Quality Rose Oil Skincare and Self Care

Rose oil products are the most natural way to improve skin. Properties are anti-inflammatory helping to calm eczema, rosacea. and dry or chapped skin. The oil is also anti-bacterial, reducing acne causing bacteria.

High quality rose skincare minimizes fine lines, evens skin tone and leaves skin smooth and silky to touch. Aging spots lighten and diminish over time.

Rose oil can also improve mood, increase relaxation and reduce nervousness. Topically, or by inhalation, it releases sphineterin, a hormone used to reduce headache, menstrual discomfort and increase "feel good" endorphins.

In hospitals over 44 years, I used our rose blends, such as Harmony blend, to reduce loneliness, fears, pain and breathing difficulties. The AromaHealth blends were also used before and after surgeries to reduce pain, help normalize blood pressure, breathing and increase recovery time. Loved ones also enjoyed rose blends to increase hope, reduce fears and exhaustion. Nurses and therapists wore the blends to reduce stress and increase stamina. They are courageous caretakers.

Rose oil and products carry the highest vibrational enhancing properties of all plants and essential oils. allow Aroma Health products to create a self-nurturing environment for you and loved ones. 

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How Seasonal Changes Affect Health

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Tetracyclines lead to mitochondrial dysfunction

The E.P.A.has found that the 41% of tetracycline fed to livestock alone has resulted in a detrimental environmental accumulation in water supplies and soil. The global consequences are frightening because tetracycline drugs reduce mitochondrial function and cellular energy.Even small doses inhibit mitochondrial , nuclear protein expression and cellular respiration in plants and animals tested. Tetracycline uses gene expression control to reduce infectious processes. Unfortunately, it effects all cells causing developmental delays, reduced respiration and more stress on the cellular level.

Every organism relies on mitochondrial translation to produce energy. For example, there is more mitochondria in the guts than billions of good bacteria. Mitochondria is the catalyst that produces energy for all digestive  and bodily processes. The brain uses the most mitochondria. We do not normally produce more mitochondria to replace cells damaged by decreased oxygen intake and protein expression. The body requires this fuel to work efficiently, or at all. Taking prescription tetracycline can also damage mitochondria in the same way it hurts plants and animals. Amoxicillin, a penicillin derivative drug, did not damage mitochondria of plants and animals. To date, only tetracycline has performed poorly. So, alternatives are available.

There are organizations petitioning Congress to reduce and remove these harmful antibiotics from use with animals, farm and commercial. There appears to be alternative drugs that are not harmful to use when they are really needed. We need to contact our Congress folks and let them know our concerns. The next time you receive an email asking to join this cause, please consider signing. Your health depends on awareness and action about tetracycline usage.

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