What Petite Fleur Essences may be used for Autistic Symptoms?

Petite Fleur Essences for Autistic Symptoms


Autism is a multifaceted sensory dysfunction with many symptoms and causes. The following Petite benefit symptoms over a period of weeks and months:


Marquis Bocella Antique Rose enhances sensory messages impacting sensory organs.

Abate Anger reduces self-abuse and aggressive behavior.

Bronze Fennel supports imagination skills and eye contact.

Catnip encourages socialization, initiating and sustaining conversation.

ADD/ADHD blend also facilitates socializing, conversation and language skills.

Wild Oats encourages smiling and a sense of humor.

Peer Pressure encourages making friends.

Enhanced Learning expands limited activities

Alfredo del Damas enhances fine and gross motor skills.

White Carnation reduces schedule and inflexibility.

Knotted Marjoram helps compulsive lining of objects.

Relaxation reduces anxiety depression.

Deep Sleep promotes healing sleep and REM time.


Genetic susceptibility to allergies, environmental and heavy metal toxins is aided by Allergy , Rose Campion , Environment , and

Detox .


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