Aromatherapy and Petite's for Children

We are all born with a unique scent we keep throughout our lives, like an apple or orange.Early memories are especially built from aromas. Starting with the smell of a mother, a child learns to discover the world through scent. These memories are ingrained in the brain and affect every moment and decision in our lives.
In 38 years of practice, I have used the Petite Fleur essences with children more than essential oils alone. The essences are very subtle and affect deep brain processes that help mold character, values and judgement. Essential oils create wonderful mood sensations quickly, changing the energy and immune response. Together in the Petite therapeutic essence blends, these light and subtle aromas help create a safe and healthy body/mind.
A child's response to its earliest environment affects how it perceives and responds to every day living.I have used the Petites on newborns through the first 7 years with interesting effects. The children are creative and positively stimulated by their environment. Their bodies respond seasonally with natural detox and appropriate immune responses. I can use the Petites directly on a babies skin, 1 or 2 drops daily, or combine them with my essential oils to disperse in a room. My training in western Europe taught me to utilize airborne essential oils only until a child was at least 18 months. For adults, and adolescents, I prefer topical application. A little goes a long way with children. We should approach aromatherapy like a new food, especially with children.
There are findings of male children beginning to grow breasts from taking daily baths with lavender essential oil. This is not the case with male adults. Once an adult, we have built a memory base of the aromas that work well for us and avoid others. A child cannot do this and can get overwhelmed with concentrated odors of any kind.
Babies and children respond well to Bouquet of Harmony Petite Fleur Essence in a bath or applied to the bottom of the feet. Bouquet includes a light touch of vanilla . I find children respond well to a light touch of a base aroma, like vanilla. Flowery" high note" aromas are appreciated after 2 years old, especially in males.Children with special health conditions, including autism, also respond well to the grounding affect of base or low notes.These are the heavier aromas we use to hold a combination of essential oils so they disperse in the air over a period of time.In my children's therapeutic blends of Petites and essential oils, I only use "food grade" essential oils. They include citrus, honey and essential oils derived from foods or plants we can eat. They are less likely to be harmful and more likely to evoke pleasant memories.I also find that adults and adolescents who are non responsive to medicines and complex aromas change positively with children's blends.
One note of caution is to avoid products with vanillin or lavendin (as lavender). They are not made from plants and are chemical reproductions. Definitely avoid these with children.I avoid them totally and find chemical reproductions of aromatic plants very offensive and harmful to suffering children.
Often, parents ask how much essential oil can be diluted into a carrier, like almond oil, when applied to a child over 2 years old. In 1 ounce, I only use 1 or 2 drops of essential oil and allow it to blend at least 3 hours or overnight before application. Two or 3 drops of essential oil can be added to a warm bath for a 15 minute or less soak.
Constantly bombarding a child's conscious body with scented commercial products,mostly not made from plants,can numb the senses and brain functions. Our goal is to bring creations of Nature into our childrens' lives to add to their sense of safety and wholeness in a world surrounded by products of man made and electronic origins. Use Petite Fleur essences and aromatherapy to unite children with their roots in Nature and enjoy a wonderful life.
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