Petite fleur essence blends

I am stunned at what is happening to me, and I have you to thank! I bought Recovery, Harmony, Abate from Anger, Reduce Stress, with the idea to heal from 16 years of dealing with chronic pain and complications from a severe back injury in 1993. Instead, I am healing from my childhood abuse! How do I know? The empty hole that has been with me all my life is GONE! And in its place is a bubble of great joy and happiness! Oh, Judy, how can I thank you in mere words? If I had the means, I would send all seven of my brothers and sisters the essences I have been using, for they are all walking around disconnected and empty from the brutal, and I mean brutal, beginnings of their lives. Miracles do happen! So, when, and I am saying when, the means come to me, they will each be getting a very special package from me, with your essences! I love you, Judy. 
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