Petite Fleur Essences and Sets

For every impossible or incurable illness there is a Petite Fleur Essence to help us heal and bloom under stress. Petites help to correct an imbalance in the personality and balance the immune response to improve health. Petite Fleur Essences  are catalysts for self healing. Your body knows the best way to heal, and the Petites redirect energy from compensation to the body's natural ways of healing and performing its greatest achievements The first 84 , in the Practitioner's kit, work on the personality, mending hurt, expectations and needs. They help the body have a solid foundation of a balance of endocrine, immune and neurological well-being. The Native Texans help strengthen the personality to encourage leadership and immune defense. The Antique Roses are blooms from cuttings of roses hundreds of years old. They encourage inner communication, connection with others and intimacy. Immune enhancers help build a healthy and balanced response to viral, bacterial and inflammation affecting every part of the body.

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

                                                         Flowers That Heal

The Petites are organically grown, distilled and processed  onsite. Each essence has a unique and specific formula for processing, depending on the properties and chemistry of the flower.We pick from abundant sources of blooms to share with the bees. We grow varieties of plants that thrive in the Texas heat, wind, cold and storms. The plants live longer by harvesting many, but not all of the blooms. Some of the essences are fragrant, resulting from volatile oils extracted during processing.

For specific information about the Petites, read The Healing Flowers  and Flowers that Heal, by Judy Griffin.Personal consults are availble by phone, email and in person.

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My intention is to promote self healing, not diagnose nor treat.