depression.


White Rose releases jealousy for yourself and others.


Tiger’s Jaw motivated productivity, self-reliance and self-confidence.


Wisteria opens the heart to compassionately fulfill our destiny.


Morning Glory helps us leave the past behind and accept opportunities.


Indian paintbrush promotes a success consciousness to make everyday a miracle.

Enjoy the Journey!


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