Testimonial-Anger and Grief

When my twin sister died of brain cancer, I went to her for suggestions on how to deal with the anger over my sister's passing on when she was so young.  As I was new to aromatherapy, I started with the Feng Shui room sprays and began by using Clearing (Letting Go) and Harmonize & Balance throughout my home to deal with my wild mood swings. I went from rage to crying hysterically within minutes. The sprays worked immediately restoring sanity to my household.  I then started carrying the Harmony and Abate Anger sprays with me to use at work and while away from home. Again, I was able to deal with outside stressors and keep my cool.


Then my mother passed away and 4 months later my best friend died unexpectedly. I refuse to take any pharmaceutical drugs because I do not want the chemical pathways in my brain changed. I was still utilizing the Room Sprays and Petite Fleur blends. Though I felt overwhelmed with these losses and felt myself falling into the pit of depression. Fortunately I realized that all I needed to do was call Dr. Griffin. I called her the day after my best friend died. She suggested I try using the Grief Blend and I picked it up the next day. They were amazing, I was able to miss my loved ones, yet remain calm and accepting. I shared the drops with her daughter and husband who had the same results as I did, calm in the midst of an emotional storm.


So when my father died of cancer two years later, I was prepared and made sure that my family was prepared too. I had visited him 2 weeks before he died and gave Grief Blend drops for my jojomom, my uncle and sister. They all are using them with good results. I carry it with me at all times and have another bottle I keep next to my bed. I also use the Relaxation and Deep Sleep blends when I need to come back to the present and get a good nights rest. I am forever grateful for Dr. Griffin's help and her incredible products. They pulled me away from the chasm of deep depression and help me focus on a productive happy life.


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