Native Texans Essences Petite Fleur Essences manufacture and distributor

 The 28 Native Texan essences build character strength and a healthy immune response.  The essences are produced onsite by Dr. Griffin using distillation, extraction, and enfleurage methods. The blooms are gently removed from and abundant source. We distill the flowers seasonally. The essences are condensed and aged more than a year before production is complete. The plants are heat drought tolerant , grown in weather conditions that produce powerful subtle body healing essences. All Petites may be worn topically and used with other modalities of self healing. They are Mother Tinctures, the strongest form of flower essences. The plants are native to north central Texas, surviving high heat,and drought in the summer and cold windy winters. Tornadoes occur suddenly during any season. These conditions produce the strongest plants and essences, destined to help us bloom under stress.

Native Texans will support the greatest potentials for personality and health. Individual essences may be purchased by clicking on the essence. Native Texans are available in 1 dram (1/6 oz.) and 1 oz. concentrates. Available sans alcohol upon request. Please note this on the order, call or email us.

For more detailed information see: The Healing Flowers

                                                         Flowers That Heal

 Consults are available to find which essences are best for you by phone or in person. Call 1800 4962125. Email or call in questions at the same number.Each consult Dr. Griffin will make a special blend according to your biochemical individuality.


My intention is to promote self healing, not to diagnose nor treat.