How lotions and skincare make you obese.

Obesogens are Phthalates and Parabens in lotions, skin and nail care products that disrupt thyroid metabolism and cause fat storage leading to obesity. The average person absorbs 168 obesogens daily from common skincare.

AromaHealth offers lotions, hair and skincare safe for you and the environment.

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Weighless Aromablend Appetite Suppressant

Weighless Aromablend is a subtle and effective appetite suppressant. It allows you to eat and enjoy holiday and special foods without overeating. Modifying eating habits and amounts not only keeps the extra weight off, but also enhances longevity and quality health. Wear a few drops of Weighless Aromablend on your neck or throat 2-3 x daily and allow your body to let you know when to eat and stop eating. Weighless Aromablend also calms the mind so it does not over ride your natural appetite. The one ounce bottle will last for months and you will enjoy the way you look and feel.

For more help with keeping weight off, also wear Weight  and Cravings Therapeutic Blends. Weight  helps balance endocrine and blood sugar, while enhancing metabolism. Cravings helps reduce sugar and other cravings, such as salt. Too much of a good thing is.... !

For diet and behaviour modification Slice of Life Diet handbook will help get you into shape. I have clients who lost over 100 pounds in several months using the guidelines in this handy little book. Included are charts of vitamin and mineral content in food. Vegetarian and many menus are available with recipes you can enjoy while losing weight and inches.

Walking and exercise are included in Slice of Life Diet. However, recent research has proven exercise alone won't reduce fat and enough calories to reach your goals. It's a good time to team up with several stress free ways to get the results to tip the scales in your favor.

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Struggling with weight?

Are you struggling with extra weight? AromaHealth now has the Weight therapeutic Essence Blend and Weighless  aroma blend on sale until June 8. Weight is a blend that helps balance blood sugar, increasing metabolism , enhancing digestion and psychological issues about body perception.Weight helps you become the slender person you can be.

Weighless is an appetite supressant, calming the beast inside telling you to eat!

Both of these weight  products can be worn throughout the day and before meals. I suggest Weight Therapeutic Essence blend at mealtimes and Weighless aroma blend morning and evening. They can be worn simultaneously to bring out the best in you.

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Enjoy a great summer!

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Petite Fleur therapeutic aromablends reduce Nocebo effect

For the past 15 years Harmony and Relaxation therapeutic blends have been used successfully in patient care to reduce the Nocebo effect.The blends are used before and after chemotherapy and cancer treatment at Baylor Hospital's Healing Environment program in Dallas and Irving Texas.Patient care began with bone marrow and stem cell patents and quickly spread throughout all departments, including speech therapy. Topical application allows the aromas to be used with other modalities.

The Nocebo effect occurs when expectations and negative suggestions cause symptoms or illness to occur. Nocebo effect is both biochemical and physiological, displaying with a variety of cues. Cortisol and histamine levels dramatically increase,targeting adrenal and hypothalamus involvement. Recently, Ted Kaptchuk,Harvard medical, proved Nocebo occurs without concsious awareness.

Studies continue to search for understanding, while solution is more evident in patient are.Harmony and Relaxation Therapeutic aroma blends lessen anxiety and unconscious responses. I have clinically used these essences in the United Kingdom and USA for over 25 years to balance a full spectrum of stress and related illnesses. Blood pressure, hydration, chronic illness and pain are some of the symptoms helped by Harmony and Relaxation. These aromas change brain chemistry within seconds affecting hormones, circulation moods and immune responses. Given a repose from the stress response, the brain can adjust to homeostasis.

For more information, contact Judy Griffin PhD. 1800 496 2125,


Source includes: The Scientist: Worried Sick, by Megan Scudellari, July 2013

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Weight Control and Your Psyche

Losing and keeping weight within normal limits is more difficult for some people than healing from a major illness. Food has a psychological control for a variety of reasons. Mother’s cooking always tops the list. However, very few kids were actually forced to eat unhealthy foods. If weight is a problem in your adult life, approach weight loss as an adult.


Portion control is a key to any diet. It helps to balance the insulin response. When blood sugar is imbalanced, a feeling of gnawing hunger causes overeating and leaves the feeling of not being satisfied. Low stress vegetables, also low in calories, whole grains and bulking agents taken before or after a meal signal the brain to stop eating.


Weight is an aromahealthtexas aromatic, topical aid to balance blood sugar and balance the endocrines.


Compulsive eating is associates with obsessive compulsive behavior. It is associated with low serotonin levels and/or lack of receptors to produce neuro-chemicals to quiet desires. Stress eating is often described as a reason for non-stop eating. Cravings is an aromahealthtexas aid for reducing compulsive eating. Knotted Marjoram Petite Fleur Essence aids obsessive compulsive behavior.


Stress also affects thyroid/adrenal response. Lower metabolism reduces proper digestion, energy and may result in weight gain. Toxic Thyroid is an aromahealthtexas topical product to protect thyroid function and lessen the effect of pollutants that reduce proper function. Those who prefer sweets have a propensity to thyroid stress.


Those who prefer fats, alcohol and creamy foods have an endocrine imbalance that involves the pituitary. This is a master endocrine gland in the brain, lodged behind the nose. Cherokee Rose is a Petite Fleur Essence antique rose that promotes endocrine balance affecting the pituitary and subsequently the liver functions involving cholesterol and essential fatty acids and phosphatydlcholine to produce sufficient neuro-chemicals.


Emotions are neuro-chemicals produced in the limbic brain. They limbic brain stores memories and data about everything you have learned. These memories are associated with natural scent. Aromatherapy, from distilled organically grown aromatic plants, has the ability to affect brain chemistry in 1/100th of a second. Nothing affects us so quickly.


Essential oils and flower essences support the psychological demands of the personality. The stress behind overeating and choosing the wrong foods must be successfully addressed. Having a success consciousness about everything you do supports healthy weight loss and management.


Self Image aromahealthtexas supports self improvement and a deep feeling of self satisfaction in everything you achieve.


Pink Rose and Country Marilou  antique roses help us to think thin and release uncomfortable feelings about the body.


Various forms of abuse during childhood and as an adult can also lead to weight gain that is very hard to control. Underlying anger is soothed by the Abate Anger aromahealthtexas blend.Japanese Magnolia Petite Fleur Essence releases feelings of being victimized.


There are many healthy diet plans to support weight loss and maintenance. There are over 150 Aromahealthtexas Blends and Petite Fleur Essences to support psychological triggers and promote peace of mind. Books include Slice of Life Nutrition and Diet Handbook, How to Master Special Diets and Flowers that Heal.


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