How to Remove Arsenic when Cooking Rice

Using excess water when cooking rice removes up to 60% of arsenic. Use 12 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice. Simmer until rice is cooked. Then strain out the excess water to decrease the arsenic content and store.

Another way to decrease up to 85% of arsenic from rice is using a coffee percolator. As the cooking water continuously drips over the rice, it maximizes arsenic removal. Researchers at Queen's University Institute (Belfast) for Global Food Security have applied for a patent for a percolating rice cooker.

The U.S. ans European Union have no legal restrictions for amounts of inorganic arsenic in food. The World Health Organization recommends .2mg/km rice daily. An average serving (45g) contains between .002 to .16mg of arsenic per Kilogram of rice. Unpolished brown rice has higher levels of arsenic than WHO recommends.

Inorganic arsenic is more than twice the organic arsenic. It exists in the soil, groundwater, and drinking water. Children especially, are at risk of cancers, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes. Chronic exposure for adults and children may also cause skin, bladder, and lung cancer, respiratory disease, and fetal immune disruption.

Sources: Chemical & Engineering News, Aug. 24, 2015.

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Is Hemp Protein Gluten Free?

I recently purchased Hemp protein to include into my diet. The first dose caused a reaction, with throat swelling and intestinal distress. When I called the company, I was told hemp doesn't cause allergic reactions. During a short discussion, I was told their hemp protein is grown and processed after wheat. It was not gluten free for that reason.

There are other grains grown under similar conditions, such as quinoa. It is necessary to call the company of origin about the grains you eat and ask what conditions they are grown. Also find out who processes the grain and if any glutenous grains are grown or processed there.Also buy from reputable, longstanding companies, such as Lundberg and Erewhon.

There are digestive aids that can help digest  small amounts of gluten . Not any digestive aid will do. Many digestive aids are made from milk or wheat protein. Check your sources. I'll be glad to help you with any questions, concerns or reputable companies.

It only takes the tiniest amount of gluten to start an autoimmune reaction that can lead to incurable diseases, such as cancer for those with gluten sensitivities. The symptoms are varied and often hard to define as gluten sensitivity.  D.N.A. lab swabs inside your cheeks can tell your physician if you have the genes for Celiac's. The disease has  only been very recently diagnosed and treated correctly. It is up to us as individuals to ensure our best health and nurturing by paying attention to the details of our diet.

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Gluten Free Diet

A gluten free diet has helped many clients with Crohn’s and colitis. Results for many irritable bowel clients and asthmatics have also been noticed. The proteins in gluten are large and difficult to digest for many people. Some people carry 1 or 2 genes for Celiac’s and their symptoms improve with a gluten free diet. Celiac sufferers can experience symptoms at any time of their life, due to unusual stress, as gene expression turns on and off during a lifetime of stressors. When a Crohn’s client does not respond to meds and other therapies, I suggest a gluten free diet. For those who continue to eat gluten foods, there are special enzymes released in the small intestine to help digest glutens.

I create special blends for Crohn’s and colitis people. However, Allergy blend and Inner Strength blend are essence aroma blends to help balance and promote immune strength. For many people, these are life long foals. A gluten free diet may be necessary to support immune health. Rose Campion Petite fleur helps for those with a genetic condition.

The “cure” always involves personal responsibility and immune balancing therapy.

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