Aromatherapy for Fears, Worries, and Concerns

The following fears, worries or concerns can be reduced with the Petite Fleur Essences listed. Six or seven different essences can be worm daily, applied several seconds apart. If you have several of these fears, check with your health care provider obsessive/compulsive disorder.




Echinacea Petite Fleur

Unpleasant thoughts that come into my mind against my will often upset me.



 Wild Oats

I spend more time than most people cleaning, showering or checking. 


 Salvia, Self Image

  I usually have doubts about everyday things that I do. 



 Other people have difficulty meeting my standards for order, cleanliness, safety, hard work of the simple decency. 


 Silver Moon

 I have little control over my thoughts. 



I worry that my bad thoughts will come true. 



 It is hard for me to be sure I’ve done something even when I know that I’ve done it.


 Amaryllis, Relaxation  

When I start worrying, I can’t easily stop.


Knotted Marjoram

 I repeat certain actions over and over. 



 Insignificant events worry me too much. 



   People think I’m a perfectionist, a “neat freak,” a hypochondriac, superstitious, and rigid. 



   I tend to be a ‘Pack Rat.”



General Obsessions


Red Malva

  I often isolate from others. 


Champney’s Pink Cluster Antique Rose

 I worry (with little reason) that my partner is doing something behind my back. 



 I worry too much about hurting others’ feelings or making people mad. 


Peppermint Oil  

I worry too much about household noises, how things feel or other sensations. 


Anise Hyssop

 I worry that I won’t say things right or use the ‘perfect’ word. 



 I worry about always doing ‘the right thing’ or being honest, fair or on time. 



 I worry about salvation, having sinful thoughts, blaspheming or other religious concerns.


Sweet Annie

I am afraid of getting old. 



 I am afraid of dying. 


Country Marilou

  I worry that some part of my body is hideously ugly despite reassurance to the contrary. 



I worry I can’t work or support myself. 



Aggressive or Sexual Obsessions


Iris I fear losing control with sharp objects, while driving, in high places and in other ways. 



Abate Anger 

 I fear I will harm others, hurt babies, or I get violent images in my mind. 


Crepe Myrtle

 I worry that I will blurt out or write obscenities or insults, even though I never have. 



I worry I might (accidentally) steal something. 



 I have unwanted sexual thoughts about strangers, family, friends, children or others. 


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Testimonial-Anger and Grief

When my twin sister died of brain cancer, I went to her for suggestions on how to deal with the anger over my sister's passing on when she was so young.  As I was new to aromatherapy, I started with the Feng Shui room sprays and began by using Clearing (Letting Go) and Harmonize & Balance throughout my home to deal with my wild mood swings. I went from rage to crying hysterically within minutes. The sprays worked immediately restoring sanity to my household.  I then started carrying the Harmony and Abate Anger sprays with me to use at work and while away from home. Again, I was able to deal with outside stressors and keep my cool.


Then my mother passed away and 4 months later my best friend died unexpectedly. I refuse to take any pharmaceutical drugs because I do not want the chemical pathways in my brain changed. I was still utilizing the Room Sprays and Petite Fleur blends. Though I felt overwhelmed with these losses and felt myself falling into the pit of depression. Fortunately I realized that all I needed to do was call Dr. Griffin. I called her the day after my best friend died. She suggested I try using the Grief Blend and I picked it up the next day. They were amazing, I was able to miss my loved ones, yet remain calm and accepting. I shared the drops with her daughter and husband who had the same results as I did, calm in the midst of an emotional storm.


So when my father died of cancer two years later, I was prepared and made sure that my family was prepared too. I had visited him 2 weeks before he died and gave Grief Blend drops for my jojomom, my uncle and sister. They all are using them with good results. I carry it with me at all times and have another bottle I keep next to my bed. I also use the Relaxation and Deep Sleep blends when I need to come back to the present and get a good nights rest. I am forever grateful for Dr. Griffin's help and her incredible products. They pulled me away from the chasm of deep depression and help me focus on a productive happy life.


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What Petite Fleur Essences may be used for Autistic Symptoms?

Petite Fleur Essences for Autistic Symptoms


Autism is a multifaceted sensory dysfunction with many symptoms and causes. The following Petite benefit symptoms over a period of weeks and months:


Marquis Bocella Antique Rose enhances sensory messages impacting sensory organs.

Abate Anger reduces self-abuse and aggressive behavior.

Bronze Fennel supports imagination skills and eye contact.

Catnip encourages socialization, initiating and sustaining conversation.

ADD/ADHD blend also facilitates socializing, conversation and language skills.

Wild Oats encourages smiling and a sense of humor.

Peer Pressure encourages making friends.

Enhanced Learning expands limited activities

Alfredo del Damas enhances fine and gross motor skills.

White Carnation reduces schedule and inflexibility.

Knotted Marjoram helps compulsive lining of objects.

Relaxation reduces anxiety depression.

Deep Sleep promotes healing sleep and REM time.


Genetic susceptibility to allergies, environmental and heavy metal toxins is aided by Allergy , Rose Campion , Environment , and

Detox .


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Grief Blend

Grief is a painful experience in response to personal loss, tragedy, illness and death. There is a feeling that part of you is gone and nothing can replace it. Most people experience grief through loss of a loved one. However, loss of self due to changes in income, career, popularity or vitality can also lead to grieving. It is always a very personal experience which can reduce productivity and produce depression and despair. Sleeping and eating habits are disturbed; time seems to sop and daily structure becomes a blur. Many people suffer from anxiety depression related to unexpressed grief. 

Petite fleur essence Grief Blend   is a subtle, aromatic topical healing blend that transcends the feeling of pain and loss to one of purpose and meaning in life. Denial, sadness, guilt and anger are gently guided to acceptance and gratitude for every opportunity to love, be loved and advance in life.

True healing occurs while overcoming adversity and opening your heart to new opportunities. 

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Aromatherapy for Loneliness

Aromatherapy for Loneliness


Loneliness creates a wide range of health problems, affecting every age, gender and socioeconomic condition. People in their 40’s and 50’s suffer the most from loneliness. Symptoms of loneliness may include depression, obesity, anxiety, sleep disorders. Lonely people sleep poorly, eat more sugar and fat and exercise less. Social connections are critical in alleviating loneliness and despair. 


Several Petite fleur Essences enhance social awareness and interaction; created and organically grown on site by Dr. Judy Griffin.


Louis Phillipe rose aids in recovery from relationship breakups.

Grief blend transitions loss of a loved one, job, partnership or a part of oneself.

Rain Lily reconciles friends and lovers.

Marie Pavie rose reignites burned out relationships.

Catnip encourages social interaction, inviting new friends and staying connected.

Wild Oats encourages a sense of humor.

Wisteria opens the heart to love and feel lovable again.


Petite fleur essences are worn topically daily. Their light scent lifts quickly. Most people receive positive effects within weeks of daily application. Once more, Life is good.


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