Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the Workforce


Thirty four percent of those who are bullied at their jobs quit, costing businesses and services millions of dollars each year in lost expertise and constant training.  There are several Petite Fleur Essences and blends to help the person and environment.


Peer Pressure helps the person victimized and releases the role of being bullied to the others involved.


Jasmine specifically targets rebellious behavior including bullying.  


Japanese Magnolia  helps the victim attract respect and a strong demeanor.


Harmonize and Balance Feng Shui Spray worn or misted in a room or workplace calms everyone and allows them to productively work.


Many years ago, a CEO put a few drops of Bouquet of Harmony in the 5 gallon water dispenser.  The employees never argued again.


I developed Inner Strength while being targeted for persecution in a work related environment.  The blend catalyzed character development and helped me promote a healthy work environment as a contractor in a hospital.  Strength can always replace fear based behavior.


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