Feng Shui Room Sprays

 Feng Shui room sprays promote harmony in the environment. They remove stale odors, negative energy and pollutants affecting our most intimate surroundings. Indoors has proven, to be  more toxic than outside in recent research.(The Scientist). Each spray adds another level of health to the environment. Clearing  removes toxins and germs; emotional and physical negative energy. It has been used to clear areas likened to burning sage, but with a pleasant of  lavender and fresh herbs. Harmonize and balance starts new , peaceful, calming energy with a light scent of roses and vanilla. It is often used successfully in offices and areas of dissension. Attraction encourages helpful people and opportunities into your life ; lovers and friends. Enhancement benefits career, greater health and monetary increase. Shops and offices spray Enhancement around the front door every morning for better sales opportunities. All enhance health with a variety of fresh aromas.

For best results spray all the corners in your home, office or area of concern each week or more often, especially the bedrooms. Pillows, linen and clothes can be misted. The Petite Fleur Essences and essential oils are organically grown and distilled without hexane and chemicals onsite.Good Manufacturing Practices