Aromatherapy for Hospice and Palliative Care

 I have created many aromatherapy products for Hospice and palliative care patients for over 30 years to relieve pain, anxiety, nausea, depression,  fear and fatigue. The blends are used in hospitals and in the home environment by professional therapists trained in their field. Control of pain is the main goal . Patients may have cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, A.L.S. and neurological disease, renal failure, severe stroke or chronic illness. As the patient is able to increase alertness and relax, aromatherapy can be used to trigger pleasant memories, increase family bonds and overall well being. I use essential oils and Petite Fleur Essence combinations to be applied or misted into the air for symptoms and grief for the family members.

Harmony therapeutic essence  is one of the most important blends ,a combination of several antique roses and lavenders I organically grow and distill. The blend is very calming, reducing pain, anxiety and depression. Transitions is a blend of Sweet Annie, tea roses and Melissa (lemon balm) to encourage family bonds, trigger pleasant memories and increase well being. It is designed to release past pain. Forgiveness, increases relaxation as it reduces pain and fears, a blend of German Chamomile essence, rose geranium, violet leaf, Orange flower absolute and Old French roses, all grown in my gardens. The light aromas also reduce coughing,confusion, hallucinations and help regulate blood pressure and pulse. I make a Grief blend for family and patients using vanilla absolute, hyacinths and sweet herbs to reduce shock, and replace loss with the beautiful memories.

 I make several lotions for massage, circulation, pain reduction and lymphedema, using stimulating essential oils and essences, such as double mint, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, and lemongrass. A lotion made from several lavenders is used for dry skin and relaxation. Custom blends are always welcome to enhance the patient's pleasure and well being.

For bed sores, bruising, rashes, and other skin conditions, I make a comfrey cream ,containing allantoin and yarrow for quick healing. I either add aromas or leave it naturally unscented. Most hospice patients enjoy light scents, finding strong odors offensive. And, too many aromas can be confusing for them.

In hospitals, I am now offering mists  made with natural aromas, such as coffee and foods patients have enjoyed.They are safe to mist on the patient's lips, if requested. Normally, I only use aromatherapy topically, so the tiny molecules can travel directly to the brain. Moods and pain can be changed within seconds.

Aromatherapy blends for children I prepare with food grade essential oils only. Children respond well to these familiar odors. They are nontoxic and used discreetly. Touch and aromas are the only healing children understand. I use soothing names, such as Luv u lots and  Dreamtime.

 Aromatherapy for hospice and palliative care help all of us to understand there is a better world awaiting us with open arms.


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