Quality Rose Oil Skincare and Self Care

Rose oil products are the most natural way to improve skin. Properties are anti-inflammatory helping to calm eczema, rosacea. and dry or chapped skin. The oil is also anti-bacterial, reducing acne causing bacteria.

High quality rose skincare minimizes fine lines, evens skin tone and leaves skin smooth and silky to touch. Aging spots lighten and diminish over time.

Rose oil can also improve mood, increase relaxation and reduce nervousness. Topically, or by inhalation, it releases sphineterin, a hormone used to reduce headache, menstrual discomfort and increase "feel good" endorphins.

In hospitals over 44 years, I used our rose blends, such as Harmony blend, to reduce loneliness, fears, pain and breathing difficulties. The AromaHealth blends were also used before and after surgeries to reduce pain, help normalize blood pressure, breathing and increase recovery time. Loved ones also enjoyed rose blends to increase hope, reduce fears and exhaustion. Nurses and therapists wore the blends to reduce stress and increase stamina. They are courageous caretakers.

Rose oil and products carry the highest vibrational enhancing properties of all plants and essential oils. allow Aroma Health products to create a self-nurturing environment for you and loved ones. 

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I buy essential oils from the 4 most popular, prominent companies until I recently bought AromaHealth essential oils. I don't know what you are doing but using your essential oils is a totally different experience. They are so much more than an aroma. Your essential oils smell, support and heal my body on so many levels. My family and friends also have a transformational experience. I cannot completely describe all that happens. I also use much less because of their purity and potency. I know you distill with glass and don't use hexane like other companies.

I originally used the Petite Fleur Essences for immunity with success. I am at stage 4 cancer without medication by choice. I am enjoying my life like never before. Your essential oils, Petite Fleur Essences and aroma blends are great catalysts for my health and longevity.

D. L. in California

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Do Antioxidants Cause Cancer to Grow?

 Recent research claims antioxidants cause cancer to grow. First, understand that cancer creates a blood supply to be able to survive and grow. Naturally, cancer cells are fed by any nutrients received by the body. Melanoma, especially utilizes anti oxidants. It is a fast growing cancer that quickly metabolizes nutrition to metastasize.  However, in over 30 years of working daily with cancer patients nutritionally, I have seen a great increase in patient/client recovery using  specific antioxidants. These are not vitamins and minerals. They are special nutrients, such as aromatic tumerones that protect and nurture non cancerous cells. Aromatic Tumerones have been extensively researched and proven to help prevent certain cancers and nurture noncancerous cells. There are many varieties of cancer, each with it's own requirements. Aromatic tumerones have the most wide spread effect in fighting cancer, as well as many other conditions of aging.

For more information: Judy Griffin PhD.

1800 496 2125 



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How to Remove Arsenic when Cooking Rice

Using excess water when cooking rice removes up to 60% of arsenic. Use 12 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice. Simmer until rice is cooked. Then strain out the excess water to decrease the arsenic content and store.

Another way to decrease up to 85% of arsenic from rice is using a coffee percolator. As the cooking water continuously drips over the rice, it maximizes arsenic removal. Researchers at Queen's University Institute (Belfast) for Global Food Security have applied for a patent for a percolating rice cooker.

The U.S. ans European Union have no legal restrictions for amounts of inorganic arsenic in food. The World Health Organization recommends .2mg/km rice daily. An average serving (45g) contains between .002 to .16mg of arsenic per Kilogram of rice. Unpolished brown rice has higher levels of arsenic than WHO recommends.

Inorganic arsenic is more than twice the organic arsenic. It exists in the soil, groundwater, and drinking water. Children especially, are at risk of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. Chronic exposure for adults and children may also cause skin, bladder, and lung cancer, respiratory disease, and fetal immune disruption.

Sources: Chemical & Engineering News, Aug. 24, 2015.

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Is Hemp Protein Gluten Free?

I recently purchased Hemp protein to include into my diet. The first dose caused a reaction, with throat swelling and intestinal distress. When I called the company, I was told hemp doesn't cause allergic reactions. During a short discussion, I was told their hemp protein is grown and processed after wheat. It was not gluten free for that reason.

There are other grains grown under similar conditions, such as quinoa. It is necessary to call the company of origin about the grains you eat and ask what conditions they are grown. Also find out who processes the grain and if any glutenous grains are grown or processed there.Also buy from reputable, longstanding companies, such as Lundberg and Erewhon.

There are digestive aids that can help digest  small amounts of gluten . Not any digestive aid will do. Many digestive aids are made from milk or wheat protein. Check your sources. I'll be glad to help you with any questions, concerns or reputable companies.

It only takes the tiniest amount of gluten to start an autoimmune reaction that can lead to incurable diseases, such as cancer for those with gluten sensitivities. The symptoms are varied and often hard to define as gluten sensitivity.  D.N.A. lab swabs inside your cheeks can tell your physician if you have the genes for Celiac's. The disease has  only been very recently diagnosed and treated correctly. It is up to us as individuals to ensure our best health and nurturing by paying attention to the details of our diet.

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Rosemary Essential Oil and Radiation Exposure

Rosemary Protective Essential Oil for Radiation Exposure


Whether it comes from cell phones or isotopes from nuclear power plants, radiation exposure can affect mitochondria in brain cells.  Mitochondria are energy producing cells affecting every organ function in the body.  Their energy provides for neurological synapsis function which is how the brain communicates with the body.   Rosemary is an essential oil that has been shown to be very protective for brain cells affected by radiation.  


Aromahealthtexas offers Rosemary Shampoo and Recall Memory healing essence.  Both utilize rosemary's protective and energizing properties to maximize the brain’s potential.  Organically grown and steam distilled Rosemary Essential Oil separated by glass is also available.


For more information or to order, call Dr. Judy Griffin at 1-800-496-2125 or visit her website online at


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Organic Rose Oil Benefits to Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects

Organic Rose Oil Benefits to Reduce Chemotherapy Side Effects
by Dr. Judy Griffin
There are many benefits of Organic Rose Oil to reduce chemotherapy side effects. Over 13 years ago, I was invited to develop an aromatherapy program for Baylor Hospital’s Healing Program in Dallas, Texas. I developed Rose Oil Blends to reduce nausea, anxiety, mental and emotional stress, neuropathy and other discomforts from chemotherapy. Very shortly thereafter, I was given the go ahead to start the program for the stem cell and bone marrow transplants, who have the most symptoms. 
I began by using Harmony, a blend of organically grown, hand separated rose oils from antique roses I grow and steam distill in glass on site. The aroma is light and lifts quickly and enhances the benefits of rose oil to reduce chemotherapy side effects.
Chemotherapy recipients are sensitive to strong odors. The light scent of these rose oils have a relaxing, de-stressing effect. Harmony contains oil from several roses and small amounts of Petite Fleur Essences, blended to enhance self healing processes for the recipient. The scent lifts quickly to avoid overwhelming the patient. The effect was immediate for most patients.
Since chemotherapy patients detox through the skin, I suggested application of Harmony rose oil blend to be lightly massaged on the inner ear, avoiding the ear hole.* (*See The Healing Power of Flowers documentary and Flowers that Heal by Dr. Judy Griffin.) This location is where 5 major nerve ganglia join and directly affect the brain. Ancient healing modalities call this location the “path to the soul.” The inner ear does not interfere with detoxification or chemotherapy. However the program has been so successful in reducing chemotherapy side effects, I expanded my rose oil blends to every patient. The program is voluntary throughout the hospital’s healing program for patients.
The benefits of organic rose oil for chemotherapy side effects include pain reduction. One female patient did not want to use pain medications because she suffered side effects. She used theHarmony as needed to reduce pain throughout her treatment. She refused all pain medications by using Harmony and successfully completed treatment and therapy. (See the Healing Power of Flowers documentary.) 
As patients continued to improve, live longer and suffer less side effects, I was asked to make organic rose oil blends for several other programs. For cancer programs, I developed Self Image rose oil blend to reduce the psychological suffering of hair loss and lessening of self-esteem. For chronic pain and sickle cell programs, I developed Stop Suffering rose oil blend. Fatigue rose oil blend was created for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients. Cravings was blended for food and substance abuse programs.Transitions was developed for palliative care. Maternity for expectant mothers requiring hospital treatment. Relaxation and Recovery are used before and after cancer and day surgeries. Deep Sleep helps restore natural sleep patterns. Regenerate helps reduce scarring. Mobility reduces bone and arthritic symptoms. Grief helps recover from the loss of life, body parts, limbs and loved ones. Each blend is unique, all containing organic rose oil and catalyze the natural self- healing process.
The Harmony and rose oil blends have since traveled to different hospitals and many countries. I have lectured at the “NEAT” breast cancer program at hospitals in Fort Worth, Texas and cancer support groups of every nature. The rose oil blends have traveled to conferences in Findhorn, Scotland; Zurich, Switzerland and London, England. In London, I lectured with Dr. John Lee, pioneer of natural progesterone therapy.
The rose oil blends are available at Please direct your questions by phone to me at 1-800-496-2125.
The benefits of organic rose oil to reduce chemotherapy side effects can be applied to most illnesses and symptoms. These aromatherapy products may be used along with medications.
The Healing Rose, Country Living Magazine, June 2000 Vol 23 N. 6
The Road to Healing, Flowers are Forever Magazine, pages 64-67
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What AromaHealthTexas products to use before and during Cancer surgery/treatments?

To whom it may concern,
I'm interested in purchasing some of your products ( oils, essences or anything else appropriate) but I'm not sure which ones I should pick.
I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and in two weeks I will have surgery (mastectomy).
Therefore I'm looking for 
- the best products that can help fight breast cancer,
- products that can help keep me calm before surgery
- products that can help reduce pain after surgery 
- also products that can help reduce the pain and symptoms of pms
Your help would be greatly appreciated.
The following blends have and are being used in hospitals, clinics and by cancer patients:
Harmony blend and Recovery blend
Before surgery, Relaxation and Reduce Stress
For pain: Stop Suffering and Harmony blend
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What Hair Care products do I use to help prevent hair loss during Chemotherapy?

I will be going through chemo treatments soon and was wondering which shampoo to order to keep my hair from falling out so bad. I saw the documentary on using flower oils for many different things. The lady that used the shampoo to keep her hair was interesting. Could you please direct me to which one to use?
Thank you for your time and attention.
Sheila K.
The Rosemary Shampoo and More Hair Complete Conditioner  will help. Hair Growth blend can be massaged onto the scalp during and esp after chemo treatments.

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