Nothing is accomplished without passion. It is an internal desire and driving force that motivates us to achieve our goals, win in life and share it with others. 


Is a self motivating blend that enhances your fullest potentials and interactions with others? Unlock your greatest creative expression and be passionate in every-thing you do. Check out our Sale products for June!



Increases enthusiasm, spontaneity, creativity, and romance.  Used in clinics to reduce depressed, low energy and apathetic symptoms.



Promotes healthy relationships, Helpful people for personal and professional goals. Opportunities to meet a significant other.  Supportive family recognition.  Career achievements and promotion. Unexpected opportunities and good fortune. New home or sale of a home or business.


Rosemary Shampoo 

For a full head of clean hair.


Rose Oil Mud Masque 

For clear radiant skin.


Recall Memory 

Sharpens your intellectual skills.


Lavender & LemonGrass 

Healing water good for natural deodorant.


Chill Out 

School is out! Keep the kids quiet.


Cellulite Lotion 

To firm thighs & gluts.


Smooth Shave 

For the man in your life, no chemicals!


Rose Nectar Moisturizing Spray 

Light summer moisturizer.


Stop Insects 

Repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and flies.


Insect Repellent Repels

 Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and critters.


Mother Nature’s Kitchen fun summer reading!


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