Grief Blend

Grief is a painful experience in response to personal loss, tragedy, illness and death. There is a feeling that part of you is gone and nothing can replace it. Most people experience grief through loss of a loved one. However, loss of self due to changes in income, career, popularity or vitality can also lead to grieving. It is always a very personal experience which can reduce productivity and produce depression and despair. Sleeping and eating habits are disturbed; time seems to sop and daily structure becomes a blur. Many people suffer from anxiety depression related to unexpressed grief. 

Petite fleur essence Grief Blend   is a subtle, aromatic topical healing blend that transcends the feeling of pain and loss to one of purpose and meaning in life. Denial, sadness, guilt and anger are gently guided to acceptance and gratitude for every opportunity to love, be loved and advance in life.

True healing occurs while overcoming adversity and opening your heart to new opportunities. 

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