Remember Me to the Roses : Antique Rose Collection eBook

For over 44 years I have researched and documented how roses affect every part of our major cultures since ancient times. Roses were used in prayer, foods and beverages, medicines, skincare, haircare, natural perfumes, celebrations, births, deaths, emotional trauma and to attract lovers. ancients understood roses to raise and intensify life experiences in beautiful ways.

My Mother used to soak roses my Dad grew in water and drink the water, saying "it makes you feel good", but how?

I remember from physics that everything living has an electromagnetic frequency and is in constant motion. All is measured in a standard system of units as electromagnetic radiation and sound waves that pass a point in 1 second. Hertz measures 1 wave cycle per second. Kilohertz measures 1000 waves per second of sound. Megahertz measures 1 million sound waves per second of sound.

A wavelength is measured between the distance of crests or peaks. The shorter the wavelength, the the higher the frequency will measure. This frequency is a measurement of  constant vibration motion of sound. For example, 1 megahertz is close to the center of A M broadcasting radio waves.

Megahertz measures sound waves beyond human hearing. Ultrasound exceeds 200 megahertz. Cats and dogs can hear sound on the lower end of of ultrasound. Very high frequency is used in medical imaging for MRI and PET scans.

In comparison, Roses, especially antique roses, have the highest plant frequency at 320 megahertz! Lavender, another lovely herb with fragrance is 118 megahertz. Compare these measurements to humans, resonating from 5 to 16  megahertz. For a human to experience joy, happiness, 30 megahertz is needed. It only takes 40 megahertz to enhance the frontal cognitive thinking mode.

Roses and other flowers have a consciousness that raises our frequency to enjoy more in life. They sense our feelings, pain and energy. This is called Primary Perception. Plants see light and color. Recently, scientists have discovered plants can make neurotransmitters without having a brain. They may be instrumental in finding ways to change brain chemistry affecting many diseases in the future.

Roses communicate their aroma to us in 1/100th of a second, raising our frequency in ways we experience as joy, alertness, increased awareness and compassion.

In my research in hospitals, clinics and private practice and experiences, I used antique rose and flower essences to beneficially affect personality traits, self talk and help recuperating from emotional and physical trauma. Roses reduce triggers from painful memories, allowing the personality to correct deficiencies and experience greater success.

The effects are immediate, yet subtle and profound. One mother, bought a rose essence for her son, who politely refused it. She decided to wear it. Weeks later, I met her again and hardly recognized her. She was radiant and beautiful, moving through life challenges with grace. Her son had recently decided to use the essence also. She came for a refill.

a friend was putting 2 drops of a rose essence in her husband's coffee to enhance his mood. son didn't believe it could help until they were stuck in a Dallas- Ft. Worth airport traffic jam. As her husband's mood changed for the worse, her son exclaimed, " Get the drops, Mom!".

Roses affect us in many beneficial ways. Explore hundreds of recipes, remedies, foods, beverages, aromas, skincare, pet and child care using roses you can also learn to grow and enjoy. These roses originated millions of years ago and evolved to support and celebrate humans and nature. You will never look at roses the same way after reading Antique Rose Collection with over 100 colored photos of the most ancient to modern roses.

www.aromahealthtexas Antique Rose Collection eBook.








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Petite Fleur therapeutic aromablends reduce Nocebo effect

For the past 35 years Harmony and Relaxation therapeutic blends have been used successfully in patient care to reduce the Nocebo effect. The blends are used before and after chemotherapy and cancer treatment at Baylor Hospital's Healing Environment program in Dallas and Irving Texas Patient care began with bone marrow and stem cell patents and quickly spread throughout all departments, including speech therapy. Topical application allows the aromas to be used with other modalities.

The Nocebo effect occurs when expectations and negative suggestions cause symptoms or illness to occur. Nocebo effect is both biochemical and physiological, displaying with a variety of cues. Cortisol and histamine levels dramatically increase, targeting adrenal and hypothalamus involvement. Recently, Ted Kaptchuk at Harvard medical, proved Nocebo occurs without conscious awareness.

 Therapeutic aroma blends lessen anxiety and unconscious responses. I have clinically used Harmony and Reduce Stress essences in the United Kingdom and USA for over 25 years to balance a full spectrum of stress. These aromas change brain chemistry within seconds affecting moods and fears. Given a repose from the stress response, the brain can adjust to homeostasis.

For more information, contact Judy Griffin PhD. 8172935410


Source includes: The Scientist: Worried Sick, by Megan Scudellari, July 2013

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Stop Suffering, Pain aromatherapy

Stop Suffering helps reduce over sensitive pain receptors in the brain. Over time it also reduces the neurotransmitter feedback that allows the same headache or pain to return after using narcotics and pain meds.   Pain aromatherapy may be used concurrently with medications with no interactions.  The use of aromatherapy products in pain management is increasing in use in hospitals, clinics and patients.  The most effective way to apply Stop Suffering is on the flat area of the inner ear. Rub on a drop of Stop Suffering then firmly press the area and hold it for up to 60 seconds. Repeat in the other ear. Use this protocol as many times as it takes to control and eliminate pain.

To order or for more information go to or call Dr. Judy Griffin at 1-800-496-2125

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Knee Replacement and Pain Aromatherapy

Knee Replacement and Pain Aromatherapy


Sixty three (63%) of knee replacements are preformed on women over 50. Most suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee. Recovery takes place from 2 weeks to 2 months. Surgery is performed to improve mobility and reduce pain. When standing becomes very painful, surgery is usually recommended for those with a healthy heart and lungs.  Pain aromatherapy products offered by Aromahealthtexas may help ease pain and enhance recovery. All have been used successfully in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics.


Mobility enhances movement and circulation to the joints.


Stop Hurting lotion reduces pain and stiffness.


Recovery enhances recovery time.


Stop Suffering reduces chronic pain and compliments No More Pain lotion.


For more information go to

For a personal consultation, call Dr. Judy Griffin at 1-800-496-2125

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Pain Aromatherapy for Neck Injury and Chronic Pain

Pain Aromatherapy for Neck injury and chronic pain


Pain aromatherapy is useful when dealing with chronic pain.  Neck problems are the most frequently reported injuries. Nerve damage can cause ling term pain. Joints can be stressed by motion of the neck bones. Strain, such as whiplash, can also create sudden changes in the spinal fluid. Females are twice as likely to experience a neck injury with long term symptoms and recurrent cycles of pain. Neck injuries cause chronic headaches, which are four times more likely to be experienced by females.   By using pain aromatherapy, either alone or along with other treatments, the body is better able to cope with and have a reduction of pain more quickly.

Headaches caused by neck injury include pain usually on one side of the head, often beginning near the base of the skull side and front of the head, including around the eye. Shoulder and arm pain may also be involved. 


Deep Massage lotion is specifically designed for chronic pain and injuries that require long term care.


Reduce Stress is used to release emotions and memories of impact or trauma.


Unwind Encourages relaxation and relieves stress. 


No Aches Eases rheumatic, arthritic, and muscular pain.


Stop Suffering Reduces symptoms of chronic and acute pain, neuralgia, and inflammation.  Used in pain clinics and hospitals for neuropathy, sickle cell anemia symptoms, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, and autoimmune symptoms


Relax the Shoulders Reduces neck pain, headaches, migraines and stress and pain originating from the shoulders.


Clearing Feng Shui (Letting go) Mist cluttered areas, closets, desks, corners of the home, office, garage and garden.  Spray where pets reside, musty or smoky areas.  Mist hospital room or sick room. Spray Children's rooms, clothes and curtains Mist your head or body when you feel ill, angry, overwhelmed, out of control or defeated. Your priorities are unclear or procrastination occurs. You’re holding onto jobs, people and places, which impede transformation.


Comfrey Yarrow Healing Antiseptic Cream Unscented healing cream for scrapes, cuts, and bruises.


Psoriasis Cream Soothes scaly, itchy red skin


The Healing Flowers Research guide to 129 Petite Fleur Essences and their uses in aroma therapy, chakra balancing, reducing stress, and healing from within the body, mind, and spirit. Case studies and cancer research information is included. Number 1 bestseller at the International Flower Essence Conference in Findhorn, Scotland


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Exercise, Mobility and Regeneration

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have found that endurance exercise increases and releases stem cells in the muscles. Muscle repair and regeneration increases mobility and longevity and enhances a youthful appearance. Petite fleur Essence Inner Strength and Mobility enhance physical stamina, endurance and the ability to be physically productive. Use No More Pain lotion on the limbs and torso before and after a workout and relax the shoulders before a good night’s sleep.

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Aromatherapy for Myofascial Release by Dr, Judy Griffin

Aromatherapy aids for Myofascial Release

Stop Hurting and Deep Massage Lotions

by Judy Griffin, PhD.


Deeply penetrating essential oils in Stop Hurting and Deep Massage lotions make aromatherapy an excellent aid for myofascial release. Aromatherapy essential oils penetrate the thick, fibrous, constricted fascia overlying muscle tissue. Aromatherapy essential oils penetrate the thick, fibrous, constricted fascia overlying muscle tissue


Chronic inflammation causes the protective layer of fascia tissue to harden. The results are pain and muscle tension creating a feedback loop causing symptoms even after the myofascia releases. Stop Hurting and Deep Massage lotions are successfully used in hospitals and clinics to penetrate layers of restricted fascia, increasing circulation, lymphatic drainage and mobilizing adhered tissue. Aromatherapy essential oils soften the myofascial tissue, allowing the deep and constrained tissue to stretch and move as it it designed to function. Stop Hurting and Deep Massage lotions are gently massaged into the restricted area for 3 to 5 minutes. Aromatherapy aids myofascial release causing a light pulsing, warmth and softening of the facial tissue. Lotions are gently massaged into the restricted area for 3 to 5 minutes. Aromatherapy aids myofascial release causing a light pulsing, warmth and softening of the facial tissue. And lotions are gently massaged into the restricted area for 3 to 5 minutes. Aromatherapy aids myofascial release causing a light pulsing, warmth and softening of the facial tissue.


Aromatherapy revitalizes and de-stresses the fascia and muscles without producing side effects or putting a “band aid” over the symptom. Stop Hurting and Deep Massage lotions help reduce soreness after therapy, working quickly to break down inflamed, fibrous tissue, removing toxins from the painful area.


Myofascial release is also helped with aromatherapy by stimulating an immune response. Penetrating essential oils, such as peppermint and eucalyptus create warmth to break up congestion. They also have an analgesic effect, relaxing the muscles and reducing pain.


Stop Hurting and Deep Massage simultaneously work on physical and psychological levels. As stress lessens and tightness is relieved, nervous fatigue and feeling overwhelmed are also relieved. Aromatherapy myofascial release normalizes the body and mind. Be your best again using Stop Hurting and Deep Massage lotions. 


Massage for Healing and Relaxation, Beresford-Cooke, 1986


To order or for more information, please visit or call Dr. Griffin at 1-800-496-2125 or call Dr. Griffin at 1-800-496-2125


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Stop Hurting or Suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy

Aromatherapy for Peripheral Neuropathy


Peripheral Neuropathy starts in the brain and spinal cord. The condition occurs when these nerves connected to the brain and spinal cord is damaged, resulting in tingling, pain and impairment of muscle movement n the limbs. This condition of peripheral neuropathy is common in people over 55, often related to repetitive motion, such as carpel tunnel. The arms and legs experience neuropathy from injury; aging; diabetes and chemotherapy. Topical application of essential oil blends have been used to advance neuronal healing for centuries and increase circulation.

Applied 3x daily where it hurts.


Stop Hurting Lotion— Relieves joint and muscular pain. Clinically used for arthritis, injuries, and rehabilitation.


Circulation Booster Body Lotion— clinically used for swelling, fluid retention, increased circulation, neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis.


Lymph Flow Massage— Massage into arms, shoulders, back, and feet to increase circulation, reduce neuropathy, pain that moves (rheumatic), remove lymphatic toxins.


Stop Suffering – Reduces symptoms of chronic and acute pain, neuralgia, and inflammation.  Used in pain clinics and hospitals for neuropathy, sickle cell anemia symptoms, joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, and autoimmune symptoms.


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Aromatherapy for Sciatica / Extremity Pain

Sciatica / Extremity Pain

Sciatica pain shoots downward from the low back towards the foot. Tingling and numbness may be involved. Lymph Flow lotion is best to alleviate pain and symptoms.  Aromatherapy used for Sciatica and Extremity pain is safe to use with prescription and over the counter drugs.  If you are looking for a topical method for sciatica and extremity pain, aromatherapy is a complimentary method of treatment.

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Neck & Shoulder Pain Aromatherapy

Neck & Shoulder Pain Aromatherapy

Tension, trauma and injury cause neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. Scoliosis, curvature of the spine also causes the shoulders and neck to misalign with muscle spasms.  Using aromatherapy for neck and shoulder pain is a non-invasive and complimentary treatment method.   Relax the Shoulders and Stop Suffering blends relieve tension and create more circulation to reduce spasms and pain. Relax the Shoulders is a cooling, soothing, relaxing blend for delicate tissues.  Stop Hurting, Circulation Booster and Deep Massage lotions may be too stimulating for tender areas around and on the neck.  To stop suffering and relax the shoulders, lightly massage 2-3 times daily with either a pain aromatherapy lotion or spray.  

Stroke can leave tingling, numbness and severe pain in the arms, legs and affected areas. Clinically, Stop Hurtinglotion, massaged 2 or 3 times daily onto the painful area dramatically reduced symptoms in several days to several weeks. Many people regained use of their limbs in varying degrees. Stop Suffering blend applied 3 times daily increased recovery time. After several weeks, Recovery blend often enhances optimal recuperation. Foods high in the amino acid arginine, such as nuts or nut butters, can shorten recuperation time. Soy butter and nuts are genetically altered, unless labeled no GMO. GMO soy products are best avoided.  Pain aromatherapy works alone or may be used with over the counter or prescription medications. 

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