Our lotions and creams are made from organic aloe, shea butter and  other natural ingredients. They have no parabens; only vegetable derivatives and emulsifiers. Vitamins A, D and E, which can be absorbed through the skin, are combined with jojoba and shea butter. Petite Fleur Essences and our  organic essential oils are added by hand onsite  after  the lotions are made. Available in 8 oz. bottles.

The lotions address pain issues, circulation, massage, dry skin,  relaxation, cellulite and lymphadema. The essential oils used are antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral.

The creams and sprays are therapeutic, softening, healing and regenerating for health and beauty.  Creams are now also available in 1 oz. and 2 oz jars.





My intention is to promote self healing, not diagnose nor treat. 


Angina pectoris causes severe spasmodic pain due to decreased blood supply. The pain radiates through the shoulder and down the arm. A crushing pain also affects the chest. Circulation Booster lotion applied onto the chest, shoulders and down the arm increases circulation and may reduce pain. Medications, such as nitroglycerine, are compatible with Circulation Booster. Seek medical attention if angina symptoms occur. Manage Pain blend will help reduce symptoms. Severe chest pain, occurring with exercise, may be due to heart disease. Seek medical attention immediately. Circulation Booster lotion, applied to the chest and upper back, will increase circulation and ease constriction.

Burning pain may be caused by neuralgia, skin lesions or herpes zoster. Relax the Shoulders lotion may be applied to areas of pain due to skin lesions and herpes breakouts.

Peripheral pain, travels down the arms and legs, apply Lymph Flow lotion on the affected limbs, massaging gently. Begin at the fingers or toes and move up the limb to improve circulation.

Myasthenia Gravis causes muscle weakness and fatigue, without muscle wasting. This is caused by a lack of acetylcholine neurotransmitter, or excess of cholinesterase at the myoneural junction. Nerve impulses fail and the muscles do not contract. Muscles in the face and neck are primarily involved, causing an expressionless face. The Energy and Fatigue blends can reduce symptoms. Circulation Booster, applied to the legs and arms, can enhance blood flow to reduce weakness. Energy blend, applied to the neck and throat may help those having problems chewing, swallowing and talking.

The 22  Antique Roses in this collection are grown from plant cuttings that are hundreds of years old. The essences are all Mother Tinctures, the strongest form of flower essences and produced on site through distillation, enfleurage, and extraction. A light rose scent is evident, which blends with each individual's unique scent to create the greatest subtle body healing.The roses are gently removed at the best time of day and sunlight available for maximum strength and processed onsite seasonally. Roses are chosen from an abundant source of blooms by Dr. Griffin each spring and fall. 

The antique Roses are especially beneficial for  neurotransmission, and communication with the most intimate self. They help intimacy and communication with ourselves and others. Physically, they are involved with how the nervous system commands, responds and heals itself. The Antiques are used in hospitals, clinics and  personal applications, especially with complaints involving the heart, circulation and neuronal transmission. Emotionally, the roses keep us fully engaged and responding directly to our environment.

Antique roses are available in 1 dram (1/6 oz.), and 1 oz. concentrates. Now available sans alcohol. Please note this on your order, call or email us.

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

                                                         Flowers That Heal

 Dr. Griffin is available to answer questions and consult for all the Petite Fleur Essence applications.


My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.

Carrier oils are used to dilute and make blends from essential oils. They help the blend extend and last longer. The oils, such as marula and red raspberry, help soften the skin and promote elasticity. Use 10 drops or more of essential oils in 1 ounce of carrier oil. Maximum doses are 20-30 drops of essential oils in 1 ounce of carrier oil. Blends last 6-8 months kept away from heat and light. For more information read Flowers that Heal by Judy Griffin, PhD.
Children's Blend(mini me) Kit enhances moods, learning skills, hyperactivity, and developmental challenges all kids experience.

Children's therapeutic blends are handmade collections of Petite Fleur Essences and food grade essential oils. The aromas are familiar and safe for use externally. They have been used in hospitals and clinics for many years for children and adults. Children's blends are available in 1 dram (1/6 oz)., 1 oz. concentrate mother tinctures, 2 oz dilution misters and 1 oz. concentrates. Apply to unopened skin and on clothes, bed linen and hair close to the face. Keep your children in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. Children's blends will assist them in reaching their greatest potentials.

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

                                                         Flowers That Heal


My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.

Welcome to AromaHealth  garden of beauty Cleanse and Protect products.Start your day with Rose Geranium deep pore cleanser, leaving your skin clean and smooth.. Follow with a light mist of Lemon Rose Clarifier to produce radiant skin .Protect your skin with an application of Rose Gardenia sunblock cream. The antioxidants  reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while safe guarding delicate skin from adverse effects of the sun.Once or twice weekly, massage Rose Oil Mud Masque onto clean skin to tighten the skin and  increase elasticity. Rose Oil Skin Therapy may be misted afterwards on the T Zone or oily skin locations.  For those with oily skin or large pores, mist Eucalyptus Toner  in the afternoon and evening, or after Lemon Rose Clarifier. We organically grow and produce onsite Petite Fleur flower essences, essential oils and herbal skincare products to deep cleanse , rejuvenate and protect your skin. No parabens or sulfates used. Utilize our finest products to produce healthy and lovely skin, without makeup and cover ups.

2 oz. creams are also available in 1 oz. size.

Email or call any questions to Dr. Judy Griffin 1800 496 2125 or petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com

Aroma Health offers purse size inhalers in black, magenta red,silver and blue silver.We provide a dropper to insert essential oils of your choice. Direct inhalation is the quickest and most efficient way to affect health and beauty. The aroma lasts for months. Just open and breathe your favorite fragrance. We also offer to infuse the inhaler with a therapeutic blend that Dr. Griffin makes of your choice for a few dollars more. Now you can go everywhere with an aroma that soothes, heals, or energizes you! Simply click on the inhalers below , choose your color and a scent to add if you choose. always call or email Dr. Griffin with any questions.

Healing waters are a  byproduct of the  condensation of steam distillation. They are also called hydrolates. The Aroma Health  healing waters contain small amounts of essential oils from the plants being distilled because we do not use hexanes to separate essential oils as is done commercially. One gallon of plant material produces 8 ounces of very strong healing floral water. Uses include misting the face, hair and body for healing hydration,  deodorant, a natural cologne and toner. Hydrolates have anti inflammatory properties considered more beneficial than essential oils in Medieval times. Compresses were made for conjunctivitis and eye problems. Some of these healing waters were taken in small amounts internally for digestion, growths, overexertion, stress and immune stimulation. Many essential oils are toxic to the liver and kidney when ingested, especially undiluted.  Healing waters are diluted. They are offered in misters to be sprayed on the body. Please contact Dr. Griffin for more information and toxicity levels of essential oils.  For more information on hydrolates , essential oils  and flower essences for health read Flowers that Heal, by Judy Griffin, PhD.

Essential Oil Healing Floral Water is available in 2 oz. misters for $6.95 and 8 oz. misters for $16.95.

We have many healing water available by request. Please let Dr. Griffin know which ones you are looking for. 1800 4962125  petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com

My intention is to promote self healing , not diagnose nor treat.

Female Health Products support hormone balance,bone strength,bone density, fertility,circulation ,character development and calmness from menses beyond menopause.The products enhance every stage of a woman's life. Female Serenity longevity herbal regulates hormones, reduces menopause symptoms, promotes fertility and creativity, clears toxins and builds healthy blood cells. Female Balance supports hormone balance and production. Vitex longevity herbal regulates moods, heavy menses and clotting, relaxes tight muscles, leg cramps, reduces PMS and menopausal symptoms and is used clinically to reduce metastasis of certain breast cancers. Inner Strength therapeutic Essence blend enhances flexibility and bone strength, motivation and self actualization. Fimbriata Flower Essence is an antique rose that enhances creativity and a passion for life and libido. MCHC+K is a bone building calcium supplement with minerals and collagen essential for bone formation. Vitamin D3 is the safest and most absorb- able form of this vitamin/pro- hormone. Vitamin D increases bone density and is associated with cancer prevention.

Female Health Products support female hormone balance, neurotransmitter regulation and endocrine function affecting every part of a woman's life.

Feminine Serenity therapeutic essence kit includes 5 aromatic blends, helping women to feel hormone  balance, stress free, strong within, passionate about their life and/or loved ones, and successful .The small vials are convenient for any purse size. A few drops on the neck and throat lasts for hours. Each bottle is 4.0 ml, or 1/6 oz.

 Feng Shui room sprays promote harmony in the environment. They remove stale odors, negative energy and pollutants affecting our most intimate surroundings. Indoors has proven, to be  more toxic than outside in recent research.(The Scientist). Each spray adds another level of health to the environment. Clearing  removes toxins and germs; emotional and physical negative energy. It has been used to clear areas likened to burning sage, but with a pleasant of  lavender and fresh herbs. Harmonize and balance starts new , peaceful, calming energy with a light scent of roses and vanilla. It is often used successfully in offices and areas of dissension. Attraction encourages helpful people and opportunities into your life ; lovers and friends. Enhancement benefits career, greater health and monetary increase. Shops and offices spray Enhancement around the front door every morning for better sales opportunities. All enhance health with a variety of fresh aromas.

For best results spray all the corners in your home, office or area of concern each week or more often, especially the bedrooms. Pillows, linen and clothes can be misted. The Petite Fleur Essences and essential oils are organically grown and distilled without hexane and chemicals onsite.

My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.

 An enfleurage is the fragrant oil extracted from a flower .AromaHealth organically grows and hand prepares enfleurages as they have been  made by ancient cultures for thousands of years. Blooms are handpicked by noon each day and infused in vegetable glycerin for 3 days. The flowers are replaced with new ones every day until the full fragrance of the bloom as it smells from the flower is produced. This may take months of continual harvest and preparation. The glycerin is strained of flower particulates and the enfleurage is bottled as it is ordered. The fragrance is enhanced by body heat as it is worn, releasing endorphins for healing, pleasure and regeneration.

Solid perfumes are prepared with an organic beeswax by Dr. Griffin as ordered. As the beeswax melts to a specific temperature, hand made absolutes and steam distilled essential oils are combined with jojoba oil. All are carefully poured into a silver or gold plated locket and sealed until opened.The aromas are brought out naturally as they combine with your body temperature. The scent is especially apparent to you as your body produces natural endorphins that enhance your brain chemistry and balance. Healing never felt this good as your body produces the "feelings" of scent.


My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.

Healing Aroma Blends  are essential oils diluted in sweet almond oil, uncut with other vegetable oils. Massage a few drops onto the throat, wrist,temples or area affected 2 or 3 x daily to promote radiant health and longevity. The heat of the body will bring out the essential oil aroma. My dilutions are therapeutic strength without adversely affecting the skin. Dilutions in a carrier oil allows the essential oils to last longer and the person wearing the blend enjoys the oils longer. The dominant aroma is listed with the title of the healing blend.

If you cannot use sweet almond oil, please email or call Dr. Griffin. She has other carrier oils for substitution. 1800 4962125.

All the healing  aroma blends are available in 1 oz. bottles, 30 ml.


My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.

Herbal tonics are highly concentrated, medicinal, longevity herbs. Historically, these herbs have been recommended to prolong life and enhance its quality. Dr. Griffin cooks the herbs over a long period of time on low heat to extract the highest potency of life giving properties. These were the super vitamins for ancient cultures. All herbals are organic and created by Dr. Griffin to enhance stamina and strength. Custom blends are available by request and consultation. The herbals can be diluted in water as a tea or in  juice. Some people enjoy adding an herbal to their coffee or morning tea....Ok., not everyone!

The longevity herbals are adaptagens, enhancing or reducing immune responses to maintain balance and avoid over reactions. For example, autoimmune diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's, Psoriasis, and Lupus are over reactions. The immune system attacks its own body. Under reactions are ongoing and frequent infections. Adaptagens can also help regulate blood sugar, reduces stressful reactions and enhances the vital energy of the endocrine, immune and neurological systems in a variety of ways. Most adaptagens regulate and repair adrenal function. They work best when used daily, or often over a period of weeks and months. Many of my longevity tonics can be used daily for optimal health.

Being healthy in our time is much easier and enjoyable while using the Herbal Longevity tonics.

Herbal longevity tonics are available in 1 oz. bottles for $24.95, or 4 oz. bottles fro$99.80. One ounce is a 4-6 week supply.

For more information about longevity herbs and how they were used in past cultures, read Mother Nature's Herbal, by Judy Griffin.


My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.

Immune enhancer flower essence kit includes 28 Petite Fleur essences that enhance and modulate the immune response. The essences reduce stress that involves emotions, memories and physical well being. They help us adapt and change problems, challenges and inherited illness through self healing processes.The body's intelligence is enhanced when stress is reduced. The  pre- frontal cortex functions correctly when the alarms of stress are turned off. The essences are used clinically and in hospitals for cancer treatment, pulmonary disorders, cardiovascular diseases,obesity, endocrine imbalances, such as diabetes, kidney/bladder problems. They  help reduce viral, fungal and bacterial illnesses, as well as promote a feeling of wellness during stressful treatments, pain and mental imbalance treatments. Theses are essences used  successfully clinically and in hospitals for close to 40 years with people of every age. Immune enhancers protect, reduce inflammation and build better immunity.

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

                                                         Flowers That Heal

 Now available sans alcohol. Please note this on your order, call or email us to request this. 1800 4962125 


My intention is to promote self healing, not treat nor diagnose.







More Energy Kit is a collection of popular products that increase energy, stamina and endurance in a package you will enjoy. Energy Therapeutic Essence blend enhances energy and endurance. Fatigue Therapeutic Essence Blend is a great pick up after travel and workouts. It is also helps chronic fatigue and general mid afternoon slump time. Lime-Aide lotion is refreshing , antiviral and great for relieving sore, aching muscles. Peppermint Bath Oil will both relax and then enhance the feeling of well-being. It clears  stress from the day as it relieves tension and worries. Life is good!

 The 28 Native Texan essences build character strength and a healthy immune response.  The essences are produced onsite by Dr. Griffin using distillation, extraction, and enfleurage methods. The blooms are gently removed from and abundant source. We distill the flowers seasonally. The essences are condensed and aged more than a year before production is complete. The plants are heat drought tolerant , grown in weather conditions that produce powerful subtle body healing essences. All Petites may be worn topically and used with other modalities of self healing. They are Mother Tinctures, the strongest form of flower essences. The plants are native to north central Texas, surviving high heat,and drought in the summer and cold windy winters. Tornadoes occur suddenly during any season. These conditions produce the strongest plants and essences, destined to help us bloom under stress.

Native Texans will support the greatest potentials for personality and health. Individual essences may be purchased by clicking on the essence. Native Texans are available in 1 dram (1/6 oz.) and 1 oz. concentrates. Available sans alcohol upon request. Please note this on the order, call or email us.

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

                                                         Flowers That Heal

 Consults are available to find which essences are best for you by phone or in person. Call 1800 4962125. Email or call in questions at the same number.Each consult Dr. Griffin will make a special blend according to your biochemical individuality.


My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.

AromaHealth Garden of Beauty creates organically grown and hand made  natural skincare to nourish, protect and rejuvenate radiant skin. We distill our flower essences and essential oils from organically grown plants onsite. No chemical fragrances or synthetic essential oils are used in our products. No hexane is used to separate our essential oils. AromaHealth offers a variety of skin and hair products for every need. Dr. Griffin created  natural skin and hair care for sensitive and allergic people and those who only use the most pure products.

 Dr. Griffin recommends the following supplements for adults who desire to reduce pain, inflammation and increase the quality of their health. They can be purchased separately and taken as directed on the label.

In consultation, Dr. Griffin balances the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, recommending which formulations to use and avoid. Mineral balance and heavy metal toxicity can be achieved through hair analysis, which is optional. Hair analysis reflects the balance or absence of minerals on a cell level. Blood analysis tells what is available in the blood, not the tissues where metabolic processes occur. Hair analysis is  very dynamic and contains graphs of all the minerals in the body and how they respond to the demands of the endocrine, immune and neurological systems. Serum, hair and questioning reveals the best nutritional diet and program for an individual. 

To inquire about Trace Mineral Analysis, please contact Dr. Griffin at 18004962125/ or petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com

Aroma Health presents the highest quality essential oil products for your pets. We organically grow and distill are essential oils and healing floral waters onsite. We do not use hexane to separate the essential oils from the water condensation. The products are created by Dr. Griffin and every batch of product is made  fresh with an order. None of our products are tested on animals. However, sometimes I joke that I tested the Calm Pet on my kids when they were younger.

Calm Pet is the product you need when the pets are frightened, anger or stressed. It also helps nurture pets during illness.

Hot Spots heals itching, sores, and is used to treat mange on rescue animals.

Healthy Heart is a heart worm and parasite preventative and treatment. Dosage is based on weight.

Stop Insects is an insect repellent for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers and bugs that bite. It is also successfully used with owners and children.

Dr. Griffin is available to make special blends for pets with  illnesses or conditions affecting the pets well being. Call 1800 496 2125 or email petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com

For every impossible or incurable illness there is a Petite Fleur Essence to help us heal and bloom under stress. Petites help to correct an imbalance in the personality and balance the immune response to improve health. Petite Fleur Essences  are catalysts for self healing. Your body knows the best way to heal, and the Petites redirect energy from compensation to the body's natural ways of healing and performing its greatest achievements The first 84 , in the Practitioner's kit, work on the personality, mending hurt, expectations and needs. They help the body have a solid foundation of a balance of endocrine, immune and neurological well-being. The Native Texans help strengthen the personality to encourage leadership and immune defense. The Antique Roses are blooms from cuttings of roses hundreds of years old. They encourage inner communication, connection with others and intimacy. Immune enhancers help build a healthy and balanced response to viral, bacterial and inflammation affecting every part of the body.

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

                                                         Flowers That Heal

The Petites are organically grown, distilled and processed  onsite. Each essence has a unique and specific formula for processing, depending on the properties and chemistry of the flower.We pick from abundant sources of blooms to share with the bees. We grow varieties of plants that thrive in the Texas heat, wind, cold and storms. The plants live longer by harvesting many, but not all of the blooms. Some of the essences are fragrant, resulting from volatile oils extracted during processing.

For specific information about the Petites, read The Healing Flowers  and Flowers that Heal, by Judy Griffin.Personal consults are availble by phone, email and in person.

Individual Petites can be purchased by clicking on the essence in any category.

My intention is to promote self healing, not diagnose nor treat.

 Petite Fleur Essences have subtle , yet profound effects on our psycho spiritual, physical and emotional levels, releasing sound, aroma and color (electromagnetic) energy for physical healing immediately. They affect interstitial tissue and the fluids nurturing every organ and system.The tonal energy is like ultra sound. Some people feel the effects immediately, and some may take weeks. The body heals what is most important first. The body only knows how to heal, as we align with our true nature. The Petites also direct us to  unite with our true nature, aligning our personal will with the Harmony of all Creation. Physically, they work with the holographic brain to direct healing, which may retrace an imbalance, or quickly redirect the energy. Very often, redirecting energy  changes a long term pattern that may lead to imbalance  or illness. The Petites change psychological and beliefs no longer necessary for growth. As you read the signature of each Petite, notice they retrace  experiences that affected personality growth since birth. You do not feel negative symptoms as you heal. You feel a release, lessening of tension , anxiety and low self esteem. For example, You may have deep fears affecting control issues and inability to attract and maintain an intimate relationship. After using Petites, you will not experience the same triggers that set you into a tail spin previously. Overall, your inner peace ( I call it Inner Grinning) will increase. You will have more interests in life , perceiving obstacles as challenges you can handle.

Individual essences are available sans alcohol. Please add this request in the note section of your order

The 84 practitioners  essences are all Mother Tincture, the strongest form of flower essence therapy. Each essence helps to heal and encourage personality growth. The essences also help

balance and encourage healing of physical complaints. These essences have been used in hospitals, clinics and privately the past 38 years to support subtle body self healing. They combine well with other modalities and may be applied topically to unbroken skin or  acupressure points and used in chakra balancing to support physical, emotional and mental well being. The Petites are organically grown from Texas varieties of flowers and seasonally  produced onsite. Distillation, extraction, gentle movement and curing are involved with used by Dr. Griffin.Flowers are gently removed from an abundant source, which helps the plant produce more growth and stay healthy.

For every symptom/ challenge there is a Petite ready to help.

Essences may be purchased singly or in a kit. Individual essences may also be purchased in a 1 oz. bottle as well as a 1 dram (1/6 oz.) bottle..

Suggested usage: apply 2 drops 2-3 x daily on unbroken skin, such as the throat, neck wrist, chest or acupressure points. I am now offering a  system of healing using essential oils, Petite Fleur Essences and acupuncture points according to the Oriental 12 point Spirit Healing Pathways. Contact me and I can send the program to you with handmade aromas and detailed directions.

Questions? Call or email Judy Griffin: 1800 4962125 / petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com


My intention is to promote self healing not to diagnose nor treat.

Rest and Relaxation is a collection of essences and oils to reduce stress, enhance muscle relaxation and promote healing sleep. As you return home, let go of the day with Relaxation Therapeutic Essence. Spray the throat, neck and chest and allow the body to  become quiet. Moods and regrets fade away with a Lavender bath oil soak. After bathing, cover the skin with Lavender Body Lotion, containing antibacterial and antibody properties. At bedtime, apply Deep Sleep onto the earlobes and enjoy a restful and healing night sleep. Repeat application as needed if awakened. Over the next 3 weeks, experience the positive changes in your state of mind and renewed vitality.

Roll-on Aromas are carefully blended essential oils and essences that quickly enhance self healing. They reduce and stop nagging symptoms, such as headaches, cough, appetite, anxiety and, depression. Socially, they can attract people of like- minds and romantic partners.

Roll-on Aromas are blended in Sweet Almond Oil in safe PET plastic 15 ml. bottles. We do not use metallic roller balls harmful to essential oils and essences. Metallic roller balls can also harm the lung, liver and colon of sensitive people.

If you prefer a non nut oil base, contact us and we will blend with an oil of your choice at no extra charge.

Self Healing Blends are combinations of Petite Fleur Essences that have been used in hospitals, clinics and private practice for cancer patients for 40 years.. The blends are also used for individual organs and diseases. Topical application 3 x daily is recommended for best results. Self Healing includes reduction of symptoms and disease processes. They catalyze innate healing and do not work as a drug. The blends are compatible with medical and complimentary/alternative healing. Choose one that resonates with the area of healing most needed for you. All Self Healing blends come in 1 ounce,30 ml. bottles.

AromaHealth provides quality, rejuvenating hair care, manufactured without harsh sulfates and parabens. Lemon Thyme Nutrient shampoo gently cleanses dry and treated hair with nutrients that repair and rebuild split, dry and tangled hair.It helps recover from alopecia hair loss  and loss of hair from chemotherapy. Rosemary Shampoo invigorates the hair and scalp, encouraging  healthy, luscious hair growth. It is perfect for increasing thick, bouncy hair. Rosemary helps balance oily hair and maintain normal hair. Peppermint Shampoo is a blend of Patchouli and Peppermint essences and essential oils. It removes dandruff and rejuvenates a healthy  scalp. More Hair Conditioner adds volume and shine to thinning, tired hair. The essences, herbs and essential oils  increase hair growth and condition treated hair.

For a concentrated Hair Growth product, see Hair Growth healing aroma blend.


Release your very own hidden power from deep within.

Therapeutic Essence Blends are organically grown aromatic old roses and  herbs distilled and hand separated onsite without chemicals or hexane to produce the purest healing products. These blends have been used in hospitals and clinics successfully over 25 years with cancer patients  and many other illnesses and imbalances .

Bring the pleasure and healing qualities of these essences into your home, office and family to enhance optimal health and energy. Therapeutic aromas can change brain chemistry and subsequent healing within seconds of use. There is nothing faster or more pleasurable.

Experience your productivity increase as pain, stress of all types and emotional imbalance fade away. As your body heals , sleep will improve . Reducing stress encourages pre-frontal cortex function to increase, allowing better judgment and fewer  emotional over- reactions and hypercritical thoughts. Life just gets easier!

 Therapeutic Essence Blends are available in 1/6 oz concentrate for 16.95 

2 oz spray dilutions for 25.95

1 oz. concentrate for 74.95

Click on the picture of the blend and a drop down box above the word quantity  will give you size options to purchase.

My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.

 AromaHealth organically grows, distills and separates by glass therapeutic grade essential oils. They are pure and undiluted, fresh from the gardens. Essential oils heal on many levels: inhalation, touch, energy meridians , conscious and unconscious emotions and beliefs that trigger or drive responses. AromaHealth offers several applications and education to learn how to heal and enjoy your body. Use our essential oils in skincare, therapeutic sprays, lotions, pain remedies, hair and bath products and blends diluted in a carrier oil base. When in doubt about a choice, let your nose lead the way. And here's why!


Everyone is born with a unique scent they carry throughout life, like an apple or orange.  The aroma is often not detected on a conscious level, unless closeness or intimacy is involved. I like to think of a baby's smell (when the diaper is clean!) . The scent makes me want to get closer to breathe in the baby's  freshness. Essential oils and absolutes either harmonize with this scent, or help change it to its original aroma.A therapeutic essential oil is a highly concentrated, steam- distilled fragrant volatile oil produced by tiny glands located in various parts of aromatic plants. The oil evaporates quickly as the aromatic molecules by pass the blood brain barrier to effect the greatest healing. . Several pounds of plant material produce only one dram to one ounce of pure, undiluted oil. The material must be harvested when oil production is at a peak and distilled immediately. Only the purest essential oils and flower essences will unlock the healing capabilities of the flowers. AromaHealth essential oils are steam distilled and hand separated from the aromatic floral waters; we grow everything organically and distill on site. No hexane, chemical solvents, or synthetic additives are used to produce our essential oils, floral waters, and flower essences. We produce only the finest quality that Mother Nature has to offer. Essential oils are naturally anti-viral, anti- fungal, and antiseptic.

 Absolutes are natural perfume quality extractions of fragrant flowers and resins that do not impart all of their aroma from steam distillation, such as jasmine. Absolutes are purified from semi- solid waxy flower material originally washed with alcohol . The waxy flower waxy particles do not dissolve completely in alcohol and are filtered from the solution. This yields an absolute, the highest grade of natural perfume fragrance, which also have many healing properties. Absolutes hold their aroma in natural perfumes better than essential oils. Essential oils are more volatile and dissipate into the air quickly, or saturate into a carrier oil base.


Absolutes and essential oils may be combined in aromatic blends to complement each other and add an exquisite long lasting aroma to a blend. Absolutes also contain therapeutic properties of the original flower or resin.

Products sold by the dram, approximately 4 ml, or 200 drops. (1/6 oz.). Several absolutes are also available in 1/12 oz.

My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat. See my class on You tube on Natural Fragrance, under Dr.Judy Griffin.



The Weight control products help restore endocrine function to balance weight. This includes hormones that signal hunger and satiation. Digestion may improve by enhancing protein, carbohydrate and fat breakdown and absorption. Overweight people usually suffer from cell starvation. Extra fat cells become functioning endocrine organs producing hormones that can facilitate cancer growth. Weight and Self Image assist the gut to produce neurotransmitters, such as Gaba ans Serotonin that reduce stress and binge eating habits. They also boost self esteem. Weighless is an appetite suppressant that works for hours to balance eating choices and amounts of any food and drink. 

The weight control essences also help to sustain a level of health that keeps blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides within normal levels of functioning.

The molecules of aromas and essences are minute. They can bypass the blood brain barrier to enhance neurotransmitters, hormones and brain chemistry function. Each individual heals differently. The Weight Control products assist people on the level necessary for best results.

See also A Slice of Life Diet and Nutrition Handbook for lifestyle changes,  a diet that works, dietary information and behaviour modification.

Wellness Companion addresses 5 issues travelers experience: colds and flu, sleep, energy, chronic fatigue and depression, stress and anxiety.The small vials easily pass through travel monitors and are not harmed by x ray. Apply a few drops on the neck and throat for maximum effect lasting hours. Each bottle is 4.0 ml, or 1/6 oz.