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Teenage boys growing breasts

 Boys whose mothers who applied lavender  on them daily are growing breasts as teenagers. This is also happening to young teen boys whose moms diffused lavender daily in their homes. The Male Power therapeutic blend has reduced growth within a few months. Many boys' hormones and breasts are normal after 6-8 months.

Lavender is estrogenic. Teenagers and children exposed to ongoing  lavender essential oil will store this estrogen in body fat and display hormone imbalances during accelerated growth.  It can take years before the results occur. Girls may be at risk for breast cancer, as well as teenage boys.

I use no lavender or other hormone inducing aromas in my children's blends. (See the Mini Me  children's kit). Any scent I use is food grade in minimal amounts. It only takes the first contact with an aroma to benefit from the scent. More is not better. After the receptors in the nose saturate from an aroma, more exposure is mute.

To successfully use aromatherapy, we must understand body chemistry, the chemicals of aromas and how to balance them in the home and work place.

Email your concerns to me at

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Chemo Brain

Chemo brain is defined as memory loss, decreased problem solving and attention  deficit. This happens to at least 30% of chemotherapy patients. The memory problems often do not resolve with time. Scientific studies at the University of Kansas indicate that that chemotherapy agents alter the ability to release neurotransmitters responsible for memory, serotonin and dopamine. The neurotransmitters are available, just not released into the neuronal synapse.  Serotonin release is reduced by 55%; dopamine by 42%.

In hospitals and clinics, I have successfully used Recall Memory.This aroma therapy blend is lightly fragrant and assists immediately to restore memory. The blend may be applied or misted as needed or 3x daily for best results.

For more info: 1800 4962125/8172935410

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I buy essential oils from the 4 most popular, prominent companies until I recently bought AromaHealth essential oils. I don't know what you are doing but using your essential oils is a totally different experience. They are so much more than an aroma. Your essential oils smell, support and heal my body on so many levels. My family and friends also have a transformational experience. I cannot completely describe all that happens. I also use much less because of their purity and potency. I know you distill with glass and don't use hexane like other companies.

I originally used the Petite Fleur Essences for immunity with success. I am at stage 4 cancer without medication by choice. I am enjoying my life like never before. Your essential oils, Petite Fleur Essences and aroma blends are great catalysts for my health and longevity.

D. L. in California

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Aromatherapy and Essences for Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a result of low serotonin in the brain. The essences and aromas I use in hospital and practice include Jasmine grandiflora, Champaca, Osmanthus and Moroccan Chamomile. Orange flower absolute can also be used singly or in combination with any of the above aromas. I make absolutes from these flowers because they do not impart fragrance through distillation or vacuum methods of extraction. The cost is higher because it takes thousands of flowers to make an ounce of high grade absolute. Absolutes are natural perfumes, without chemicals if made properly.

Recently, AromaHealth has released Roll on Aromas that include Immune Boost. The blend includes Champaca, Osmanthus and Moroccan Chamomile. The blend reduces high stress cortisol levels that enhance immunity, restless legs, anxiety and depression. Individually, the aromas affect many other immune issues, even arthritis/rheumatism. The fragrance is very unique and pleasing to men and women. It can be used just for the aroma as a natural perfume. The sweet almond oil base allows the fragrance to last much longer than essential oils and keeps the immune system charged.

Immune Boost is available for 18.95, 1/2 ounce roll on blend of the highest quality aromas, handmade with the utmost care. The blend can be made in a non nut oil if requested, no extra charge.

We have an abundance of quality products for you and your loved ones available anytime:

1800 4962125


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World Health Organization calls Roundup glycophosphate carcinigenic

The World Health Organization, through it's International Agency for Cancer Research, has recently concluded Roundup is "probably carcinogenic to humans". Roundup is a widely used herbicide manufactured by Monsanto. Of course, Monsanto is disputing the March 20 ,2015 assessment published in the Lancet Oncol. 2015 issue. The World Health Organization's research agency found limited evidence of non Hodgkin lymphoma in humans. Lab animals are also subject to cancer from exposure. Monsanto claims  the Researchers selectively chose studies to suggest Roundup is carcinogenic to animals and people. Roundup is designed to work with genetically modified crops, such as corn and soy. It's use in agriculture is worldwide.

Essential oils and essences have been used to reduce cancerous tumors for thousands of years. Success is individual and circumstantial. Read about each of them on my website, They include Carrot seed,  Frankincense,German and Roman Chamomile, Rose geranium, Litsea cubeba,Clove , Ravintsara and Yarrow. Essential oils can be used along with other treatments by a professional who understands their chemical properties and how these relate to the body and other treatments. Hospitals have used several of my therapeutic essence blends during treatment, including Harmony , Self Image, Deep Sleep,Stop Suffering, Toxic Thyroid, Transitions, Gratitude and Forgiveness.By appointment to create a special ,individualized blend, call Judy Griffin at 1 800- 496  2125. All my products are organically grown and processed without chemicals.

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Therapeutic Properties of Champaca Michelia Absolute

Champaca flower absolute is a cooling antiinflammatory,analgesic, safe therapeutic flower. It lowers blood sugar in diabetics, without hypoglycemic side effects, reduces gout, irregular bleeding and encourages quick wound healing for adults and children. The absolute can also help release urine retention and heal burns. Champaca blooms contains the therapeutic properties of Champacene and linalool.

In Aryurvedic medicine Champaca is used to balance neurological problems and enhance the health of sexual organs. It is also used as a cardiac tonic.

Champaca is prized in natural perfumery for its light coco and apricot fragrance. It can be applied neat, or directly onto skin or added to an essential oil blend for health and fragrance. It is available at under essential oils and absolutes. Free shipping in the United States is available. Contact Judy Griffin at 1800 4962125/8172935410 with questions and receive  15% off for your order of Champaca!



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Enhancement Feng Shui Mister Testimonial

The Enhancement Feng Shui Mister adds a smile and sparkle for the home.It's an uplifting aroma is excellent to use when I'm working at home or home alone. Sometimes the lack of human interaction makes me feel lonely, tired, disorganized or distracted. It's like angels have arrived to visit me when I use this spray.

As a Mom, I appreciate that my children can use the Feng Shui misters as needed without harm. They learn to monitor their bodies needs at an early age before problems get out of hand.

So, thank you again for the wonderful aromas, therapeutic creations and books. I love to read about the plants, even if they don't grow where I live. It's like the plant spirits  are with me when I read about them. So friendly!

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Aromatherapy for Hospice and Palliative Care

 I have created many aromatherapy products for Hospice and palliative care patients for over 30 years to relieve pain, anxiety, nausea, depression,  fear and fatigue. The blends are used in hospitals and in the home environment by professional therapists trained in their field. Control of pain is the main goal . Patients may have cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, A.L.S. and neurological disease, renal failure, severe stroke or chronic illness. As the patient is able to increase alertness and relax, aromatherapy can be used to trigger pleasant memories, increase family bonds and overall well being. I use essential oils and Petite Fleur Essence combinations to be applied or misted into the air for symptoms and grief for the family members.

Harmony therapeutic essence  is one of the most important blends ,a combination of several antique roses and lavenders I organically grow and distill. The blend is very calming, reducing pain, anxiety and depression. Transitions is a blend of Sweet Annie, tea roses and Melissa (lemon balm) to encourage family bonds, trigger pleasant memories and increase well being. It is designed to release past pain. Forgiveness, increases relaxation as it reduces pain and fears, a blend of German Chamomile essence, rose geranium, violet leaf, Orange flower absolute and Old French roses, all grown in my gardens. The light aromas also reduce coughing,confusion, hallucinations and help regulate blood pressure and pulse. I make a Grief blend for family and patients using vanilla absolute, hyacinths and sweet herbs to reduce shock, and replace loss with the beautiful memories.

 I make several lotions for massage, circulation, pain reduction and lymphedema, using stimulating essential oils and essences, such as double mint, peppermint, spearmint, rosemary, and lemongrass. A lotion made from several lavenders is used for dry skin and relaxation. Custom blends are always welcome to enhance the patient's pleasure and well being.

For bed sores, bruising, rashes, and other skin conditions, I make a comfrey cream ,containing allantoin and yarrow for quick healing. I either add aromas or leave it naturally unscented. Most hospice patients enjoy light scents, finding strong odors offensive. And, too many aromas can be confusing for them.

In hospitals, I am now offering mists  made with natural aromas, such as coffee and foods patients have enjoyed.They are safe to mist on the patient's lips, if requested. Normally, I only use aromatherapy topically, so the tiny molecules can travel directly to the brain. Moods and pain can be changed within seconds.

Aromatherapy blends for children I prepare with food grade essential oils only. Children respond well to these familiar odors. They are nontoxic and used discreetly. Touch and aromas are the only healing children understand. I use soothing names, such as Luv u lots and  Dreamtime.

 Aromatherapy for hospice and palliative care help all of us to understand there is a better world awaiting us with open arms.


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