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12 point spirit path

12 point spirit path

The 12 Spirit Point Path kit corrects Centering, balancing, and establishing the" Heart Spirit " energy, the most important aspect of Natural Healing. The first task in treating disease is to free the personality from the total focus of the  mundane world. The 12 Spirit Points address all aspects of  how an individual  processes underlying stress that can lead to or escalate disease. This can include triggers of genetic disease.

Have you ever dreamed that you could have the energy of youth and the wisdom of age? Do you have a variety of symptoms but, are told there’s nothing wrong with you?

The results of the 12 point treatment are profound , allowing  the greatest health and potentials to emerge.  We can perceive  life beyond limitations, rid ourselves of unproductive beliefs, and habitual reactions since childhood . Intuition, latent talents and intimate levels of relationships evolve. The struggles of life give way to spontaneity and being in the right place at the right time. The individual rooted in Heart Spirit is fully engaged and able to recognize and refute destructive forces.

The 12 Spirit Point Path aligns heart energy to every organ function, while balancing emotional trauma, fears and obstacles is a combination of over 70 Petite Fleur Essence, mother tinctures, and 20 undiluted absolutes. One drop each of the  12  bottles are  applied to a specific area of the body. The flowers in each bottle resonate to 1 of the 12 acupuncture meridians . Each bottle holds approximately 100 drops. A dose is 1 drop of each bottle for a treatment, applied topically to a specific location on the body. A handbook is available for information and variants.

The essences are distilled and the absolutes are hand made from fresh, organic, garden blooms.No chemicals are used to process the flowers.

12 Point Spirit Path helps those with many heart and kidney diseases, chronic health conditions, anxiety, depression, eating disorders , manic and addictive behavior.It also helps those climbing to their highest potentials, overcoming challenges and lack of motivation. 

If you feel stuck, finding yourself repeating the same mistakes ,or unable to overcome a blind spot, the essence blends will help you reboot your lifestyle and fulfill your dreams.

A Slice of Life Nutrition and Diet Book - Aroma Health Texas

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Cellulite Lotion Natural Skincare - Aroma Health Texas

All Natural Lotions and Creams

Our lotions and creams are made from organic aloe, shea butter and  other natural ingredients. They have no parabens; only vegetable derivatives and emulsifiers. Vitamins A, D and E, which can be absorbed through the skin, are combined with jojoba and shea butter. Petite Fleur Essences and our  organic essential oils are added by hand onsite  after  the lotions are made. Available in 8 oz. bottles.

The lotions address injury and painful areas, circulation, massage, dry skin,  relaxation, cellulite and lymphadema.  

The creams and sprays are therapeutic, softening contributing to anti aging for  radiant healthy skin and beauty.  Creams are now also available in 1 oz. and 2 oz jars.

 Good Manufacturing Practices

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12 Point Spirit Path

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Circulation Booster Body Lotion - Aroma Health Texas

Angina Pectoris

Angina pectoris causes severe spasmodic pain due to decreased blood supply. The pain radiates through the shoulder and down the arm. A crushing pain also affects the chest. Circulation Booster lotion applied onto the chest, shoulders and down the arm increases circulation and may reduce pain. Medications, such as nitroglycerine, are compatible with Circulation Booster. Seek medical attention if angina symptoms occur. Manage Pain blend will help reduce symptoms. Severe chest pain, occurring with exercise, may be due to heart disease. Seek medical attention immediately. Circulation Booster lotion, applied to the chest and upper back, will increase circulation and ease constriction.

Burning pain may be caused by neuralgia, skin lesions or herpes zoster. Relax the Shoulders lotion may be applied to areas of pain due to skin lesions and herpes breakouts.

Peripheral pain, travels down the arms and legs, apply Lymph Flow lotion on the affected limbs, massaging gently. Begin at the fingers or toes and move up the limb to improve circulation.

Myasthenia Gravis causes muscle weakness and fatigue, without muscle wasting. This is caused by a lack of acetylcholine neurotransmitter, or excess of cholinesterase at the myoneural junction. Nerve impulses fail and the muscles do not contract. Muscles in the face and neck are primarily involved, causing an expressionless face. The Energy and Fatigue blends can reduce symptoms. Circulation Booster, applied to the legs and arms, can enhance blood flow to reduce weakness. Energy blend, applied to the neck and throat may help those having problems chewing, swallowing and talking.

Antique Rose Collection Petite Fleur Essences manufacture and distributor

Antique Rose Collection Petite Fleur Essences manufacture and distributor

The 22  Antique Roses in this collection are grown from plant cuttings that are hundreds of years old. The essences are all Mother Tinctures, the strongest form of flower essences and produced on site through distillation, enfleurage, and extraction. A light rose scent is evident, which blends with each individual's unique scent to create the greatest subtle body healing.The roses are gently removed in the early day with sunlight available for maximum strength and processed onsite immediately. Roses are chosen from an abundant source of blooms by Dr. Griffin each spring and fall. 

The antique Roses are especially beneficial for past  neural memories, and communication with the most intimate self. They help intimacy and communication with ourselves and others. Physically, they are involved with how the nervous system commands and responds  The Antiques are used in hospitals, clinics and  personal applications, especially with complaints involving the heart, circulation and neuronal transmission by physicians. Emotionally, the roses keep us fully engaged and responding directly to our environment.

Good Manufacturing Practices

Antique roses are available in 1 dram (3.7 ml), and 1 oz. concentrates.  The Petites are non alcoholic.   817 2935410/

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

                                                         Flowers That Heal

 Dr. Griffin is available to answer questions and consult for all the Petite Fleur Essence applications.


The Healing Flowers Book - Aroma Health Texas


Books by Judy Griffin include: Mother Nature's Herbal; Flowers that Heal; The Healing Flowers Handbook;Aromasignatures; A Slice of Life Nutrition and Diet Handbook; How to Master Special Diets; Romancing the Rose color book; Hierbas de la Madre Naturaleza

817 2935410/

Request a signed copy.

Marula Oil - Aroma Health Texas

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are used to dilute and make blends from essential oils. They help the blend extend and last longer. The oils, such as marula and red raspberry, help soften the skin and promote elasticity. Use 10 drops or more of essential oils in 1 ounce of carrier oil. Maximum doses are 20-30 drops of essential oils in 1 ounce of carrier oil. Blends last 6-8 months kept away from heat and light. For more information read Flowers that Heal by Judy Griffin, PhD.
ADD/ADHD Therapeutic Essence Blend - Aroma Health Texas

Children's Blends(mini me) Kit

Children's Blend(mini me) Kit enhances moods, learning skills, , and developmental challenges, while reducing hyperactivity all kids experience.


Good Manufacturing Practices

817 2935410/

Children's Therapeutic Blends

Children's Therapeutic Blends

Eucalyptus Toner Spray - Aroma Health Texas

Cleanse & Protect

Welcome to AromaHealth  garden of beauty Cleanse and Protect products.Start your day with Rose Geranium deep pore cleanser, leaving your skin clean and smooth.. Follow with a light mist of Lemon Rose Clarifier to produce radiant skin .Protect your skin with an application of Rose Gardenia sunblock cream. The antioxidants  reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while safe guarding delicate skin from adverse effects of the sun.Once or twice weekly, massage Rose Oil Mud Masque onto clean skin to tighten the skin and  increase elasticity. Rose Oil Skin Therapy may be misted afterwards on the T Zone or oily skin locations.  For those with oily skin or large pores, mist Eucalyptus Toner  in the afternoon and evening, or after Lemon Rose Clarifier. We organically grow and produce onsite Petite Fleur flower essences, essential oils and herbal skincare products to deep cleanse , rejuvenate and protect your skin. No parabens or sulfates used. Utilize our finest products to produce healthy and lovely skin, without makeup and cover ups.

2 oz. creams are also available in 1 oz. size.

Email or call any questions to Dr. Judy Griffin 1800 496 2125 or

Around the World with Herbs Audio Course - Aroma Health Texas


Abate Anger Therapeutic Essence Blend

Detox and Recovery Kit

Detox and Recovery essences reduce stress and emotions to encourage radiant health and the ability to overcome challenges to achieve self actualization.

Apply 2 drops on the wrist or unbroken skin 2-3 x daily.

Petite Fleur Essences are  steam distilled from pure garden blooms and include a light, refreshing aroma.

Good Manufacturing Practices


Diffusers - Aroma Health Texas


Aroma Health offers purse size inhalers in black, magenta red,silver and blue silver.We provide a dropper to insert essential oils of your choice. Direct inhalation is the quickest and most efficient way to affect health and beauty. The aroma lasts for months. Just open and breathe your favorite fragrance. We also offer to infuse the inhaler with a therapeutic blend that Dr. Griffin makes of your choice for a few dollars more. Now you can go everywhere with an aroma that soothes, heals, or energizes you! Simply click on the inhalers below , choose your color and a scent to add, as an option. Or,  call or email Dr. Griffin with any questions: 817 293 5410/
Chakra Balancing using Foods, Herbs and Petite Fleur Essences - Aroma Health Texas

DVDs & CDs

Basil, Ocimum basilicum

Essential Oil Floral Waters

Floral waters are a  byproduct of the  condensation of steam distillation. They are also called hydrolates. The Aroma Health  floral waters contain small amounts of essential oils from the plants being distilled because we do not use hexanes to separate essential oils as is done commercially. One gallon of plant material produces 8 ounces of very strong  floral water. Uses include misting the face, hair and body for  hydration,  deodorant, a natural cologne and toner. Hydrolates have  properties considered more beneficial than essential oils in Medieval times.  See Flowers that Heal   Essential oil floral waters are offered in misters to be sprayed on the body. Please contact Dr. Griffin for more information    on hydrolates , essential oils  and flower essences.

Essential Oil  Floral Water is available in 2 oz. misters for $6.95 and 8 oz. misters for $16.95.

Good Manufacturing Practices

We have many healing waters available by request. Please let Dr. Griffin know which ones you are looking for. 817 2935410


Female Balance Therapeutic Essence Blend

Female Balancing Products

Female Balancing Products support bone strength,bone density, fertility,circulation ,character development and calmness from menses beyond menopause.The products enhance every stage of a woman's life. Female Serenity longevity herbal  reduces menopause symptoms, promotes creativity, clears toxins and builds  blood cells. Female Balance supports the normal functioning of females . Vitex longevity herbal regulates moodiness and has been used historically to reduce heavy menses and clotting, relaxes tight muscles,  reduces PMS and menopausal symptoms and is used  by physicians to reduce metastasis of certain breast cancers. Inner Strength therapeutic Essence blend enhances flexibility and bone strength, motivation and self actualization. Fimbriata  Petite Fleur Essence is an antique rose that enhances creativity and a passion for life and libido. MCHC+K is a bone building calcium supplement with minerals and collagen essential for bone formation. Vitamin D3 is the safest and most absorb- able form of this vitamin/pro- hormone. Vitamin D increases bone density and is associated with certain cancer prevention.

Female Balancing Products support every major aspect women experience through maturity. 

 Consult your physician .

Good Manufacturing Practices


Female Balance Therapeutic Essence Blend

Feminine Serenity Therapeutic Essence Kit

Feminine Serenity therapeutic essence kit includes 5 aromatic blends, helping women to feel hormone  balance, stress free, strong within, passionate about their life and/or loved ones, and successful .The small vials are convenient for any purse size. A few drops on the neck and throat lasts for hours. Each bottle is 3.7 ml, or 1/6 oz. Good Manufacturing Practices

 817 2935410/

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