EPA wants to ban toxic pharmaceuticals from waterways

The EPA proposes a new rule banning "hazardous" pharmaceuticals from being flushed down toilets and sinks at hospitals, clinics, vet clinics, pharmacies and nursing homes. Certain chemo drugs,mitomycin, Coumadin and ignitable drugs prepared with alcohol and corrosive drugs are targets for the ban. The ban will reduce 6400 tons of...

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World Health Organization calls Roundup glycophosphate carcinigenic

The World Health Organization, through it's International Agency for Cancer Research, has recently concluded Roundup is "probably carcinogenic to humans". Roundup is a widely used herbicide manufactured by Monsanto. Of course, Monsanto is disputing the March 20 ,2015 assessment published in the Lancet Oncol. 2015 issue. The World Health Organization's...

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