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Purely Organic Hand Sanitizer

Purely Organic Hand Sanitizer


1) Purely Organic Hand Sanitizer is distilled from organically grown blooms  from our gardens: rosemary, Lavenders and Citrus flowers, and is safe for children. The essences  also beautify the skin, leaving a youthful appearance. Brown spots fade with continuous use. A great sanitizing anti aging blend. No alcohol.

2 ounce spray: Mist the hands and massage on both sides of hands.

Good Manufacturing Processes

Contact me with any concerns or help choosing a product: 817 293 5410

2)Immune Boost Roll on is a rare combination of Blue Moroccan Chamomile, Champaca and Osmanthus blossoms in 1/2 ounce (7.5 ml) sweet almond base. The combination helps reduce viral, bronchial, allergic tendencies, while reducing tension, worries and pain. These 3 beautiful flowers' aromas are soothing and cleansing, affecting the lungs and emotional tension.