Linden Blossom, Tilia cardata, Absolute

I have recently added a large variety of absolute essential oils to our growing inventory at Aroma Health. Today, Linden Blossom is the newest absolute I have made. Tilia attracted me because it is unique by helping to dissolve stones and hard cysts, cholesterol and arterial plaque.It also reduces headaches, migraines, high blood pressure and tinnitus. Linden is used often at the onset of a cold or flu, by promoting sweating to release the virus entering the body.The nature of Linden is also to calm  liver energy that is associated with restlessness, hyperactivity, nervousness and tension. The personality that benefits from Linden is basically wired and high strung. Chemically, Linden is high in Sesquiterpenes, which are anti inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic, analgesic and non allergic. They regenerate the liver and glands and stimulate the heart function. Sesquiterpenes also tone muscles, decongest lymph and veins. These chemicals are prevalent in the Labiatae family of aromatic kitchen herbs and plants we use everyday.

The healing properties of Linden may seem unrealistic, until you understand that the inhaled molecules pass the blood brain barrier  and create an oxygen rich medium where cancer  and many other incurable diseases cannot co- exist. The AMA concurs that a long list of incurable diseases could be cured by introducing healing agents that can pass the blood- brain barrier.However, The AMA is only considering chemically produced pharmaceutical agents to date. What Nature produces is not easily patented.

Apply Linden topically or inhale it often for best results over a period of at least 3 weeks.I suggest applying it on the inner fold of the ear, but not inside the ear hole, or on the throat or neck where it can be enjoyed.


Source: Aromatherapy with Chinese Medicine, Dennis Wilmont, Wilmountain Press; 2003,

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Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorders

Attention deficit and hyperactivity affects over 4 1/2 million school age children and is increasing by 3% every year. At least 5% of adults suffer from ADHD.

Medications include Ritalin, Concerta and Dexedrine. These are substitute amphetamines, a legal form of speed. The drugs raise dopanime and norepinephrine neurochemical levels, increasing energy to the areas of the brain affecting focus and control. No random placebo studies of the effects of these drugs have been done past the first for weeks of ingestion. A three year study indicates behavioral modification is as helpful as drug therapy.

Both children and adults have less blood circulating in the brain, as well as low levels of dopamine, one of the 4 major neurotransmitters in the brain. Dopamine affects power and energy. Low levels of dopamine receptors adversely affects the striatum in the brain and the ability to plan ahead. Stimulant medication can help for several weeks, then children have a greater incidence of bipolar and schizophrenic illness as they mature.

The ADHD brain is different. A reduction of the prefrontal lobe cortex causes problems with behavioral control. However, the motor complex abilities mature quickly creating hyperactivity, impulsive behavoir, attention deficit and inattention. The spacey inattention is caused by lower blood sugar levels in the brain. Stimulant medication did not help with lower blood sugar levels. Both children and adults move to stay alert, solve problems and control their impulses. They often talk nonstop at incredibly fast rates. Drug abuse and alcoholism is very common. Many have criminal records before maturity.

At least 75% of the ADHD behavior is genetically inheritied. The ADHD brain needs help. Family therpay can benefit every family member utilize coping skills. Reducing chemical exposure at home and in their environment reduces present symptoms, as well as delayed consequences, such as Parkinsson's disease in later years. Autism and developmental disabilities are common with ADHD. Sodium benzoate, red dyes and a high sugar and corn syrup diet increases behavioral problems. Caffeine can help them focus. Complex carbohydrates and vegetables are balancing and several small servings of protein maintains stamina and energy levels. Many ADHD people have low B6 and zinc levels reducing nerve transmission. 

The ADHD brain needs help. The following list of Petite Fleur Essences and essential oil blends will enhance dopamine levels, increase central nervous system function and manage behavioral symptoms. These are not drugs. The Petites catalyze and assist individuals to correct and balance physical, mental and emotional symptoms. A genetic and compromised condition can take time to heal. Untreated ADHD leads to less education, potential talents unfulfilled, poor personal relationships and lowered sense of self. The Petites assist the body's self healing by directly affecting the brain in 1/100th of a second. The essences are topical and have been used in hospitals, clinics and individually for 30 years. Apply the Petites 3 times daily directly by massaging onto unbroken skin. Either the neck, throat, or see our video on this website) .

ADHD Blend - reduces combination symptoms, helped autistic people speak & learn social skills.

Abate Anger & Chill Out - helps with behavioral issues such as deception and defiant behavoir.

Cravings - to help with sugar, caffeine and and chemical cravings.

Deep Sleep & Dreamtime - to be taken only at night for a good night's rest supporting better attention and energy for the next day.

Energy Blend - energizes the brain for better overall function.

Enhance Learning & Learning Skills - for focus, knowledge retention and settling the person.

Fatigue Blend - helps with dopamine levels by suupporting adrenal gland functions.

Harmony & Happy Face - for depression and moodiness.

Peer Pressure - reduces the need for approval.

Relaxation - to restore a sense of peacefulness and reduce anxiety.

ADHD CD - an hour long discussion on ADHD and Learning Disabilities


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