Petite fleur essence Easter Lily

Easter lily helps anxious people . The fear behind the anxiety is failure, unspoken and unnamed. Failure is usually about a future event or how to succeed in events yet to come. Sometimes the personality can become controlling or obsessive about her environment. This all stems from fear of failure and the inability to process all the information coming into the cognitive brain. The person feels edgy, especially in certain situations such as crowded areas, amusement rides, and when fine and gross motor skills are needed.

Over time, this constant underlying tension undermines the immune response. Poor resistance to infections, virus and certain  foods can occur. Lily personalities can bruise and bleed easily also. Anxiety disorders can occur during teen and adult years.Lily essence can help the person to focus better and stay in the present moment. Grounding occurs in present time, not worrying about what is to come. Lily personalities need to practice visualization,seeing themselves work through and complete each challenge and opportunity in life.

Petite Fleur Lily essesnce catalyzes the ability to balance and heal this processing disorder until it becomes a part of the person's response to life. Apply 2-3 drops on the throat, wrist or chest 3x daily until worry is replaced with a vision and successful feeling about the future.Self control is the key to the future. Benefits from wearing Petite Fleur Essences usually are evident within 3 weeks.

For more information on Peite Fleur Esseces  read The Healing Flowers and Flowers the Heal by Judy Griffin,PhD. or email