Remember Me to the Roses : Antique Rose Collection eBook

For over 44 years I have researched and documented how roses affect every part of our major cultures since ancient times. Roses were used in prayer, foods and beverages, medicines, skincare, haircare, natural perfumes, celebrations, births, deaths, emotional trauma and to attract lovers. ancients understood roses to raise and intensify life experiences in beautiful ways.

My Mother used to soak roses my Dad grew in water and drink the water, saying "it makes you feel good", but how?

I remember from physics that everything living has an electromagnetic frequency and is in constant motion. All is measured in a standard system of units as electromagnetic radiation and sound waves that pass a point in 1 second. Hertz measures 1 wave cycle per second. Kilohertz measures 1000 waves per second of sound. Megahertz measures 1 million sound waves per second of sound.

A wavelength is measured between the distance of crests or peaks. The shorter the wavelength, the the higher the frequency will measure. This frequency is a measurement of  constant vibration motion of sound. For example, 1 megahertz is close to the center of A M broadcasting radio waves.

Megahertz measures sound waves beyond human hearing. Ultrasound exceeds 200 megahertz. Cats and dogs can hear sound on the lower end of of ultrasound. Very high frequency is used in medical imaging for MRI and PET scans.

In comparison, Roses, especially antique roses, have the highest plant frequency at 320 megahertz! Lavender, another lovely herb with fragrance is 118 megahertz. Compare these measurements to humans, resonating from 5 to 16  megahertz. For a human to experience joy, happiness, 30 megahertz is needed. It only takes 40 megahertz to enhance the frontal cognitive thinking mode.

Roses and other flowers have a consciousness that raises our frequency to enjoy more in life. They sense our feelings, pain and energy. This is called Primary Perception. Plants see light and color. Recently, scientists have discovered plants can make neurotransmitters without having a brain. They may be instrumental in finding ways to change brain chemistry affecting many diseases in the future.

Roses communicate their aroma to us in 1/100th of a second, raising our frequency in ways we experience as joy, alertness, increased awareness and compassion.

In my research in hospitals, clinics and private practice and experiences, I used antique rose and flower essences to beneficially affect personality traits, self talk and help recuperating from emotional and physical trauma. Roses reduce triggers from painful memories, allowing the personality to correct deficiencies and experience greater success.

The effects are immediate, yet subtle and profound. One mother, bought a rose essence for her son, who politely refused it. She decided to wear it. Weeks later, I met her again and hardly recognized her. She was radiant and beautiful, moving through life challenges with grace. Her son had recently decided to use the essence also. She came for a refill.

a friend was putting 2 drops of a rose essence in her husband's coffee to enhance his mood. son didn't believe it could help until they were stuck in a Dallas- Ft. Worth airport traffic jam. As her husband's mood changed for the worse, her son exclaimed, " Get the drops, Mom!".

Roses affect us in many beneficial ways. Explore hundreds of recipes, remedies, foods, beverages, aromas, skincare, pet and child care using roses you can also learn to grow and enjoy. These roses originated millions of years ago and evolved to support and celebrate humans and nature. You will never look at roses the same way after reading Antique Rose Collection with over 100 colored photos of the most ancient to modern roses.

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Summer Detox

We have at least 700 untested chemicals and environmental toxins contaminating the body. Foods, skincare and the water supply are sources of hidden toxins overwhelming normal body and brain detox, leading to a great increase in illness and poor quality of life and achievement.

4 new AromaHealth Essences are now available to help protect natural immunity and detox, including emotional wellbeing : Nurturing, Inner Peace, Enthusiasm and Dynamic can help you become more productive and emotionally nurturing for yourself and others.

Call or email us your concerns. 

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Rosemary: Mother Nature's Preservative

Scientists have found the answer to consumer demand for a natural preservative in a common kitchen herb, rosemary.Two components, rosmaric acid and carnosic acid inhibit free radicals oxidizing fats and oils in packaged foods and lunch meats. These extracts are now used to replace BHT,BHA and TBHQ, common preservatives in commercial foods. Rosemary extracts are also being fermented with lactic acid to extend the shelf life of foods naturally. Fermentation is Mother Nature's way to preserve foods.

 When writing Mother Nature's herbal, I learned about rosemary and many other foods and herbs used by ancient cultures to preserve foods for over 5,000 years. Green tea, mustard oil, sage and bay leaf are a few of Nature's preservatives. Native cultures have an innate understanding of foods and herbs. We can rediscover our natural curiosity and interest in medicinal foods and herbs when reading Mother Nature's Herbal, with hundreds of recipes and remedies for our daily needs.

I began a quest to learn from ancient cultures when I had twins born with immune dysfunctions, multiple allergies and sensitivities. They would suffer from 105 degree fevers, infections and eczema that made their skin bleed all over! The pediatrician told me one day t go home and do what I knew to do to help them. I could cook and grow, but I needed to find new food  ways to prepare them to allow the twins to thrive. This led me to a lifetime of work and study with foods and herbs for medicinal purposes, which I have used to help people of every age with most disease processes to achieve their greatest health and longevity.


Sources: Mother Nature's Herbal, Judy Griffin: Llewellyn, 1997- present

Mother Nature's Kitchen:Judy Griffin: Herbal Health,Texas,1993- present

These books are available at

Other source: Chemical and Engineering: The New Naturals ,M Bomgardner ,,C&N Washington;Feb.10 2014

Published by the American Chemical Society

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Weight Loss and Special Diets


Chronic pain, fatigue and fibromyalgia can include an underlying thyroid problem. Common symptoms of lower thyroid include “brain fog” or senility in the elderly; malaise and fatigue often misdiagnosed as depression; dry, brittle hair, skin and nails or thinning hair; constipation; cold hands feet or susceptibility to coldness, low body temperature under 98.6; weight gain or inability to lose weight; heart attacks and symptoms of heart trouble, especially in women; miscarriages and infertility; unresolved nerve pain.   Pain aromatherapy is a topical solution to help with these matters.  Our thyroid aromatherapy blend may  safely be used along with over the counter and prescription medications or these pain aromatherapy blends may be used on their own.

The thyroid is the body’s main metabolizer. It allows nutrients from foods available to be absorbed. We are not only what we eat, but, more importantly, what we metabolize. The thyroid is affected by stress and “aging”, which may lower optimal capacity.

Toxic Thyroid is a blend of essences and essential oils, applied topically that can enhance the thyroid’s performance. It is not hormonal or a substitute for thyroid hormones. It may be used as an adjunct to hormone therapy and to reduce symptoms of low thyroid.

Toxic Thyroid has also helped those suffering from symptoms of hyperthyroid: rapid heartbeat, anxiety and inability to gain weight are major symptoms. Always contact a physician when symptoms occur that may require blood work and medical supervision.


Low dopamine levels in the brain lead to weight gain. Dopamine gives the brain power and the body energy. Low receptors and levels in the brain cause abnormal hunger, sugar cravings and fatigue.

Petite fleur Essences catalyze balance and healing in brain chemistry. Applied daily they enhance chemical messengers bringing balance and correction in the brain, increasing energy and stamina, while reducing cravings and abnormal hunger.  The Petites have been researched for the past 30 years and featured in The Healing Power of Flowers documentary available at my website and shown on cable television.

Knotted marjoram reduces compulsive eating; binges.
Pink Rose  the need to substitute food for love.
Country Marilou  reduces uncomfortable feelings about how you look.
Weighless  reduces appetite
Weight  balances blood sugar and promotes weight loss.
Cravings reduces abnormal hunger.
Lighten Up  helps overweight children reduce excess weight.
Energy  reduces fatigue and increases dopamine levels and uptake.
The Petites work quickly to encourage healing and natural weight loss without side effects of dependency.


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Gluten Free Diet

A gluten free diet has helped many clients with Crohn’s and colitis. Results for many irritable bowel clients and asthmatics have also been noticed. The proteins in gluten are large and difficult to digest for many people. Some people carry 1 or 2 genes for Celiac’s and their symptoms improve with a gluten free diet. Celiac sufferers can experience symptoms at any time of their life, due to unusual stress, as gene expression turns on and off during a lifetime of stressors. When a Crohn’s client does not respond to meds and other therapies, I suggest a gluten free diet. For those who continue to eat gluten foods, there are special enzymes released in the small intestine to help digest glutens.

I create special blends for Crohn’s and colitis people. However, Allergy blend and Inner Strength blend are essence aroma blends to help balance and promote immune strength. For many people, these are life long foals. A gluten free diet may be necessary to support immune health. Rose Campion Petite fleur helps for those with a genetic condition.

The “cure” always involves personal responsibility and immune balancing therapy.

Find more Health Articles at Dr. Judy Griffin's Aroma Health Texas web site.

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