Do Essences and Essential Oils grown in different regions and conditions have the same properties?

Great question!  No, essences and essential oils have different properties when grown and produced in different climates and terrains.Essences and Essential oils may have different qualities when grown in different terrains and climates. The amount of sunshine, rain, humidity and altitude may activate different chemicals in plants. Some may be stronger than others. The soil composition and Ph also affect the chemical and subtle properties in plants. The availability of sunshine, rain and nitrogen from lightening strikes catalyzes  the potency of plants.

When and how plants are harvested and cared for also make a difference in potency and quality. The time of day for harvesting makes a difference. For example, roses are harvested before noon, most often in the spring. Neroli is harvested before the buds are open. Rosemary, sage, thyme and helichyssum are most potent harvested in the heat of summer afternoons. Most plants become more potent with heat and pruning or cutting, but too much heat and low rainfall require more compassionate care. In north Texas, I do not harvest in August because it is too hot and dry. I also don't harvest right after a rain to avoid the spread of fungal and viral disease. I also leave some blooms for bees and beneficial insects to thrive. Hand picking  blooms and plants do no damage. I distill with glass to produce the highest quality products.

We can enjoy quality essences and essential oils in tune with the environment. Many plants producing essential oils and essences are endangered from over production. Awareness of the environment is vital for the continuation and availability of healing plants. We must also benefit the plants we encounter. We all heal together, encouraging different properties and information from the plants we encounter.

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Aromatherapy for Cerebral Palsy?

I just got a call from a mom in Tampa with a 6 year old Cerebral Palsy child. He’s hi functioning, but has small brain syndrome from the umbilical cord being flat at birth. I have suggested Hemp Seed Oil and more water. Do you have an experience with his type of Brain malformation that will help re-grow neural networking like Hemp oil? I have sent her articles to read about Hemp. I appreciate any info and thanks for your time. -Page


            Regenerate blend and I also suggest a special blend consultation.


Note:  Aromatherapy products for Cerebral Palsy are topical used and work directly with the limbic brain. 

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Question about mixture of essential oil with carrier oil

I am wondering if I buy 1 dram Concentrate of any of your essence blends do I need to mix it with a carrier oil? If so what is the correct amount to use of essence blend and carrier oil? If not how do I use the 1 dram concentrate? I have my shopping cart ready to buy, hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks, Kelly

The essence blends are worn neat(as is).  Do not dilute them in carrier oils.
Massage 2 drops 3x daily, more as needed on unbroken skin. We insert a diagram with suggested areas:  Throat, neck, wrist, inner ear, but not inside the ear hole. The sprays are dilutions of the same essences in the 1 dram blend. They are sprayed on the neck and throat.
Thank you
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How do I apply my Petite Fleur Essences?

How To Apply Your Petite Fleur Essences
Petite Fleur Essences and their combinations may be applied to clean, unbroken skin. Pulse points, like the wrists, nape of the neck are excellent choices. Since they begin to work immediately, they can even be applied to the bottom of the feet. The chest and abdomen are also good choices. The combination sprays can be sprayed in the same places, always avoiding the eyes and open skin.
The Petites may be applied 3x daily, more as needed during crisis times. They facilitate your body’s ability to heal itself and cannot be over used. The Petites are not drugs. They are 100% natural and organically grown on site. Continue to use your prescriptions and supplements as directed by your health care provider. The subtle scents of the Petites lift quickly, immediately assisting the body’s greatest health. A dram bottle is 100 drops and lasts about 4 weeks.
A special, individualized Petite blend is available with Dr. Griffin’s consultation. A one ounce blend lasts several weeks and can be re-ordered at a discounted price. Again, the Petites are not drugs and can be worn when using prescriptions and supplements.
For more information:
For consultation by phone or in person with Dr. Griffin call 1-800-496-2125
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How Many Petite Fleur Essences May Be Worn?

How Many Petite Fleur Essences May Be Worn?


As many as 7 to 10 essences or combinations may be worn daily. They can be applied in one minute intervals. 


I suggest Energy to be applied in the daytime.  to be applied in the daytime. 

Toxic Thyroid is best utilized in the morning and at lunch at the nape of the neck and throat. 

Deep Sleep is best applied at bedtime and throughout the night, (or the time of day when you sleep,) to assure restful sleep. 

UTI should be worn at night and bedtime, especially if awakened during the night to void. Weight is best applied before meals on the nape of the neck and throat.

Cravings can be applied when cravings occur and throughout the day and evening. For nighttime carbohydrate cravings, apply it 3x at night. 


It is safe to use the Petites more often when needed. They facilitate your body’s ability to heal itself and will work on your body’s timing. Single Petites can also be worn every minute, 7 to 10 times daily, singly or after a combination. The Petites bring out your inner beauty, latent talents and innate ability to accomplish your greatest achievements. The Petites are not drugs, and may be worn by those taking medications and supplements. 


Please direct your questions to:

For more information:

For consultation by phone or in person with Dr. Griffin call 1-800-496-2125

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How is Calm Pet Used?

My dear dog has been suffering from separation anxiety, and though he has been somewhat relieved by behavior modification, he still has panic attacks. I am wondering what is in Calm Pet and is the remedy more of a symptomatic relief or can it potentially be long(er) term? Is it something that I would initially use every day? -Rose


            Yes, Calm Pet should be used everyday to reduce anxiety separation. It will produce long term relief over time. It is better to start using it before the animal is let alone and exhibits stress.

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Skin Care Questions and Answers

Skin Care Questions


 Do the skincare packages include body products?    No, however the therapeutic lotion kits are as follows:

         Rest and Relaxation Kit includes Lavender lotion and Lavender Bath Oil

          More Energy Kit includes Lime-Aid lotion and Peppermint Bath Oil


 What is the best product for a deodorant?

         Lavender Floral Water mister is very cleansing.

     Does it smell strong and last a longtime?

          No, it is very light and the scent will not stay on your clothes.


 I’ve been told I have oil skin, but I get dry patches on my face and arms. What products are best for me?

          I suggest using the Lavender lotion on the arms, legs; and use the Normal Skin Assortment package products on your face.


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Nail Fungus Question

Do you have something that will help get rid of toe nail fungus?  I have had it for quite a few years and have not been able to find anything that will get rid of it.  
The Fungal Blend is formulated for this purpose.
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Thyroid medication and using Toxic Thyroid Blend together

I have been on thyroid medication since the age of 3, (my thyroid had quit working at the age of 1 /12). Can I still take the Toxic Thyroid blend? Even though my doctor is telling me that my thyroid level is within range, I still have to literally DRAG myself out of bed in the morning and just feel like I’m dragging all day.
Yes and continue your meds. It can also be another endocrine problem I can approach through nutrtional consutation if that helps.
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