Summer Detox

We have at least 700 untested chemicals and environmental toxins contaminating the body. Foods, skincare and the water supply are sources of hidden toxins overwhelming normal body and brain detox, leading to a great increase in illness and poor quality of life and achievement.

4 new AromaHealth Essences are now available to help protect natural immunity and detox, including emotional wellbeing : Nurturing, Inner Peace, Enthusiasm and Dynamic can help you become more productive and emotionally nurturing for yourself and others.

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How lotions and skincare make you obese.

Obesogens are Phthalates and Parabens in lotions, skin and nail care products that disrupt thyroid metabolism and cause fat storage leading to obesity. The average person absorbs 168 obesogens daily from common skincare.

AromaHealth offers lotions, hair and skincare safe for you and the environment.

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Adverse Effects of Marijuana to Fetus and Infants

Adverse Effects of Marijuana to Fetus and Infants

Fetal and infant exposure to cannabis  causes  prolonged negative influences in brain development. This is caused by ingestion, inhalation, breast feeding and skin application. The effects are lifelong and can be passed to prodigy.

Symptoms include hyperactivity, delinquent behavior,memory dysfunction and lower I.Q. By adolescence, they experience higher rates of opioid use and other recreational drugs. By adolescence, they have  experience more depression and anxiety, psychotic and schizophrenic behavior.

Cannabis is easily absorbed into the blood- barrier. It adversely affects complex brain functions, such as goal directed behavior and decision making processes.Reduced  social behavior can occur from altercations in several important brain proteins. Females suffer more from aggression and impaired attention than males according to recent research.

Source: Andrew Scheyer, Fetal Effects: The Scientist, January, 2019.


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EPA wants to ban toxic pharmaceuticals from waterways

The EPA proposes a new rule banning "hazardous" pharmaceuticals from being flushed down toilets and sinks at hospitals, clinics, vet clinics, pharmacies and nursing homes. Certain chemo drugs,mitomycin, Coumadin and ignitable drugs prepared with alcohol and corrosive drugs are targets for the ban.

The ban will reduce 6400 tons of very toxic pharmaceutical drugs from polluting waterways annually.


Source: Chemical and Engineering News, September, 7 2015.

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How to Remove Arsenic when Cooking Rice

Using excess water when cooking rice removes up to 60% of arsenic. Use 12 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice. Simmer until rice is cooked. Then strain out the excess water to decrease the arsenic content and store.

Another way to decrease up to 85% of arsenic from rice is using a coffee percolator. As the cooking water continuously drips over the rice, it maximizes arsenic removal. Researchers at Queen's University Institute (Belfast) for Global Food Security have applied for a patent for a percolating rice cooker.

The U.S. ans European Union have no legal restrictions for amounts of inorganic arsenic in food. The World Health Organization recommends .2mg/km rice daily. An average serving (45g) contains between .002 to .16mg of arsenic per Kilogram of rice. Unpolished brown rice has higher levels of arsenic than WHO recommends.

Inorganic arsenic is more than twice the organic arsenic. It exists in the soil, groundwater, and drinking water. Children especially, are at risk of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. Chronic exposure for adults and children may also cause skin, bladder, and lung cancer, respiratory disease, and fetal immune disruption.

Sources: Chemical & Engineering News, Aug. 24, 2015.

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Drugs In Your Drinking Water

  Metformin, a drug for diabetes, is currently in every sample of drinking water worldwide. The concentration of Metformin in these samples are up to 50% above environmental safety standards. Metformin is the most widely prescribed drug in the world. It suppresses glucose production in the liver. Since we do not metabolize Metformin, it leaves the body unaltered, entering world wide water sources and oceans within 24 hours.

  To date, the Environmental Protection Agency does not regulate pharmaceuticals in our drinking water or environment. In Lake Michigan, alone, 32 pharmaceuticals and personal products were present in the water. Fourteen of these measured high to medium concentrations of risk to the environment. Metformin is present 3 kilometers from the shores. The sediment around Lake Michigan contains 30 of the 32 pharmaceuticals and personal care products found in the lake.

  Metformin and many other pharmaceuticals leave water treatment plants unchanged. They do not degrade over time. These drugs pollute all of our waterways, seawater, and drinking water. They are not easy to detect and are projected to increase 5% annually for at least 5 years.

  Some drugs degrade into more toxic compounds. Effexor degrades into a different anti-depressant, Pristiq.

  Currently, the E.P.A. lists 8 hormones and 1 antibiotic drugs as possibly making water unsafe in our environment. Metformin was not believed to be an endocrine disruptor. However, Rebecca Klaper, University of Wisconsin and Milwaukee, found male minnows exposed to Metformin develop female gonads, weigh less, and produce fewer offspring. Metformin is now considered by researchers to be 1 of the drugs that cause major ecological consequences that we cannot change.

            Source: The Scientist, Megan Scudellari, Drugging the Environment, August 2015.

                                     Judy Griffin PhD.                                                                                             

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World Health Organization calls Roundup glycophosphate carcinigenic

The World Health Organization, through it's International Agency for Cancer Research, has recently concluded Roundup is "probably carcinogenic to humans". Roundup is a widely used herbicide manufactured by Monsanto. Of course, Monsanto is disputing the March 20 ,2015 assessment published in the Lancet Oncol. 2015 issue. The World Health Organization's research agency found limited evidence of non Hodgkin lymphoma in humans. Lab animals are also subject to cancer from exposure. Monsanto claims  the Researchers selectively chose studies to suggest Roundup is carcinogenic to animals and people. Roundup is designed to work with genetically modified crops, such as corn and soy. It's use in agriculture is worldwide.

Essential oils and essences have been used to reduce cancerous tumors for thousands of years. Success is individual and circumstantial. Read about each of them on my website, They include Carrot seed,  Frankincense,German and Roman Chamomile, Rose geranium, Litsea cubeba,Clove , Ravintsara and Yarrow. Essential oils can be used along with other treatments by a professional who understands their chemical properties and how these relate to the body and other treatments. Hospitals have used several of my therapeutic essence blends during treatment, including Harmony , Self Image, Deep Sleep,Stop Suffering, Toxic Thyroid, Transitions, Gratitude and Forgiveness.By appointment to create a special ,individualized blend, call Judy Griffin at 1 800- 496  2125. All my products are organically grown and processed without chemicals.

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