Summer Detox

Summer is the natural time to detox. The body detoxes through the skin, lungs, liver, colon and kidneys. Lipophilic toxins, especially in the brain, attach to fatty tissues. Inhaled or contact toxins enter through the skin and lungs. Others arrive through food, drugs, water and metabolized waste from bodily processes.

The liver processes potentially toxic and waste into water soluble metabolites. Then the kidneys are able to eliminate them properly. Unmetabolized waste may be excreted through the skin as rashes, eczema, rosacea. and eruptions. 

Toxins are also stored in lymph glands, where many cancers occur. The underarms, breasts and gastrointestinal tract and groin area contain many lymph glands. They need consistent massage using Lymph Flow lotion and our new Dynamic essence. Our  Detox essence can be worn on the skin for effect or 2 drops taken internally for ongoing protection. Lemon Rose clarifier protects the facial and shoulder areas. Peppermint Shampoo deep  cleans the scalp. Dynamic especially protects the gastrointestinal tract and lungs. Enthusiasm protects against dental plaque, sinus, staph and accuracy of memory. Nurturing protects pain centers and sexual organs. Inner Peace protects against oral cancers, Candida and strep bacteria, enhancing circulation, especially to the hands and feet.

Today the body must eliminate 80,000 new synthetic chemicals, untested for potential toxicity. These may include heavy metals, herbicides, environmental and industrial chemicals, biotoxins, GMO foods, solvents and electromagnetic frequency oxidative stress.

The body contains 700 untested contaminants from 350 pesticides in food, 5000 chemicals in skincare no one has ever heard of, and meds in our water supply.

It is no surprise autism has increased 78 % since 2007. Nerve toxicity has also increased Type ll diabetes, neuropathy and depression.

Nerve toxins are related to a long list of illnesses. Here's a short list: anxiety/depression, panic attacks, insomnia, chronic fatigue, restless legs, body pain /fibromyalgia, weight gain, cravings, eating disorders, migraine/chronic headache, ADD/ADHD, Parkinson's, neuropathies, excess hair shedding, and Environmental Frequency Disorders.

Oxidative stress, caused by all the above toxins, causes inflammatory diseases leading to autoimmunity, heart disease, arthritis, and cancers.

Engaging in self care includes emotional detox. We have several supportive products on sale for many forms of detox. This month we also have 4 new essences: Nurturing, Inner Peace, Enthusiasm and Dynamic. There are many symptoms they may help I cannot mention on the website descriptions. If you have any questions or need help choosing products, call or email us. If you are interested in participating in an online international flower essence conference, please contact us Late August will be in Spanish; February is in English.

Enjoy a healthy summer!


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