If you have any specific concerns, conditions  not described here please contact us for suggestions or to schedule a consultation in which we can make a custom blend specifically for your needs. In addition to the essences and blends listed below Dr. Griffin can also recommend and supply certain foods or spices for your specific needs.

• How do I use the essences?
Put 2 drops of the essence on your pulse points (front of neck, wrists, or back of  ear lobes). (See The Healing Flowers Book). Wear Deep Sleep on earlobes. You can use them at the same time as often as you like. The only ones I use separately, for example, are Energy and Deep Sleep because they counteract each other. You can probably figure that out, but it’s okay to experiment a little. The essences activate your ability to help reduce stress and poor body image, called self actualization.

• Can I still use the essences if I have lost my sense of smell?
Yes, you can get the benefit of the essences without smell, especially when they are worn on the body. There are many ways the body compensates and adjusts. We can make a special blend to help your smell with your doctor's approval.Topical usage only.  However, you will reap the benefits of essences and blends, smell or not.

• I have a scented lotion from the drugstore will it help me?
Some of the essences have little or no scent that is detectable, however, the olfactory receptors in the  brain pick up the vibratory impulse of any scent as if it were an aromatic nerve impulse. That is the healing part of any essence or essential oil. Only natural scents have the ability to heal disease. Any scent can be relaxing and enjoyable and healing in that sense.

• What essences would I use for asthma?
Allergy Rose Oil Blend, Pansy, Babies Breath. They may be worn simultaneously.

• What essences would I use for ADD/ADHD?
ADD/ADHD Rose Oil Blend, Moss Rose.

• What essences would I use for hypoglycemia?
Weight Rose Oil Blend, Moss Rose.

• What essences would I use for Fibromyalgia?
Fatigue Rose Oil Blend-use anytime, Energy Rose Oil Blend-daytime use only.

• What essences would I use for depression?
Harmony Rose Oil Blend.

• What essences would I use for being overweight?
Weight Rose Oil Blend, Weighless Aroma Blend( apply on the temples 3x daily.)

• What essences would I use for high blood pressure?
Reduce Stress Rose Oil Blend, Fortune’s Double Yellow Antique Rose. They can be combined or worn individually.

• What essences would I use for (pet or human) incontinence?
Pansy and Begonia and/or Urinary Support Therapeutic Essence blend.

• What essences would I use for GERD?
Abate Anger Rose Oil Blend.

• What essences would I use for Rosacea?
Rose Oil Skin Care Therapy. This can also be used for Acne, Chapped and Sensitive skin.

• What essences would I use for any pain I am experiencing?
Stop Suffering Rose Oil Blend and Stop Hurting  Lotion can be applied topically on any painful area and can help reduce pain receptors in the brain and reduce pain. No Pain Aroma Blend can be applied to small, especially painful areas, such as the knees.

 What essences would I use for cancer?
Lilac to reduce tumor growth, Harmony Rose Oil Blend, Wandering Jew to overcome discouragement. See The Healing Flowers Book for specific essences researched on individual cancers or contact Dr Griffin for a consultation.

• What essences would I use for Crohn’s Disease?
Snapdragon, Yarrow, Abate Anger Rose Oil Blend, Inner Strength Rose Oil Blend, Manage Pain Rose Oil Blend when necessary. There is a self Healing Blend for Crohn's that combines several essences to reduce symptoms and create a healing environment.

• What essences would I use for Autism?
Abate Anger Rose Oil Blend, Learning Skills Rose Oil Blend, ADD/ADHD Rose Oil Blend.

 What essences would I use for Kidney or prostate related illnesses and conditions: combine the following in order of importance: Marigold, Meadow Sage, Lilac; then Red Carnation, Pansy, Bachelor’s Button.

 What essences would I use for breast conditions: Chamomile, Zinnea, Pansy, Lemongrass, then: India Hawthorn, Wisteria, Crepe Myrtle. The Breast Blend is a topical essential oil blend for breast conditions.

 What essences would I use for stomach related illnesses and conditions: Peppermint, Bamboo, Chamomile, Snapdragon, then Amaryllis, Lily, Magnolia.

• What essences would I use for colon related illnesses and conditions:Garden Mum, Poppy, Periwinkle, Bougainvillea, then Black Mushroom,Dandelion, Rosemary.

• What essences would I use for liver related illnesses and conditions:Pink Geranium, Chamomile, Silver Moon, then Abate Anger, Bougainvillea, Wisteria. Add White Petunia for gall bladder.

• What essences would I use for uterine related illnesses and conditions: Lilac, Marigold, Carrot, Ranunculus, then Madame Louis levique, Marie Pavie, marquis Bocella.

• What essences would I use for bone related illnesses and conditions:Crossandra, White Rose, Sunflower, then African Violet, Borage, Viridiflora.

• What essences would I use for ovarian or testicular related illnesses and conditions: Japanese Magnolia, marigold, Ligustrum, then Self-image, White Hyacinth, Bluebonnet.

• What essences would I use for brain and neurological related illnesses and disorders: Stock, Echinacea, Verbena, Rosemary, then Iris, Azalea, Sweet Annie.

• What essences would I use for lynphatic related illnesses and disorders: Soapwort, Salad Burnet,  Red Carnation,Tansy, then Lobelia, Cinnamon Basil, Curry.

• What essences would I use for Blood related illnesses and conditions:Jasmine, Dianthus, Red Malva, then Yarrow, Wandering Jew, Anemone.

• What essences would I use for lung related illnesses and conditions:Babies’ Breath, Spike Lavender, Thyme, then Poppy, Lantana, Morning Glory.

• What essences would I use for pancreatic related illnesses and conditions: Primrose, Moss Rose, Mexican Hat, then Mexican Bush Sage, Bouquet of Harmony, Yarrow.

• What essences would I use for Throat: Crepe Myrtle, Sweet Annie, Bronze Fennel, Cherokee Rose, White Hyacinth.

• What essences would I use for Esophageal related illnesses and conditions: AbateAnger Chamomile, Pink Geranium, Periwinkle, Lantana, Babies Breath, Silver Lace.

• What essences would I use for a Deodorant?
Lavender Healing Water Spray is a natural deodorant.

• What is a Toxic Thyroid and what essences would I use?
If your taking thyroid medication and still experience fatigue, hair loss, low libido, dry skin, weight problems,Toxic Thyroid may help. It does not interfere with or take the place of medication .  Toxic Thyroid Therapeutic blend is available and/ or  Dr. Griffin has an essence and optional nutritional program to revive a tired  metabolic system. If you are interested call 800-4962125 for a special blend. 

Please also see Dr. Griffin's book The Healing Flowers as it will expand upon the uses and properties of the essences mentioned above.

Contact: 8172935410/petitefl@aromahealthtexas.com