Aromatherapy for Loneliness

Aromatherapy for Loneliness


Loneliness creates a wide range of health problems, affecting every age, gender and socioeconomic condition. People in their 40’s and 50’s suffer the most from loneliness. Symptoms of loneliness may include depression, obesity, anxiety, sleep disorders. Lonely people sleep poorly, eat more sugar and fat and exercise less. Social connections are critical in alleviating loneliness and despair. 


Several Petite fleur Essences enhance social awareness and interaction; created and organically grown on site by Dr. Judy Griffin.


Louis Phillipe rose aids in recovery from relationship breakups.

Grief blend transitions loss of a loved one, job, partnership or a part of oneself.

Rain Lily reconciles friends and lovers.

Marie Pavie rose reignites burned out relationships.

Catnip encourages social interaction, inviting new friends and staying connected.

Wild Oats encourages a sense of humor.

Wisteria opens the heart to love and feel lovable again.


Petite fleur essences are worn topically daily. Their light scent lifts quickly. Most people receive positive effects within weeks of daily application. Once more, Life is good.


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