Pesticide Disrupts Bee Pollination

Researchers recently proved that bees exposed to neonicotinoids pollinate 36% less seeds. (Nature,2015) This indicates poor fruit quality and possibly less fruit. Insect pollination produces 30% of our foods, especially fruits, nuts and oils. These foods are required for a balanced diet. Please join the consumer organizations lobbying and legally...

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How Pesticides Inactivate Bees’ Brains - Are We Next?

As scientists study many causes of honeybee deaths, neonicotinoid and organophosphates have been found to inactivate the learning cells of bees’ brains. These pesticides inactivate acetylcholine signals in all bugs. It takes 20 minutes after exposure to inactivate bees learning cells, including impaired memory and navigation. As foraging abilities weaken, the colony dies off....

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