Whole Body Detox

Springtime is an excellent time to detox, following the body's natural paths. These aromatic blends assist the body's natural ways to cleanse and repair without harsh fiber and laxatives which only affect the colon. The major sources of detox include the memory center of the brain, Energy cycles, such as Krebs ,lymphatics, skin, digestion and anaerobic bacteria inhabiting digestion, the skin, the largest immune organ and the urinary system.

ABATE ANGER clears emotional trauma and triggers affecting energy and creativity.  

Oriental Daze, a new effleurage natural fragrance, increases alertness, while reduces overthinking, emotional exhaustion, dizziness, coldness, inertia and procrastination. More energy is available for proper digestion.

Detox removes toxins and metabolic waste from the liver to the kidney for expulsion.

UTI Support removes waste and chemicals from digestion and throughout the body.

Weight supports proper digestion of proteins fats and starches and metabolic waste from overeating or eating the wrong foods for your chemistry.

Lime aide lotion reduces stretch marks, tightens flabby skin and eases tight joints . It also cleanses fascia, reducing toxins in these areas.

Lymph flow lotion assists in cleansing lymphatics associated with cancers. The lymph system has no circulation on its own.

Lavender bath and shower gel has antiseptic properties that removes toxins affecting the skin. Its also a great deodorant. Also see our travel deodorant roll on aroma.

Eucalyptus toner purifies, cleanses and clarifies facial skin and reduces airborne bacteria upon contact. Great for acne and oily skin.




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