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Fragrancnt Enfleurages & Solid Perfumes

 An enfleurage is the fragrant oil extracted from a flower .AromaHealth organically grows and hand prepares enfleurages as they have been  made by ancient cultures for thousands of years. Blooms are handpicked by noon each day and infused in vegetable glycerin for 3 days. The flowers are replaced with new ones every day until the full fragrance of the bloom as it smells from the flower is produced. This may take months of continual harvest and preparation. The glycerin is strained of flower particulates and the enfleurage is bottled as it is ordered. The fragrance is enhanced by body heat as it is worn, releasing endorphins for healing, pleasure and regeneration.

Solid perfumes are prepared with an organic beeswax by Dr. Griffin as ordered. As the beeswax melts to a specific temperature, hand made absolutes and steam distilled essential oils are combined with jojoba oil. All are carefully poured into a silver or gold plated locket and sealed until opened.The aromas are brought out naturally as they combine with your body temperature. The scent is especially apparent to you as your body produces natural endorphins that enhance your brain chemistry and balance. Healing never felt this good as your body produces the "feelings" of scent.

Good Manufacturing Practices

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