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How Indigenous People used Scent

Medicinal and personal use of scent were valuable and well known to most indigenous cultures. Besides religious ceremony, inhalants and hygiene, aromas were used to treat mental, emotional and many physical diseases. Some cultures also enjoyed perfumed cosmetics and used fragrance in domestic practices. Fumigation was used for broad spectrum cleansing and protection, insect repellents and good fortune. They believed Nature Spirits responded well to aromatics.

Native Americans used aromatics 5-6000 years ago. Some of these practices are described in Mother Nature's Herbal, for headaches, sinus, grief and mental imbalances. Aromatic poultices were applied to wounds. Hygiene was achieved by burning aromatic woods which did not alarm prey. They chewed aromatic native herbs and roots, like ginger, to clean their teeth. Sages were especially favored for dental hygiene.

American Natives did not distill like we do today to produce aromatherapy. They soaked fragrant plants in animal grease, with fresh flowers and roots every day to produce a fragrant balm, or inhaled the smoke of a fragrant tea or burning plant. Any member of a tribe could benefit aromatherapy. Other," more advanced cultures", used aromas only for royals and aristocratic members.

Basic stills were discovered at least 5000 years old in Crete used to produce aromatherapy. Ancient African, Egyptian and later, Greek cultures produced and traded aromatic oils for religious, and later, personal use. More detailed information is available in Antique Rose Collection e-book, both books are available on our website.

East Indian Ayurveda medicine especially utilized aromas of sandalwood and many spices in medicine and cooking. I studied with a Brahman priest, who is like their doctor, learning how they also use foods for psychological and physical well-being. Aromas are a way of a healthy life, which we can emulate.

Flowers like  Butterfly Lily clean the air in our environment, as well as protect us from pollutants in the environment. NASA approves using the plant for cleaning the air. An aroma like this will also support better breathing and cognitive well-being.

The aromas pleasing to you will support the unique scent you have carried since being in the womb. They will help your thoughts and feelings stay positive and productive. Aromas will also increase vitality and physical wellness. You will attract like-minded people and achieve your highest goals.

If your sense of smell has diminished, inhale basil or rosemary daily. The intensity of smell often returns within weeks or a few months.

Utilize the inherent brilliance of past cultures and allow natural scents guide your path to success.

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Welcome to Aroma Health Texas' Garden!

The most innovative action of my career is taking AromaHealth essence blends into hospitals and clinics to prove their efficiency. We have grown our clientele by referral and success stories. Our organic gardens are a history of the power of plants in our lives. The flowers represent health, wealth, and abundance in our lives. Continue reading

How Roses affect Resonant Frequency Health

Our rose products release the highest resonance of health and beauty inherent in  all life. Experience the transforming energy, aroma and touch of our Antique Roses.These roses positively affect adverse conditions caused or accelerated by negative frequencies affecting our environment and well being. Allow our rose products to produce radiant health, transforming your mind , emotions,appearance and body. Continue reading

Four most Medicinal and Fragrant Lavenders

There are 4 varieties of Lavender I use in hospital and clinical use available for sale : Provence ; Spike, Grosso, intermedia and English Buena Vista. Learn how and when to utilize the properties of each, without adulteration or commercial mixtures. Continue reading

Muscle soreness

Feeling unproductive from muscle soreness, fatigue and tension? Sore Muscles lotion helps resolve lactic acid build up, micro muscle tears,  chronic aches, travel fatigue and spasmodic muscular- skeletal imbalance.

There are 2 main causes for muscle soreness from exercise. Burning symptoms are from lactic acid buildup,which resolves within a few days. The day after soreness peaks 72 hours after onset. This is due to tiny muscle tears in muscle fiber during exercise. Any muscle burning or soreness that does not improve over 1 week, seek medical evaluation. NSAIDS are not proven to reduce or speed recovery of muscle soreness and fatigue. Aromatic Tumerones have been successfully used to speed recovery.(Available on our supplement menu).

Certain foods help speed healing. Watermelon contain amino acid, L- citrulline and adequate potassium for a speedy, delicious recovery time. Other super foods include cherry juice and fresh cherries,raw pineapple and papaya ( avoid raw pineapple and papaya with gastrointestinal inflammation and ulcerous conditions),milk products and fermented foods, and ginger root.

To avoid exercise soreness, practice dynamic movements rather than stretching before work outs.These movements may include leg lunges and rolling the arms and shoulders like a wind mill. Hydration before and after exercise, as well as recovery, is a must.

Sore Muscles includes several Petite Fleur flower essences, as well as, and nutmeg, lemon tarragon and black cumin, tangerine and other essential oils. We are organic growers and distill and prepare our products onsite.Massage 2- 3 x daily until soreness abates. This is also a great blend to support strength in low back and limbs. 

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When to Use Lemongrass and Lemon Peel

When to Use Lemongrass and Lemon Peel
Lemon grass and Lemon peel have different properties and precautions.Lemon grass is anti inflammatory, aiding circulation, and reducing muscle spasms and ligament damage. Lemon peel is anti tumor and bacteria, cleanses the liver, reducing cholesterol, nausea and fatigue. Continue reading

Petite Fleur Essence Favorites

Here is a list and info about the 20 most popular Petite Fleur Essences. Our Petites are organically grown, distilled and prepared on site. They enhance emotional, mental and energy related to symptoms and thoughts to help fulfill our goals and dreams. Fears of every type can reduce our capacity to succeed. Petites have electromagnetic energy that immediately circulates through the blood, lymph and  olfactory nerve to promote the greatest well being. Continue reading

Inexpensive, Safe Diffusion of Essential Oils

Diffusion of essential oils only requires a cereal size bowl and 1 or 2 drops of your favorite essential oil. Just add very hot tap water into a bowl and drop in your essential oil, or blend of 2 or 3 essential oils. The room will delight in the aroma for 1 to 2 hours, a reasonable time to diffuse. More is not better.

The sense of smell is a delicate part of the brain that can easily be overwhelmed. Diffusing for hours will shut down an organ meant for discernment, as well as pleasure. The entire brain suffers, like a stomach constantly fed. If a headache or  emotional distress doesn't change or returns after 1 to 2 hours of diffusion, other help should be considered.

Also consider pets children, elderly and visitors whose senses can be easily overwhelmed or harmed by a profusion of scent. For example, Teatree essential oil can be toxic to many pets who will display unusual behavior. Boys under 12 can grow breasts during puberty from smelling or wearing lavender, tarragon or fennel often. Girls under 12 could have a tendency for feminine cancers during maturity. Children may react the opposite of adults to many aromas and become hyperactive , rather than calm. Long diffusion time can tax anyone's kidneys to process the aroma molecules. Generally, it takes 2 hours for the kidneys to filter aroma molecules. Two hours of diffusion takes 4 hours to complete from start to finish. The liver must  send the molecular by products to the kidneys in a usable form to prevent toxicity. Anything we smell, touch or eat has a potential for toxicity. Contact me with any concerns or questions. 

 Live long and enjoy more with common sense aroma lifestyle.

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Mechanism Involved with Alcoholism.

Researchers in Linkoping University have discovered alcoholics have low levels of a gaba neurotransmitter due to deficient GAT3 transporter proteins. When gaba is unable to be released from  spaces between nerve cells, the  amygdala brain cells also become deficient in gaba. The amygdala is the area in the brain associated with alcoholism.

Gaba is a relaxing, let down, neurotransmitter, one of the 4 major neurotransmitters in the body. It originates from starch digestion. GAT3  is deficient in the amygdala of alcoholics and believed to be involved in addictive, alcoholic behavior. Low levels of gaba are also related to anxiety/depressive disorders, which  also affect some alcoholics.

Research continues to find ways to alleviate low GAT3 levels in the amygdala. Fifteen percent of the population is involved with alcohol addiction.

Source: C. Zang: Chemical & Engineering News, June25,2018

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CBD Oil Slows the Brain and Liver Functions

CBD oil works by slowing the brain and liver functions. Those taking medication and supplementation will absorb these slower causing these substances to  enter the bloodstream slowly. The amount in the bloodstream at any given time will be different than prescribed by your healthcare provider. This can be fatal with some medications and can interact negatively with others. For example, medication to enhance dopamine for Parkinson's and CBD oil do not combine well. 

 CBD oil  taken to replace medication, will also slow brain and liver functions, such as digestion, heart rate, detoxification, thyroid function and many more. Epileptics can benefit from CBD and pain patients as well. However, for everyday use, there will be slower organ function that must be considered. Slow metabolizers should avoid this product or only use it on occasion. Everything in moderation. There will always be side effects. Know yourself so you will walk the correct path for your health and make recommendations to others wisely.


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