Daffodil, The Flower Essence for Shyness

Daffodil, the Flower Essence for Shyness

by Dr. Judy Griffin


Are you too shy to ask for what you want? Would you rather ‘die’ than ask someone you like for a phone number or date? Does your heart pound when you are questioned by a teacher or boss? Do you feel left out at home or socially?


Shyness is a constant source of stress, leading the personality to poor decisions, lost opportunities and poor self- image. Daffodil Petite Fleur Essence is nature’s aid flower essence to enhance personality development. Over time Daffodil Petite Fleur patiently upholds the individual during every day stressful situations, helping the person to feel at ease with himself/herself. 


Daffodil personalities are often introverted. The individual may become a people pleaser to avoid confrontation or disapproval. Inner tension often leads to nervous stomach, shoulder tension, heart palpitations or a lump in the throat. Endocrine imbalance can result from inner stressors.


As the Daffodil personality becomes more comfortable with him/her self, he/she can become more compassionate to other’s needs. The Daffodil personality has a talent for helping others.


The objective of Petite Fleur Essences is to enhance each personality to reach the highest achievements in every potential. Both the physical and emotional environment of the individual is elevated. One by one, we will build a healthier, happier world.


My books have more information on flower essences: The Healing Flowers, Flowers that Heal and Mother Nature’s HerbalDaffodil and over 100 other Petite Fleur Essences are available at www.aromahealthtexas.com.


Feel free to contact me at 1-800-496-2125 or email me at petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com.


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