Transforming Stress and Anxiety

75% of Americans experience stress related symptoms in response to every day affairs. Ongoing heightened states of stress lead to inflammation, blood pressure issues, muscle tension, headaches and pain, cardiac and sleep problems, anxiety/depression and the onset of life threatening disease.

Retraining the brain can be accomplished using AromaHealth blends 3 x daily to activate the parasympathetic nervous response by connecting with your deepest self.

Inner Voice transforms the deepest body signals affecting anxiety and depression, increased heart rate, blood pressure and muscular tension into signals realizing  relaxation and a greater peace of mind. It's a feeling of knowing you are successfully in control of your life. Every reaction becomes an opportunity for  greater success. Apply to the inside ( by thumb) of the wrist , or mist throat 3x daily.

Inner Critic establishes mental- emotional equilibrium, setting strong boundaries with others and transforming the primal threat causing anxiety into an opportunity for evolved compassion with the part of your psyche that feels vulnerable. Apply above the eyebrows on the forehead, or mist the throat area 3 x daily.

Inspiration taps creative wisdom, disconnecting from feeling overwhelmed by others and life experiences. These include negative stories, gossip, resentment toward others and feeling used by others. Retraining the brain offers us a new way to experience life, centered in the security of Goodness and safe passage through life's experiences. Apply Inspiration on the middle of the wrist near the center of the palm, or mist the middle of the chest 3 x daily.

Free the Spirit nurtures your body and mind with self care and creative answers to problems and challenges, while letting go of intense and traumatic experiences that leave you frozen in inactivity, feeling powerless and/ or dependent upon others. Apply on the top of each shoulder, or mist both sides of the neck 3 x daily. Open your wings of consciousness and fly!

Retraining the brain, using AromaHealth blends ,enhances the commitment to personal success,  enhancing blood flow to move through boundaries of pain, struggle, restrictions and injuries. This allows the parasympathetic system to draw positive energy into your body, Enjoy!







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