Lemon Rose Clarifier clears acne

Lemon Rose Clarifier reduces complex conditions leading to acne.Ninety percent of civilized people develop acne during their lifetime. Recent research suggests Propionibacterium acnes initiates inflammation of the skin. This  results in excessive oil production and large mounts of dead skin and/or cysts. Although many conditions exist with acne, the primary...

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The Medicinal Rose - Blog 21

The Medicinal Rose - Blog 21   Roses have been successfully used in healing for many centuries. Rose oil has a harmonizing effect on the psyche and immune system. It balances the emotions and regulates immune response. If the emotional nature is oversensitive or non responsive, rose oil brings into...

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Rose Oil Mud Masque

Therapeutic Rose Oil Mud Masque   Would you like to know one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets?  Healing clay has been used therapeutically (on the skin) by indigenous and the most ancient cultures for thousands of years.  Medicinal clay removes impurities through the skin and eliminates toxins, healing boils, ulcers, acne, seborrhea and even Candida fungal...

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Organic Rose Oil Benefits to Reduce Chemotherapy Side

There are many benefits of Organic Rose Oil to reduce chemotherapy side effects. Over 13 years ago, I was invited to develop an aromatherapy program for Baylor Hospital’s Healing Program in Dallas, Texas. I developed rose oil blends to reduce nausea, anxiety, mental and emotional stress, neuropathy and other discomforts from chemotherapy. Very shortly thereafter,...

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