Adverse Effects of Marijuana to Fetus and Infants

Fetal and infant exposure to cannabis  causes  prolonged negative influences in brain development. This is caused by ingestion, inhalation, breast feeding and skin application. The effects are lifelong and can be passed to prodigy. Symptoms include hyperactivity, delinquent behavior,memory dysfunction and lower I.Q. By adolescence, they experience higher rates of...

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Aromatherapy for Addiction

Aromatherapy for Cravings and Addiction by Dr. Judy Griffin   Aromatherapy for cravings and addiction is a safe, nontoxic, complimentary therapy that can reduce symptoms and help correct imbalances. Over 22.5 million Americans suffer from chemical addictions, with up to a 90% relapse rate from conventional treatment. Aromatherapy for any type of craving...

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Chemical Dependency

Chemical Dependency Chemical Dependency is a disease. Addiction and dependence may occur with any substance. With a controlled substance, chemical dependence is affiliated with pain-either physical and/or emotional. Alcohol dependence is a form of depression or anxiety, usually both. Depression and anxiety are similar to opposite sides of the same coin, each having...

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